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May 20, 2019
"De De Pyaar De"-Ajay Devgan, Rakul Preet Singh and Tabu's movie "De De Pyaar De" have made a huge amount on the first day. The film has collected around 10 million on the first day. According to one, Ajay's film has not made any special earnings on the first day.

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Actually, Ajay Devgan's last film, Total Dhamal, had a turnover of 16.5 million rupees on the first day. But Ajay's film has made a collection of 10 million 41 lakh rupees on the first day only. Let's talk about the film's budget, the budget of this movie is being told around Rs 45 crore. The film has been released on 3750 screens worldwide.

Although the film has started poorly, but the film can get a chance to earn good on Saturdays and Sundays. 'De De Pyaar De' is the story of a man who is himself fifty years old and he falls in love with a girl of twenty-six years. This story is fifty-year-old Ashish i.e. Ajay Devgan, who is loved by twenty-six-year-old Ayesha, meaning Rakul. Both meet in London and decide to get married. But this makes Ajay's ex-wife, children and other family members angry. Ashish returns to his hometown to meet his family, where his daughter is getting married.

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The first half of the film focuses on the relationship of Ajay and Rakul Preet. Both chemistry of the film looks good. The sequels of Ajay Devgan and Javed Jaffrey are quite funny. This film is made in the production of Love Ranjan. His last film was "Sonu Ki Titu ki Sweetie" which earned more than 100 crores at the box office. Earlier, his pyar ka Panchnama series of films also liked the audience. Akevi Ali has directed the film.

If you want to see the superb comedy of Ajay Devgan and Javed Jafri, then you can watch this movie. In the film you will also see Rakul Prit Singh's boldness.

Jagjit Singh had sung, 'There is no limit to age, no bondage of birth, when someone loves, only mind' see. How fair! Sayings also say that Age is only a number Love can happen to anyone, even from anyone. And sometimes the Age Gap between those who love, can be as big as the Generation Gap. Keeping this theme in the center, Prem Ranjan, who has made 'Pyaar Ka Panchanama', has made the film "De De Pyaar De", which is directed by Akiv Ali. How is it made, let's know.
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Which turn of love brought us back.

There is a man fifty years old. Ashish. Lives in London. Childbearing But Separated She has fallen in love with Ayesha. Ayesha is 26 years old. There is the daughter of such a huge blessing. Ashish has come to India with Ayesha. Take permission from your family. Here are frustrated daughters, non-serious children, strange parents and charming ex-wife. Ashish had come to think that I would get Ayesha the most, I would like all of them, then I will get married. But life is so simple! From the beginning, Ashish's control is lost on the secrecy and then it remains confusing. What is the end? Well, you will also predict, but what is the benefit of that oblivious end? No. Is funny No.

Tabu is the most impressed in all three.

Hindi cinema has tried out hands in love stories with Age Gap. Whether there is a light-hearted film like 'Chinese less', or 'Dil Chahta Hai', Akshay-Dimple's Sanjida track in. This topic is not new for Bollywood. 'De de love give' tries to give this subject a lovely and harmonious treatment at the same time and can not do anything in the manner. There are many flaws, including bad editing, which have not even hidden the stellar starcast.
Non-edited scripts

It is said that the films are made on the editing table. We will add to it that we do not know how to create but deteriorating on the editing table. This film also becomes an enemy of its own length due to its length. Irini, that director Aakiv Ali has been a well-known editor. But at the time of his film, he probably sent his original talent to the holiday. The film can be played at least 45 minutes and the film will remain the same.

In the name of comedy, there are as many good punches in the film, as shown in the trailer. At the same time, the situation of laughing is also made, then at that time the film starts walking on the border line of being a vulgar. Suppose relationships are complicated but not so superficial as the film shows. Some senses seem so awkward. Which wife binds her husband to Rakhi and makes her brother? More scripts in the script In the opening sequence, the film that spawned Missogany appears to be endorsing Missouri in several scenes. In the end, a dialogue spoken by Alok Nath is so dirty.

The character of Aloknath is out of the understanding.


What's good then!

So the question is, what is good in the film then? One is half-an-hour before the climax. It seems that the writer was at the time most serious about his work. Still acting in Tabu, it is difficult to keep an eye on the rest of the screen. Ajay looks a bit misfit. Especially in the emotional sense. The appeal of Rakul Preet Singh is imprecise. She looks full of freshness, but her character is half-baked. The one who is competent against One Night Stand, does the same with his temperament in the end. This is not their lack of writing. Jimmy Shergill is the artist who has five minutes of screen time, so keep the screen on the fire. This guy should be in every second movie.

