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Omg. What Brock Lesnar is impotent.

March 23, 2019
Omg. What Brock Lesnar is impotent.
1- You will have seen many times at Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle's fight but we can tell you that this dangerous player who has seen the dreaded one has done Kurt Angle once. Yes, this is the year 2003 when Brock Lesnar had taken on stage Kurt Angle. What can we say on this scene now? Well let's move forward.
Omg. What Brock Lesnar is impotent.

2 - WWE's owner Vince McMahon has a daughter named Stephanie McMahon. Very few people know that Brock Lesnar had a match with Stephanie in the year 2002. Yes, the match of a dangerous WWE player is also with a girl. The match was very exciting to the public there, which was drawn in the middle.

3 - Do you know that Brock Lesnar was married to WWE's famous wrestler whose name is Sable? Yes, Sable is the girl who is a wife of Brock at the present time.

Omg. What Brock Lesnar is impotent.

4 - This player is so crazy about wrestling that ask, this player has been a champion at 5 times WWE Champion, IGF and NJPW and dangerous wrestling platform like 1 UFC in the WWE platform.

So it was some interesting things that you might not know about Brock Lesnar, tell in the comment box below. Read more

WWE superstars who literally killed foreign wrestlers.

March 23, 2019

7 WWE superstars who literally killed foreign wrestlers.

WWE superstars who literally killed foreign wrestlers, WWF,

Pro Wrestling is a tricky game. The results are fixed in advance and the responsibility of protecting one another inside the ring is those racers that are in front of each other.

But not every time it happens that a wrestler cares for the other wrestler's safety. There has been a lot of times in the history of Pro Rasling when a wrestler has actually killed another wrestler. Let's take a look at just like some matches

# 7 Daniel Powder vs. Kurt Angle. 

Deniel Powder was the winner of Tough Enough 2005. In one episode of SmackDown Live, Powder trapped Kimura Lock to really hurt Kurt Angle. The referee pinned the lie to understand the situation while Powder's hand was not on the mat.

Then the angle rose and he said something to Powder. Powder was then rushed to the Royal Rumble and from there he was immediately fired from WWE.


# 6 Riack vs. CM Punk. 

After leaving the WWE in 2014, CM Punk, Colt visited the Art of Wrestling Podcast in Kobana. During that chat show CM Punk did many big disclosures.

Punk explained that Rayback was a dangerous wrestler, and Rayback deliberately tried to hurt him. Raibak had to pick up the CM Punk and toss it on the table, but Raibak threw punk on the debris.

# 5 Michael Tver vs John Cena. 

Michael Tver was one of the members of the Nexus group. Although he did not grow as a singles star, he was soon fired from the company after the group broke.

Michael Tarvar has repeatedly said on several occasions that John Cena had a lot of trouble with him. Not only that, Tver says that during a WWE PPV John Cena deliberately fractured his hand. However, John Cena never said anything about these things.

# 4 The Blue Mine vs JBL

The Blue Mei was a part of the ECW and was part of the Blue World Order Group. During the ECW's One Night Stand PPV, WWE and ECW's wrestlers became entangled.

I have said in many interviews that the JBL backstage was not a good behavioral wrestler. And JBL had intentions that they would really hurt Meini inside the ring and they did it too. After this, Minni got a contract from WWE, due to which he did not make a case on JBL.

# 3 Mass Transit incident. 

New Jack is considered the most dangerous wrestler in the world of wrestling, and he was known for his cruel and deadly wrestling.

During an ECW show, a 17-year-old boy named Eric Kulas, succeeded in taking the place of taking an injured wrestler in the ring, just like his wrong age. He said that he is a trend wrestler named Mass Transit. New Jack thought about teaching the boy a lesson and wounded him on his head and looted the boy.

The first boy's parents thought of doing a case on Jack, but in the end it was revealed that the boy himself went to the ring by lying.

# 2 Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Stroman. 

These two giant wrestlers were in front of each other in a Triple Threat match in the WWE Royal Rumble in 2018, where the third wrestler was Ken. Bron Stormman accidentally struck Brock Lesnar with knee during the match, after which Lesnar was almost out of his senses.

In response Brock Lesnar really hit a strong punch on Stroman's mouth. After this Brock Lesnar also called Stroman a few words.

# 1 Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton. 

When the climate of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton was being created for the WWE SummerSlam, Orton was speaking at Chris Jericho's show that Lesnar took steroids. Lesnar did not like this thing at all.

However the result of the match was going one way and everyone knew who was going to win. But Lesnar took this forward a lot. Lesnar had to defeat Orton directly, but instead of pinting Lesnar Orton, one after another was really hit on Lesnar's face. All the people were watching the moments with panic.Read more

The most fat husband and wife,

March 23, 2019

The most fat husband and wife, 10 years ago both of them had a mistake,

The most fat husband and wife, 10 years ago both of them had a mistake,

In modern times, people keep away from wealth, there is nothing in the name of peace in their life. Recently there has been a case that can be judged by how obesity is so vulnerable.

Today, we are going to tell you a case of which you will never want to be fat. According to information from sources, this case has come to the US from Missouri. Husband living here is said to be the world's most fat couple.

The most fat husband and wife, 10 years ago both of them had a mistake,

Let's say that the 24-year-old Lee and his 39-year-old wife, weigh the weight of a car. The story of two is very interesting. It is being told that almost 19 years ago, both of the doctors had lost their lives due to losing weight. Meanwhile, both of them met with a weight loss doctor's clinic. Both of them gradually fell in love and the treatment of weight loss stopped in the middle.

After the treatment was stopped, the weight of both of them increased. The situation has become so bad that now the total weight of the two is 600 kg. Lee's weight is around 324, while the weight of Raina is 246 kg.As everything has increased, due to excessive weight, its work has become difficult.Li's life is passing on the bed.
The most fat husband and wife, 10 years ago both of them had a mistake,

There is not even the condition of Raina. From their eating and drinking, they have taken care of both of them and have taken care of their sister. Both believe that their life can survive with surgery now. Both are engaged in trying to lose weight. Read more

UV rays get 99 percent protection in this tip._beauty tips

March 23, 2019

UV rays get 99 percent protection in this tip.

UV rays get 99 percent protection in this tip, uv,UV rays, Ultraviolet rays in English, types of UV rays, ultraviolet radiation from sunlight causes a reaction that produces, Ultraviolet in hindi, UV light bulb, Ultraviolet light uses.

The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin.The most common cause of wrinkles, fine lines, colors, zips is UV rays.Black Umbrella provides protection from UV rays up to 99 percent.

As the summer season starts, it is difficult to walk in the sun. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays along with sunlight are harmful to your skin. Facial skin is very fragile, so these ultraviolet rays are quickly affected. Wrinkles, fine lines, skin rupture, effects on the skin, and the biggest cause of swine flu are UV rays on skin before age. These harmful rays can also cause skin-related diseases as well as skin cancer. So if you want to save yourself from sunlight UV rays, then keep these things in mind.

Apply sunscreen before sunburn

Whatever the weather, if you are coming out of the house then it is necessary to apply sunscreen. You must have at least 20 SPF sunscreen in accordance with your skin. Apart from this, if you live in sunlight for long, you should keep sunscreen in every two hours.

Cover the whole body

Walking out in the sun or something important is to cover your entire body. For this wear sunglasses, wear a stall, hat and whole arm cloth to cover your head. Keep in mind that the facial skin is fragile, so cover the face and hands well while leaving the sun. Sweating quickly after drying cotton cloth Try that your hat should be wide and the specs are UV protection.

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for our body in every season. If you are going out in the sun, then keep a bottle of water with you. By drinking water, toxins present in the body, the toxic substances are released. In addition, sweat is more flowing in the heat, so drinking water can keep the body hydrated. Drinking water keeps the moisture of the skin and the glow remains. Apart from this, the risk of Suntan is also reduced due to sunlight.

Eat fruits and green vegetables

To avoid the effects of UV rays and sunshine, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. During the summer season, fruits like cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon, grapes, mangoes etc., which give nutrients to your body and also complete water shortage. Fresh fruits contain antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful rays of sunlight.

Take the umbrella and if necessary, then leave it out

Get out of the house when necessary in the summer. Usually the sunlight is very fast from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. So try to get out at least during this time. If you have to go to compulsion, use black umbrellas. Using it, the UV rays get 99 percent protection.Read more tips,.