There are two songs cache in the Music Department. Two-three scenes of comedy are good. And shooting locations are fantastic. There is nothing like this that can not be waiting for TV or online release in the movie. The rest of Ajay's die hard fan can go.ReadMore

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth: Best Home Remedies-Starglamours

May 08, 2019
How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth - Everyone likes to keep white teeth and healthy gums. White and shiny teeth not only shine your smile but make your personality even bright! Many people do not smile with their open mouth in pictures because they are very embarrassed to show their yellow stained teeth. It can be from habits, diet or a genetic factor! Are you too embarrassed to show your stained teeth? If so, I have prepared a list of home remedies which are not only easy to adopt, but are available at lower costs instead of spending more on whitening treatments.


How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth: Best Home Remedies-Starglamours.

White and shining teeth can enhance the personality of anybody. Dental can be yellow due to most age, due to excessive drinking tea or coffee, due to lack of proper cleaning of the tooth, or drinking tobacco or cigarette. Sometimes due to any illness, the teeth become yellow too. Although it is not difficult to make yellow teeth white. With a little effort you can make yellow teeth white. Let's tell you some home remedies that will keep your teeth white and shiny.

Due to yellow teeth.

    Due to yellowing in dentin, we may be due to the wrong living conditions or to not properly clean the teeth. There is also some other reason that the teeth are yellow, such as;
How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white

Remove the yellowing of teeth.

    Excess consumption of tobacco, gutkha, alcohol etc.
    In some people, plaque flows on the teeth as well as aging of the plaque. The teeth look more yellow,
    Due to excessive consumption of tea, coffee or cold drinks,
    Fluorosis- Due to the abundance of fluoride in the water of many Sahar's water, the color of the teeth is painted. The yellow and white stains appear on top of them.
    Take probiotics- If you feel loose in the teeth, then you may be able to live with probiotics. It ends the transition. You should eat curd to get it.
    Do not swing acetic fruits - it is better to avoid the use of fruits that make acid more in the body. The acid formulas increase the sensitivity of the teeth.

How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white
Make the teeth white

Home remedies for whitening teeth and nuts.

Baking soda
How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white
Baking soda

Baking soda is the easiest way to make teeth white. It keeps the plaque out of the teeth and keeps the hair white and shiny.

How to use

    While brushing brushes, pour a little baking soda in your toothpaste and brush it. The whitewash of teeth will come.
    Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together in one cup of water can also be used like mouthwash.

Orange peel
How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white
Orange peel

The yellow teeth will start to shine in a few days after cleaning organs daily with the orange peel.

How to use

    Before sleeping at night, the orange peel rinsed with teeth. In orange peel, there is a micro organism with vitamin c and calcium, which keeps the teeth strong and glow.

How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white

Vitamin C is also abundant in strawberry, which helps to make the teeth white.

How to use

    Grinding some pieces of strawberry, massage this coating in the teeth. By using it twice a day, yellow teeth become white in a few days.
    Rubbing of baking soda and strawberry pulp together also removes the yellowing of the tooth.

Home to make teeth whitening.

How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white

Properties of natural bleach of limbo also affect the teeth. For yellow teeth, the lemon peel can be rubbed on the scalp or the garlic can also be done with lemon water.

How to use

    Massage the teeth with salt and mix salt with lemon.
    Doing twice daily for two weeks will make the teeth shine.

How to remove the yellowing of the teeth ?, due to yellow teeth, home remedies for whitening teeth, and tips, tips for taking care of home remedies for making teeth white
Salt should be used for cleaning the teeth since ancient times. 

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✔ how to make a good body at the gym-Abs Exercises ✔

May 01, 2019
make 6 pack abs at home-Ever since this trend of showing six pack abs in Bollywood and Hollywood movies has gone crazy for our young friends. If you also want to make 6 pack abs and do not have time to go to the gym then let us tell you some exercises here which you can do at home and also get a good abs.
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get six pack abs fast & Abs-Exercises✔

How to make 6 pack abs at home.

To make any mussels we need to keep one thing in mind that as much as our body fat is reduced, the more we can make our muscles easier.

We will make you exercise here 4

1.Cit Ups: -

push ups,squats,सिट अप्स के फायदे.
get six pack abs fast & Abs-Exercises✔

Lie down on your waist and band your knees
Keep your finger around your ear
Now slowly raise your body upside down
Apply 3 sets of this exercise and 15 reps. 

2. Cross Leg Seat Ups: -

get six pack abs fast & Abs-Exercises✔

Lie down on your waist and raise your feet by crossing a little
Keep your finger around your ear
Now slowly raise your body upside down
Apply 3 sets of this exercise and 15 reps. 

3.Side crunch:-

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get six pack abs fast & Abs-Exercises✔

First lie down on your waist
Keep one hand with your ear
Now touch your elbows with your knees while folding your one leg and lifting the shoulder of one side.

Do the same with other side
Apply 3 sets of this exercise and 15 reps, one side.

4.Mountain Kleimber: -

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get six pack abs fast & Abs-Exercises✔



First make a position to put push ups and keep your full weight on your hands and pajes.
Now touch your elbows while folding one leg forward
Similarly, with your other leg too
Placed 3 sets of this exercise and 15 reps. One side

I hope you like the information given by us. If you have any questions or a related health related problem then you can ask by commenting on our site or on our Facebook page.