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How do the tickling 'Joker' start?

March 22, 2019

Humans come to spend four days of life in this world ... but forty days of gum keeps them in the circle "

This famous dialogue is in the 1970's film name My name Joker. This film depicts the poignant story behind the life of the Joker who tickled the people in the film. In spite of his poverty and misery, he laughs at his face by laughing at his face.

If you have gone to the circus, then everyone must have seen the Joker's stunner who stole his tricks. His presentation is as brilliant as the toys of a dangerous businessman.

He works to bring laughter on our faces by making his laughs, crying, sad and strange-looking faces. In this case, it will be interesting to know about when and how he knocked in history.

So let's know, with the interesting history of professional joker staging over time-

Royal darbar
The earliest history associated with Joker is old 2400 BC. The first proof of the beginning of their existence is found in ancient Egypt.

By the end of the medieval period, the musical stage was started in the royal courts. He used to entertain people in the royal court All the people present there had done laughing and tickling.

Since this, the Joker gradually appeared or appeared in Greek and Roman society. The people associated with this profession openly strain physical relationships, eating food from the food, performing routine work or performing something like this that people get swept away by laughing.

If we talk about the clown of the modern clowns, its credit goes to Joseph Grimaldi. Joseph London was an entertainer, who pointed out the joker who appeared today.

Joker's history dates back to 2400 BC
The modern Joker 'Joseph' himself was a victim of depression
In the beginning of the 1800s, Joseph started not only the oral comedy but also the physical comedy as well. He also takes great care of his costumes during his staging. He used to paint his face with white paint and also make red spots on the cheeks.

At the same time, she also wears very colorful clothes, in which there are lots of color streaks. Joseph's rejuvenation is such that it is only after seeing them that they laugh.

It is said about Joseph Graemaldi that he used to help the world do the work of laughing, but he himself was a victim of depression. Indeed, his first wife died while giving birth to his child, his father was very dictatorial, and his son got addicted to something that he died at just 31 years of age.

Many storms were enough to hollow them from inside. There was a tremendous pain behind their smiles.

McDonald's made the brand identity
And then became an integral part of the circus
At the same time in France there was also a prankster, who had tickled many of the French people. His name was Jean Gaspard Deburauau. It was a professional silent Mim artist. He used to wear white color, pearl black obo and red lips on his face in his costume.

He had become a favorite of the people of the whole of France, but in 1836, there was a fear of his name among the people. In fact, he only killed a child because the child had teased him. However, he was soon acquitted of this charge. Due to this incident the image of the murderer was printed in the minds of the people.

If Italy talked about its debut in the country, in the year 1892 the Italian opera was being known as "Pagliyaki". The show by Joker in this show was very famous among the people of Italy. In it the main character was a character named Canio. People who had been very patronized

Over time, tax jokers had become integral to large circuses. Who used to laugh at the audience after a dangerous game like death.
Joker was now considered to be 'stupid'
Now, during the 19th century, the circus and the Joker were staged at a large level. At that time, three-ring circus used to run in the US.

In which the 'Hobo' Joker was. It was a sad face and torn clown clown, which was then very famous. On the other hand, Amate Kelly's 'Vary Willie' was also very famous.

During the years 1950s and 1960s, Joker's character became considered 'stupid', who used to entertain children. In the TV program, the joker named 'Bozo' and his associates laughing at the children had made a place in the heart.

In the year 1963, McDonald had spent a lot of money to make it his brand identity.

In the US, a registered joker 'Pogo' was arrested in the 70's. He was accused of murder and physical abuse of people. He killed more than 35 people in Chicago. Let's say, in 1994, his crime was proven.

It is believed that due to the fact that such a negative image of the Joker became a result, the people who made a living from this profession were greatly damaged.

With Time The Clowns Emerged As Dumb Character
In this way the history of Joker became an integral part of the rajdarbar clowns and modern circuses. The circus jokes are dwarfs, which offer themselves as idiots. His presentation is such that people are forced to laugh.

But, after seeing their history a little closer, it also shows that the 'Joker' was not linked to laughter only, at one time when their costumes also created fear among people.

If you also know some interesting things related to them, then share with us in the comment box.
Read more

How Big Brands Adidas and Puma?

March 22, 2019

Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?