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how to make a good health at the gym-Fitness Success by starglamours

April 30, 2019
make a good health at the gym : If you are thinking that if you go to the gym and become healthy and fit, that is how to make a good health, do not worry, because there is a way to do the gym, if you do it correctly There is no problem and your body can easily be made.

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how to make a good health at the gym-Fitness Success by starglamours.

If you are troubled by obesity, by working out in the gym, you will learn how to reduce the weight and how to make a good personality. Today we will teach you how to do a gym, that is how to do gym.

The right way to do gym.

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First of all, let us know how to do the gym, what is the way to do the gym, which can make the health good. Gym does not just mean weight gain by going to the gym. With workout in the gym, you have to follow nutritious food i.e., yoga and meditation also, in addition to doing this, follow these things as well.

Before you go to the gym, you should know that you follow a proportional routine that helps your body stay fit and you avoid the remaining injuries, so it is very important that you know how to do gym before you go to the gym. Take it. Let's know how to do gym and its methods.

Gym stops.

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Going to the gym on a regular basis: Before giving any tips, I will advise you not to miss gym ever whenever you get a chance to work out in the gym because if you leave the workout for more days then your body's condition is first Will be like.
    Warm Up: As soon as you go to the gym, first warm up, which will result in blood circulation in your body muscles and you will feel fresh.

Warm up..

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    Make gym workout sets: Most people weigh in 3 sets if you are just beginning, then it is not necessary that you start killing 3 sets as soon as you arrive. As much as your body is in Detroit with you, then gradually increase the sets.

How to do gym..

    Also do the treadmill and stretching with weight: If you feel that your body will be formed by lifting only the weight, then you have the glow. You will also have to do the rest exercises such as running, aerobics, treadmill and certification.

Also do treadmill and stretching with weight.

    Rotate the upper part of the body, the core (middle class) and the feet: that is, exercise for these three parts of the sweat.
    Also do other activities: When you get a chance with Jim, other activities like sauna baths and swimming should also be done, it provides relaxation and fun too.Read more

Keeping the glasses wear hobby, know some tips |eyeglasses,

April 30, 2019
glasses- If you are interested in wearing glasses then firstly recognize your face shape and always take your glasses according to your face shape. Keeping the face shape in mind, if you take the glasses, then surely you have a lot of glasses. It will look cute, sometimes some eyeglasses seem bad to us. The reason is that the glasses are not right according to our face shape, then take care of it and besides this we will do something good for you today. Rin has brought examples of eyeglasses that you would like to see, so let's see.
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Keeping the glasses wear hobby, know some tips |eyeglasses,

1- Let you know that if you have to strengthen your personality, focus on fashion; Such things give you a different place in the society.
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2- Tell you that if you put sunglasses in sunlight except in black color, then your eyes will feel better.
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3- Such goggles give you a nice look, you can win anyone's heart by wearing them.

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4- Tell you that some people keep sunglasses in the evening, but this is wrong, instead you can take a white colored glasses which you will definitely like.

Please tell us in the comment below on how this information was addressed.

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The secret of healthy and natural homemade cosmetics.

April 25, 2019
Peach oil for face: The secret of healthy and natural homemade cosmetics The beneficial properties of cosmetic oils have long been known about. For many women the magic wand was peach oil for the face - it is a source of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. It is a natural product, which is obtained from seeds of peach fruit and is widely used in cosmetology. Oil can be found in commercial cream, masks and lotions, as well as can be purchased in its pure form and can be used for domestic skin care products. It is important to know how to apply it and combine it with other ingredients so that the product gets the maximum benefit.
Characteristics, properties and uses of peach oil for face

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Peach Seed Squeeze is a versatile product for outdoor use. Due to its light texture, the oil is completely absorbed in deeper layers of the skin, but does not make a smooth film on its surface. It is often added to care and decorative cosmetics. The substance acts on the cellular level and renews the skin widely:
Works as an antioxidant - prevents cells from free radicals and prevents reactions of lipid peroxidation, reducing the risk of premature aging;
Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, healing properties are pronounced;
Hypoallergenic refers to substances that can also be applied to sensitive skin;
Clears from harmful compounds, removes them from the body.
Peach oil can be used in pure form and in combination with other components. It is suitable for the face and body skin, eyebrows and eyelids, as well as hair.
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Add caption

What is peach oil and how to use it.

Peach seed oil is a product which is obtained as a result of cold pressing and multi-phase filtration. For its construction, the entire fruit will be required, from which it is necessary to remove the kernels, and they will have seeds. This is the seed which is processed further. If peach oil passes through an additional step of hydration and neutralization, then it is considered sophisticated and can be added to a small amount of food. Cereal useful for cosmetic procedures (it is useful and contains a high amount of nutrients).
Chemical composition of the product
Properties of peach oil for facial skin are determined by its chemical composition. All beneficial substances are collected here, which can affect the condition of epidermis and can improve for various cosmetic problems. Among them are:
Fatty acids (oleic, linolenic and other);
Vitamin A, D, E, B15, P, C and others;
Mineral element - potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron;
Phospholipids, carotenoid and other substances.
Peach oil has a light texture, thanks to which it is quickly absorbed and leaves no relics on the surface of the skin. Useful substances reach the deeper layers of dermis, where they have beneficial effects.

How to choose and store a product: expert advice.

For outdoor use, you will need crude peach oil. It is more concentrated and does not pass through additional purification steps. Products can be found in shops and pharmacies. There are several criteria by which it should be selected:
Packaging - It is recommended to take only oil in a dark glass, in the rest packaging products quickly lose their properties;

Colors - Saturated yellow or amber, a small amount of impurities are allowed;

The odor is light, with nuts and fruit notes, not very saturated;
Taste - After eating a little amount of oil, the taste of barely noticeable walnuts should remain.
Peach oil is stored in deep glass containers at room temperature. An end date should be indicated as an unexpected bottle on the packaging, and after opening it
Peach oil for face.

The sole contraindication for peach oils are personal allergic reactions. They appear by skin itching and redness, tear and swelling of mucous membranes. To ensure that there is no allergy, a small quantity of the product is applied to the skin of the cell and its reaction is monitored. If there are no side effects, the substance can be used for facial skin.
Useful properties of peach oil for face and skin
There are several ways that you can use peach oil for face. These are cream and bales, lotions and make-up remover. With regular use, oil has a lasting positive effect:
Moisturizes deep layers of dermis;
Restores the tissue at the cellular level;
Stimulates the regeneration of epidermis;
Smooth wrinkles and prevents their presence;
Protects from the sun, air and cold, is battling peeling;
Improves the conductivity of other components of complex instruments.

Another feature that will be useful peach oil - can be used for any kind of skin. Despite the fact that it completely moisturizes, it is suitable for fat type owners who are prone to acne presence. It is considered one of the best products for sensitive skin and rarely causes allergic reactions.

Face application at home
Face care is needed at any age. If you check the structure of expensive purchase products, then pitch pipe oil can be found in the preparation of young and fading skin, as well as in products for eyelids and eyebrows. It has a powerful protective effect, stimulates the development of individual hair and prevents their loss. Apart from this, regular use of this device will allow you to get the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals continuously. At home, it can be applied in its pure form, to add useful natural preparation, as well as add to the cosmetics purchased.
Application for skin: Natural remedies
Mostly, cosmetists recommend using peach oil for facial skin. The tool is available for everyone, because its cost will be many times lower than the cost of popular branded cosmetics. Depending on the type of skin and its needs, there are many types of cosmetics that can be made independently and can be used for daily care.
Peach oil for face
Useful properties of peach oil for face and skin
Peach oil based masks
It is a type of cosmetic product that is suitable for occasional use. Contrary to the cream, only a few times a mask is applied in the week. It is designed for maximum nutrition and hydration, hence, multi-component products are used more often for this purpose. You can try one of the most popular dishes with the addition of peach oil:
With the addition of honey in proportion to 1: 1 - Great for dry skin, but honey is considered to be one of the strongest allergens.
One spoon of butter, egg yolk and 10 drops of alcohol - eliminates wrinkles, normalizes oily skin;
A spoon of butter with strawberry purée is a great option for normal skin care for summer.
The face should be applied on the face without affecting the lids and lips. After 20-30 minutes, the mixture is washed with plain water or a familiar tonic. If you do 20 or more procedures, then maximum impact can be seen.
Natural scrub
A substance used to extract the upper particles of epidermis It is not recommended to use it especially for dry skin, but the presence of natural oil in its structure will reduce the likelihood of flaking and other undesirable reactions. Examples of useful scrubs that can completely change the purchase of money:
Any crushed bran in the ratio of oil and 1: 1;
With the addition of natural ground coffee;
One teaspoon butter, one cooked peach pulp, porridge - all the ingredients should be ground in a coffee grinder.
Scrub can not be used often. For oily skin, two sessions per week are sufficient, for dry - many processes per month. After removal of the hoarse elements of epidermis, it is recommended to use a nutritious cream or mask.
facial cream
Home remedies for facial are easy to use and useful. The consistency in the cream is different and does not mean for long-term storage, but they give better nutrition to the skin and have long-term effects. With peach oil, you can earn a huge amount:
Citrus in combination with some drops of essential oil - completely fresh and tone the skin;
In the ratio 1: 1 with coconut oil - this mixture is useful for dry skin;
With rich cream and strawberry pulp - a nutritious cream for daily use.
Beauticians recommend using oil-based cream made in the evening after cleansing the skin. Therefore, they will work during sleep, and in the morning the skin will look healthy and moist.
Application in pure form
The easiest way to apply peach oil on your face is to add extra material, in its pure form. It is spread with fingers or with cotton pad, including the area around the eyes, lips, eyebrows and eyelids. This product includes enough nutrients and healthy ingredients to completely replace expensive products. The oil is well absorbed, it does not need to be washed, and residues can be removed from dry cloth.