Have you ever seen the entire city jumping in the battle of two brothers!

It may sound strange to hear this, but it is true! This unique battle is the owners of Adidas and Puma Company, which is the most interesting story of Brother's fight in the corporate world.

Interestingly, because not only the entire city had jumped in this war. Even personal relationships of people also took a stake.

The people of the city were involved in this fight in such a way that at one time they even saw their company wearing shoes when selecting their partners.

So, I know this whole event-

Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

Part of World War I
The story of the two brothers begins in Germany, on the banks of the river Aahah, from the town of Tsogenaurakh. In the same city, Rudolf Yani Rudy and Adolp i.e. Eddie lived with their parents Christophe Dassler and Paulina.
Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

His brother Fritz and sister Mary Dasler also lived with them. Father Christoph used to work in a shoe-making company and mother Polina used to run the laundry. The three brothers used to help Mother, so they were known as the Laundry Boys.

Call it luck or destiny that the three brothers had to be admitted to the army during World War I. According to Germany's law, Fritz and Rudy were ordered to join the army in World War I. Rudi was learning how to make shoes with his father on those days and then Eddie also went to the army.

A journey from 'Dassler Brothers'
When the World War ended, Eddie converted the mother's closed laundry room into a shoe company and started making shoes.

In 1924, Rudy-Eddie founded the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company. The brothers had a tremendous attachment to the game. This was the reason that both of them decided that only sports shoes would be made in their company. Luck favored and company turned out

If the factory moved, then the lifestyles of both the brothers also changed. Building a magnificent house near the factory of both brothers. After marriage, Rudy and his wife used to live on the upper floor and Eddie and his wife Cathy were left behind.

This was the time when their status was increasing in the society. Meanwhile, the interest of the two brothers increased to sports. Especially for soccer, both of them were crazy. It is said that at one time both of them used to be supporters of different soccer teams in the city.

Become Jesse Owens Brand Ambassador
In 1936, the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, are very important in the history of the world and also in the lives of the Adi-Rudy brothers. A few days before the start of the game, Eddie Dassler convinced Jesse Owens to wear shoes for her company. Jesse Owens became the first brand ambassador of the company.

This was not less than a great deal for 'Dassler Shu Company'. After winning the four gold medals of Owens at the Olympics, their success gave a new identity to 'Dassler Shoes' among the world's most famous players.

It was not that the letters to the other brothers from other national teams were coming to the notice of the brothers. He wants to buy his company's shoe. In this way the business went on fast and the Dassler brothers succeeded in selling 200,000 pairs of shoes per year before World War II!

Clouds of misery
Over time both brothers joined the Nazi Party, but Rudolph was slightly closer to the party, and this thing somewhere darkened Eddie.

During the Second World War, a growing crack between the pair reached the brink of break in 1943. Misunderstanders did the wall work between the two. Hitler had committed suicide following the defeat of American forces in war, and on the other hand, the U.S. military summoned those who were suspected to cooperate with Hitler.

In this order both brothers were called. Eddie survived after referring to the help given to Jesse Owens, Rudolf was detained for a year. During the detention, Rudy came to know that a nearby person informed the US military about his political proximity.

His doubts went straight to his brother. This increased the fight between the two. After coming out of internment, the conflict between the families of the two brothers became commonplace.

... and two were torn apart 'Dasler Brothers'
This led to the separation of business from both brothers in 1948. After this split, Adolp started a company of his own sportswear, christening it with his nickname Aidi and the first three letters of his last name, including the mosquito, and installed it as Adidas.

Rudi also started his own company and while imitating Eddie, Rudy formed a new firm called Ruda, which was taken from Rudolf in Rudolf and Dassler. Well, this company was named Puma later on.

After making their own company, the two started competing behind each other. Both companies became so busy with each other that they were not aware of any third company.

In this private fight, Adidas missed the signing of the famous basketball player Michael Jordan and took advantage of it, the second biggest shoe maker, 'Nike'.

Let's say that today Nike's business is more than Adidas and Puma!

Still fight till the last breath
Regardless, both of these fights did not stop. The interesting thing was that both of them along with the people of his city Hatsogeneuhrkh were also fighting. The reason was that the two companies set up at a distance of just five hundred meters.