Lips recipe
At home, you can make a nutritious lips balm. To do this, you will need a few drops of essential oils for 20 grams of any wax (you can take a bee or buy it in another special store), one teaspoon peach oil and odor. Wax should be melted in water bath, then add liquid content and cool at room temperature. Next, the mixture is inserted into a jar or special fond and is put in the refrigerator until it is completely healed.
Peach oil for eyelids and eyebrows.

Regular use of peach oil for the eyelids and eyebrows improves their appearance significantly, making them fat and healthy. The device can be inserted in a old, clean container below the mascara and can be applied with a brush. If this is not possible, then the normal cotton will broom. During the process, it is important to ensure that oil does not fall in the eyes. It is forbidden to use the necessary supplements to care for the eyelids, but they may be suitable for encouraging the development of eyebrows.
Use in pure form: max profit
High quality peach oil is a stock of useful substances that is completely absorbed by the skin. It can be used for different purposes for any type of skin except for extra components. If a cosmetic bag has a bottle with this device, then it will be enough to travel - for a while it will be able to completely replace all other medicines.

Make-up removal oil
Peach oil cleans up the skin completely. If you apply a little quantity on a cotton pad and rubbing your face, you can remove the foundation, lipsticks and shadow of the eyes. For resistant cosmetics, it is used in combination with miclor water or lotion. It is enough to add a few drops of oil and use make-up remover for a portion of the device. It is important that the product is not stored in this form - it needs to be prepared only for one use or directly on the cotton pad to add oil.

Oil Washing: Advantages and Tips
A useful process that tone the skin, tightens the pores and activates the metabolic processes in the cells. To wash, the oil is heated in the water bath at room temperature and is packed with abundance on the entire face including the lip and lip. Then rub it with massage movements, and in the end you can cover the skin with a hot towel. It is authorized to wipe the remaining oil or wait for its full absorption.
Anti-Aging Massage with Oil.
This is a therapeutic cosmetic procedure that can be performed at home. Its main condition - the movement must start with light, and at the end of the process, you can increase the pressure.

The skin is massaged in the direction of lymph vessels - from below to the top. It achieves an excellent lymph drainage effect, which eliminates the puff, improves the flow of blood and nutrients in the upper layers of the skin. With the use of oil, the process becomes more efficient because cells get additional supplies of vitamins and minerals for recovery. Peach oil for the face
Using the product instead of face cream: a recipe for every day
Peach seed oil is an excellent choice of day cream. It is applied to the face and with a cotton pad, it is softened with massage movements in the decoolate area. The product will be an excellent base for makeup. It enhances the complexity and contributes to the distribution of other cosmetics.

Use of oil in the mix with other components: Useful combination
Peach oil can be mixed with other materials to enhance its beneficial properties. Mostly, complex mixtures such as masks and creams are prescribed for anti-aging care. They focus more and mix those substances that are present in small quantities of peach oil. However, it is important to know about the rules and to be able to calculate the dosage to implement such recipes.
Oil mixture for anti-aging care: tips cosmetologist
Peach oil can be combined with essential and essential oils, which also have a tonic and rejuvenation effect. They are simply applied to the skin with massage movements, and are added to cosmetics for daily care. In the full range of products, the most effective for the aged skin is:
Base Oil: Apricot, Olive, Castor, Almond, Jojoba, Avocado, Wheat Germ;
Required: rose, rosemary, neroli and sandalwood
Base oils can be added to any ratio, more often they are mixed in the proportion of 1: 1. Add essentials in a small quantity, 2-3 drops are enough on a full spoon basis. They are more concentrated and can cause irritation in their pure form and even burn them.
Peach Oil Rejuvenation Mask: Home Care
Peach oil mask for face is a great way to fight wrinkles and aging before prematurely. However, in conjunction with additional components, this will be more useful, and the effect of its use will be sharply noticeable. At home, you can make simple nutritional masks (in proportion to 1 tablespoon of peach pit extraction):
One spoon with crushed fat cheese by a fork or blender;
3 tablespoons of crushed pulp of crushed peach and 2 tablespoons of heavy cream;
With lemon juice, which is combined with hot oil in the same proportion;
With blue clay - it is diluted in equal amount of water and oil.
Masks should always be used to care for aged skin. It is better to apply them with intervals of several days, and take breaks for one week every two months. Content can always be the same, but you can make alternatives between different types of masks.
General rules for the use of homemade masks from natural oils
Home remedies will only benefit from applying properly. First of all, it is important to make a simple test for allergic reactions - apply a small amount of a new component to the skin of the cell. Neutral masks (with cereals, cottage cheese, eggs, fruits) can be minimized every day, especially for dry skin type. Applying essential additives and alcohol-containing substances, as well as sour juice is not recommended more than once per week.

Promotion of ready-made cosmetics at home
Adding jar and bottle of peach oil directly with purchased cosmetics is not recommended. These devices already have a fixed formula, which determines the properties of the cream and masks, storage method and shelf life. It is better to prepare alternate and homemade, or better to mix them before use.
How to mix peach oil with finished products to get the maximum benefit.
Peach oil can be combined with any instrument in which liquid, oily or creamy texture is made. However, it is done immediately before using the procedure. Some drops of oil can be applied on a cotton pad, which is mixed with miclor water or lotion. Cream is applied to the back of the hand, where they add natural oil.
Dishes with peach oil for your skin care: cream, masks, lotions
You can prepare any care product at home. All components can be found in a pharmacy or a regular supermarket. They are all equally useful because they contain maximum nutrients and minimum chemical additives and preservatives. The only condition is that such preparations should be used immediately after preparation, they are not meant for long term storage.

Simple moisturizing compressed for dry skin
Oily textures completely moisturize the skin dry and sensitive. It is enough to apply the product on a piece of cloth which follows the shape of the face, and leaves for 20-30 minutes. The effect is increased several times, if immediately before use, the oil is heated in the water bath. It can not be brought to a boil - the equipment should remain intact for the skin.

Nourishing mask for normal and dry skin on the basis of peach oil
The best way to moisturize dry and normal skin is an oily mask based on cream or sour cream. 2 teaspoon dairy products mix with one spoon butter and pulp of any ripe fruit. It can be a peach, strawberry or melon (depending on the weather). It is better to choose fresh fruits grown naturally. All the materials are ground in a blender and spread on the skin surface. After 20-30 minutes, residues can be removed from hot water.
A useful anti-wrinkle mask
The combination of a spoon butter with egg yolk is the best way to get rid of wrinkles of small faces and smooth skin easily. This mixture is left on the face for 15-20 minutes. Apart from this, the recipe can be complemented with an imperfect spoon of brandy, but owners of dry and sensitive skin should refuse this component.

Toning face lotion
At home, you can prepare a simple and useful lotion to wash daily. It is suitable for all types of skin, tone it, tightens the pores and stimulates the metabolic processes in the cells. Its preparation takes 
place in several stages:

In a small container, add 10 spoons of the main ingredient and add a glass rose petals. Suitable rose leaves too.
The mixture is heated on low heat without boiling. The leaves should become soft and lose their bright shadow.
The liquid is filtered and cooled at room temperature. It can be stored and applied on skin with cotton wool or a cotton pad.
Homemade tonic lotion is one of the few products that is suitable for long term storage. It is inserted in a container of dark glass and stored at room temperature.

Healing Facial Masks.
Skin needs special care during the cold season. Maximum nutrition and hydration will provide a simple combination of oily peach and JoJoba extracts, which are mixed in the same ratio. It is applied as a base for makeup, as well as on lips and hands. If desired, then this device can be supplemented with some drops of any essential oil - it will give a light pleasant aroma.

Problems with peach oil, applause for the skin
The product is also suitable for sensitive skin. However, to get the maximum benefit, it is better to combine the same ratio with the decoction of chamomile and it applies to the face as a mask. Chamomile is sold in pharmacies in dry and crushed form, the package contains flowers and green parts of the plant. It is filled with water before and is brought in a boil. Then emphasize 30 minutes at room temperature.

Side effects and precautions while working with natural oil
Peach oil, when properly applied, does not cause side effects. It can be applied to the skin, eyebrows and eyelids, it can be prevented from falling into the eye. It is important to understand that the oil which is stored at very high or low temperatures, as well as in conditions of high humidity, becomes inappropriate for use. The bottle should be abandoned immediately after the expiry date. You should also consider the possibility of manifestations of allergic reactions.

If the product is not suitable or causes allergy, then there are several options by which easy to change peach oil. Aside from Jojoba, tea tree, olive and coconut extracts, other base oils are less beneficial for the skin and can also be used for daily care.

Useful Tips Cosmetologist
Experts recommend using homemade skin care products. Peach oil is considered one of the valuable products, but it is important to use it properly. There are some suggestions that will allow you to get the most from simple processes at home:

Pay attention to the quality of the product, do not try to order it on the Internet;

Always test for allergic reactions;
To avoid adding a large number of additional materials at the same time - they can reduce the effectiveness of each other;
Calculate the concentration of active substances accurately, especially when working with the necessary additives.
These recommendations will help you in implementing a natural product, efficiently and usefully. Peach oil is a simple and affordable alternative to many expensive skin care products. It is suitable at any age and can be used by dry and oily skin owners. This is a universal alternative for any season, in which there is a wide range of beneficial effects, protects the upper layers of epidermis and prevents aging from prematurely.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

read Beauty for obese women:-this all styles by starglamours

April 24, 2019
Beauties for obese women: best style, fashionable combination, valuable recommendations.
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For full women, beauties vary in different types of styles, colors, fashionable decorative and stylistic techniques, as well as for Skinny people. In fact, the only difference is a different approach to the design of the bow. If a thin girl needs to hide very thin parts of the body and give a mass of data, then the styles of sundresses for full women have been shaped in such a manner that they dilute the donuts.
For women with obesity, each model of a Sunrres has been designed keeping in mind the characteristics of the female figure. The right style, exquisite cut, high quality clothes flowing, suitable colors and ornaments can make the bow of every summer just magical. The main goal is to spread silhouette, make the shape slim, smart, light. And it is possible to actually put the pronunciation correctly in the image and in fact by selecting a magnificent sunridge with full shape.