Since, a large population of the city used to work in these two companies. Therefore, most of the people in the city will be subject to this dispute. Before talking to each other, people looked at shoes. The result of this is that Hatsogeneuhrach was called a city with a necked neck.

It is surprising that there was a time when marriages in this city were started on the basis of shoes only. Adidas wore adidas shoes wearers and the same was also Puma.

After the death of Rudy and Adolf!
Both the brothers settled at a gap of four years and keeping their conflicts in mind, the tombs of both have been made at two ends of the cemetery.

In 1980, Rudolf's family sold 75% of its shares in the Puma company to the French Caring Company. 10 years after that, in 1990, on the day Germany's soccer team reached the World Cup final, Adidas was left out of the hands of Adolph Dassler's family.

In 2009, employees of both companies played a friendly football match in the city, forgetting mutual hatred. Later, Rudolf Dassler's grandson Frank Dassler worked on the post of Chief Legal Counsel in Adidas, forgetting hostility.

Today the world's two big brands!
Adidas has world-class headquarters in Germany and there are many other business locations around the world. Among them Hong Kong, England, Japan, Australia and Spain are some of the main ones. With the 'Manchester United' replacement of Nike in 2015-16, Adidas made a kit deal for 10 years, which was around 750 million dollars.

This is the most valuable kit deal in the history of the game so far. Significantly, Adidas is also a Reebok owner. In 2005 Adidas bought the company for $ 3.8 million.

That's what Puma is known for his football shoes.

He has sponsored prestigious football players like Pelé, Eusebio, Yohan Crayf, Ango Francescoli, Diego Maradona, Lothar Matthias, Kenny Delgishish, Didier Deschamps and Gianlui Bophon.

Puma Jamaica's track athlete is also sponsor of Usain Bolt!

The company also offers lines shoes and sports clothes designed by Lamine Coet, Amy Garbers and others.

In such a situation, it is difficult to say who is the number one.

Yes! One thing is of course that both of the best brands in the world are from.

Why is not it right?Read more

About Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biopic.

March 22, 2019
About Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biopic.
PM Narendra Modi Biopic: Modi biopic is now being released soon, will come before voting
PM Narendra Modi Biopic was to be released on April 12, the first phase of poll was on 11th April.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biopic 'PM Narendra Modi''s release date has changed. The film was about to be released on April 12. Now it is being done more quickly. It is being released a week ago i.e. April 5. It is obviously being done to exploit the electoral atmosphere. This release will also benefit the producers and the promotion of Narendra Modi will also be strengthened.

Earlier this film was being released after the start of the voting phase. The first phase of polling on April 11. Now it will come before the voting stages. Recently, its second poster was due to be released on March 18, but this event was postponed due to the demise of Goa's Manohar Parrikar. Today Makers has released another poster. Vivek is surrounded by children.
About Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biopic.

Yesterday, some look of Modi made Vivek Oberoi was released. Vivek is seen in nine types of style.

The promotion has been running for almost two months. Recently, there has been a continuation of the introduction of its characters. The news of a scene also came in the past. On Sunday, director Omang Kumar filmed a scene of Godhra attack on Sunday, in which a coach of the train was burnt to ashes. During this incident, Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Western Railway has helped the team by filming this scene. It was shot on the Narrow Gauge line of Vishwamitra railway station. The inner part of this scene of Sabarmati Express is being shot separately in Mumbai.

A few days ago, Boman Irani was introduced to the character. In this film, Bowman got the role of 'Ratan Tata'. In the pictures released, they are seen traveling in a private jet.

Earlier it was introduced to the character of an industrialist. Prashant Narayanan is doing this role. The producers have said about this role that it is a negative character and is the largest businessman in the country. Let me tell you that many characters have been there for the last ten days.

Zarina Wahab is playing the role of Modi's mother Hiraben Modi. Zarina said that she is proud that she is playing the role of Modi's mother. He considered this as the most special role of his life. Earlier Amit Shah's roll was announced, it was Manoj Joshi.

In the film, Vivek Oberoi plays the role of PM Modi. People like Modi look very much like Vivek. But there is a character in the film whose people were eagerly waiting. The name of that particular character has been revealed. The special character is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's wife Jasodaben. Let me tell you, the actress Barkha Bisht has been cast for this role in Modi's biopic.