Key to success: What should be a dress for thick girls
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 The blessing of sundresses of modern winter and summer for the full girls is not similar to the size or thick bag which is not styled in clothes and style. It is a mistake to assume that women wear very lush form or can not take a stylish, fashionable and bright dress with non-standard external data.

The main thing is not to focus solely on the defects of the shape, but also to remember the attributes. Very large hips or perfect hands can be concealed with the help of cut and decorative solutions, with minimal elements, without hiding or wrapping in shapeless clothes.
It is also worth noting that absolutely every girl has something to show - a beautiful chest, a hollow filling in the mouth, an elegant waist or stunning frame of stem feet. After knowing its major benefits, each girl can choose sundresses models that will help her in creating "weapon for temptation" in the original form.

Cut, Cut, Cloth - The Principal Elements of the Right Dress.
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For overweight girls, beauties should seal with the right and winning styles. Universal deduction includes:
A-shaped costume silhouette;
Light version of the case;
Greek silhouette with an emphasis on the upper waist and chest;
Long sundresses with pleated hem;
Simple model with tulip skirt;
Summer clothes with hem "sun" and flared extended type. 
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Compared to a strict office attire, it is easy for coarse women to choose the dress for summer. It depends largely on clothes. Light Flying Fabric completely covers the figure without focusing on completely unwanted bouts, but due to the dense cloths of hard colors, sundress will still look a bit more spacious for the office. However, in this case, you can beat all the nuances correctly in the image. Much depends on the color. Do not think that women with magnificent forms are only suitable for dark colors and incompatible patterns. In fact, you can choose an incredibly bright costume, which will be color and brilliant in terms of patterns and decorations. The main thing is to keep the ratio, remember the spirit of the ratio.

Business fashion: sundresses for women with forms
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First of all, it is necessary to consider office sundresses for obese women. Choose the right style is difficult, but quite realistic. If you have a strict dress code at work, then choosing a professional dress for every day becomes even more difficult. Every woman wants a variety of bright colors, show them in new and new ways every day. This means that there should at least be some wonderful business dress in a basic wardrobe. Ideal for dress-style office style, customized for the specialty of a particular shape. For such models, almost always use clothes that keep their shape well. Choosing sundresses with dense high-quality fabrics is best. They are able to hide any irregularities of Silhouette. At the same time, a semi-close and helpful effect is made.

Business fashion: sundresses for women with forms. 
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First of all, it is necessary to consider office sundresses for obese women. Choose the right If you have a strict dress code at work, then choosing a professional dress for every day becomes even more difficult. Every woman wants a variety of bright colors, show them in new and new ways every day. This means that there should be some wonderful business dress in a basic wardrobe. Ideal for dress-style office style, customized for specialty of a particular shape. For such models, almost always Choosing sundresses with dense high-quality fabrics They are able to hide any irregularities of Silhouette. At the same time, a semi-close and helpful effect is made.

Main difference
Office sundresses for obese women are many differences from the traditional costume case. Closed throat - A taboo for clothes of all models for girls with crooked. Especially if the product is sewn with dense or thick cloth. This includes jeans and sundresses and denim clothes. The closed neck gives more mass to the silhouette, and the figure gives some extra pounds. The classic decision about neck design is a clear cape or square. A tough office should be forgotten in the format of deep crack, but this sexual accent does not always have to be left out in everyday life. Another trendy solution that has been selected by all the top brands of 2018, is the cut-off top for summer sunlight. The dress is worn by wide bandages, which
are styled according to the style of style of all styles.

The size of the straps is the most important element. 
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Paying attention to sundresses with straps, you need to pay special attention to these elements. If these parameters are not so important for thin women, then there is an important pronunciation in the image for women with a great image.

You should always choose a version with wide bandages. If these details are strictly located in the middle of the main part of the dress, then in this way you can blindly correct the line of the shoulder.

In the first place with thin stripes, those girls who have very large shoulder waist and waist arms should be left. On such a figure, the elegant strings will look ridiculous, which will also fill the figure. In this case, no tempting will save the right position. Even though all the features of a style and a color choice are considered, but such a misstate can completely destroy the whole image.

Waist - Another Important Accent. 
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Plus-size models should be kept in mind where utter pronunciation is kept. To remove attention from the hips, the pronunciation line of the waist is placed close to the chest. Coke, bow, drapery, jabots and other decorative elements which are kept on the chest, can focus even further. In this type of outfit, the girl attracts the attention of everyone in the main area - the neckline, delicately exposes the waist and makes the line of perfectly brilliant hips smooth.

Hemline - Female Details. 
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Summer sundresses are often decorated with a flowing skirt or other original hem. In business fashion, you can not tolerate so much, but still many ideas are quite suitable for implementation. Well-fitting outfits with flared skirts. To make the appearance of a narrow waist, stylists recommend choosing a stylish and comfortable option, where the top is tight tight, there is a deep cut on the chest, and the hip starts to flare.

Casual options for girls. 
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It is not always necessary to choose a Sundress which will be strictly fitted in the office fashion. Sometimes you can afford some freedom. In everyday life, there are many situations where a girl can pamper herself with a splendid outfit: walking around town, meeting with friends, meeting with her girlfriend In this case, selecting styles, colors, and materials in advance, where the organization will be used. Models with wide straps, an accent and a flying skirt look feminine and elegant. This is the most universal style for all girls, who die from hunger.

Looks good chiffon for full girls. This is probably the most popular material for summer wear. Knitted sundresses of free fit in a fashion, decorated with generously flages, pleats of various types Due to the multi-level and properly decorative elements, it is possible to present the dignity of the figures in a beneficial way or hide the damage.

Curly hair for girls on the beach. 

The beach is an ideal place where you can try on the boo style for full girls. In 2018, this trend is particularly popular. The bohemian style looks impressive on beach tunes and sundresses especially pyshnotely beauties. It is worth considering the fact that in Boho's style the clothes are very bright, cut and complex in texture. Not only is it necessary to choose the right model, but it defeats the product correctly in the image. This summer is also popular lightweight, romantic A-line clothing. For clothes, clothes made from natural fabrics will be in special demand:
Crepe de chine;
Even for the beach, women in the body should carefully select colors. The relaxation of the beach environment does not mean that you need to be thoughtlessly in liners shouting. Apart from this, the fundamentalist mini is worth refusing. Lush girls feel like the outfits between this type of length are rude and muddy. Fabulous clothes will make your image very attractive, and silhouette will grow visually in irreplaceable shapes. Larger prints also add large scale, but small patterns will give the figure a bit blurring, which will benefit the girl in combination with the right style.

Demi hot options. 
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Fashionable sundresses for winter and off-season can be called really versatile clothes. This is a great option to suit with skirts and pants. Given the fact that such clothes should be not only beautiful and fashionable, but also hot, you should start with a familiarity with the clothes.
Knitted fabric is a classic winter fashion, but weaving is very undesirable. This will give a lot of mass to the silhouette. Products like jerseys, wool, knitted fabrics are fit for all occasions.
Hot sundresses made from denim are becoming more and more popular. They sit well on skaters, mask some irregularities of Silhouette. Also, do not forget that almost everything from denim looks very young, which gives any image more ease and ease. They combine necessary perseverance and woman carelessness.

Hot sundresses styles
Almost all the recommendations were discussed on selection of clothes. However, if we consider absolutely hot sundresses for obese women, then it is worth considering many recommendations:
Fit in a minimalist design will visually widen the silhouette, give the figures slim. Such a base will allow you to use several different items to refresh the image. However, it is also important that do not exceed it;

Trapez models with wide bandages are better for choosing with a broad base. If necessary, you can change the fit of the costume, then you can shorten it, then stretch the straps. This is important if you wear different clothes under the dress. For example, a sundress in a cage for the full can be combined with fine knitwear with black golf. Then the straps rise high If a costume shirt with an elegant dress is worn under a costume, you can reduce the straps, show the frilly decoration;
High-waist clothes can be decorated with various decorative features. Due to the fact that all the attention is riveted on the neckline, the image will be harmonious and will not be overloaded.
The oddly positioned claps are designed to focus on the waist, but the volume sleeves will hide the perfection of hands. In any image, an important role will play shoes and accessories.
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Color Palette - A Special Winter Mood
For the winter season, rather the dark palette is considered traditional. This does not mean that you have to wear very dark and faded outfits. It is enough to consider some neutral mute shades that are relevant to this season, and select basic organizations in this tone. Classic Winter Color:
Bottle dark green;
coffee with milk;
Any of these colors is convenient to combine in a minimal design and with a simple cut other more vivid things. It can be a bright turtle, snow-white blouse, soft pastel shawl. Very fragile accents can be - a string of beads, large earrings, a massive bracelet. It is also worth noting that the game with colors will allow you to visually correct any form and parameters. For example, gray and brown are considered quite neutral colors in common polythene. They will give slimness, as well as the stretched silhouette. The color contained in this color is to buy belts, accessories, fake corsets. They will complement any costume effectively and revive old tired costumes. We can safely say that women with magnificent forms are not deprived of any kind of fashionable choices. They may look enticing and charming, respectful and harsh, refined and romantic. The main thing is to choose a suitable model and make the image correctly.