Let's say, Actress Barkha Bisht is a TV artist. Barkha candidly discussed his role in the film.  When I was approached about this role, I was very happy. I am very proud to join this film. I have started studying about Jasodaben by gathering the source here and there. This role is quite challenging for me because only few people know about Jasodaben. I have to learn to speak in a Gujarati way to make life in this role and to make it effective. In this character you will find many shades.

Vivek, who plays PM Modi in the film, believes that this character is an important character in his life. Let me tell you, Vivek Oberoi has worked hard to get the look of PM Modi. This film has been shot in Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The poster of the film was released in 23 languages. The film team was working on this project for the last 2 years. Omang Kumar is directing the film. Sandeep Singh is the producer of the filmRead more

Q. How and for what reasons are the stress.

March 22, 2019
World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October every year to raise awareness of mental health issues and to organize the collaborative efforts of mental health. This year, the theme of World Mental Health Day by the Indian Government is "Adult and mental health in the changing scenario of the world".

#world mental health day #stress #most searched word #google search # Search on Google # Stress # World Mental Health Day # Tension # Stress.

Today it has become very easy to find the answer to any question. Google Baba gets the answer to every question. What is the natural way to remove acne? Google is the most searched on diseases like diabetes, thyroid and cancer.

Second number after stress, lack of sleep

But, you will be surprised to know that in many countries of the world Google is more stress-sensitive than those diseases. That is, Google is proving to be a good tool for answering basic questions about health. It is in every aspect of our life, whether there are stress in office or stress in your relationships.

A new study of the Medicare Health Plan has revealed the symptoms that are most searched in every American state. The 'stress' was the first word in the most typed illnesses in the search engine. The number of people finding a solution to stress due to the cracks and work in relationships is the highest.

After the stress, the second most searched health problem has been discovered about 'lack of sleep'. After this, 'digestion' is also the most searched in Google.

How and for what reasons are the stress

The beginning of adolescence and adulthood is the time of life, when there are many changes. For example, it is exciting time for many people to change school, leave a home, start a college, university or a new job. But for some people it may be time for stress and doubt.

Increasing use of online and with the advent of new technology, additional pressure is going on for the people of this age group, which is emerging as a major cause of tension somewhere. However, if it is not recognized at the time and prohibited, then this stress can cause mental illness.

World Mental Health Day started in 1992

Keep in mind that World Health Organization (World Federation for Mental Health) has established World Mental Health Day in 1992 in order to take care of the mental health of the people of the world. However, India had initiated the initiative 10 days prior to confirming the care of mental patients and started the National Mental Health Program (NMHP) in the year 1982 to ensure availability and accessibility of mental health care.Read more tips

must read 20 shocking things about China by starglamours.

March 22, 2019

must read 20 shocking things about China. 

If you consider China as a traitor by reading history books or hating China by seeing the Chinese merchandise, then we tell you about 20 such things about China, which will not only enlighten you about this country, Rather, at least once in your lifetime, you will definitely make the journey to this country.

1. Rich people of China can send others to jail instead of theirs.
2. The ability to buy in China is more than the US. In this regard, China is the world's largest economy.
3. People who speak English are more than America, in China.
4. There is a website in China where girlfriends get on lending. One week's rate is less than two thousand rupees.
5. If you look at the giant panda in any corner of the world, the eyes will be blinded that it has the power of China. China has leased this species. And then and their children will also be considered as the right of China.
6. If you are in China, you can relax on the beds decorated in the IKEA store. IKEA is the world's largest furniture store.
7. If you go out to look at Earth with a hot air balloon, China's Yangshuo City will be the most beautiful sight.
8. By the year 2025, China will have 10 cities equivalent to New York.

9. China has the highest demand for soup made from bird's nest. It is also called 'Itteal Bird Nest' soup or 'swiftlet'. Imagine the price of this soup, from the point that the nest used for this soup is sold at a rate of 1.5 lakh rupees per kg.
10. In China, a boy sold his kidney only to buy the iPad.

But before getting the ticket to China, know these things too -

11. If the entire population of China passes in front of you by putting a line, then that line will not end in your lifetime. (Because there is too much bert rate).
12. America's San Francisco city has 29 percent air pollution due to China.
13. In recent times, a man in China was in the headlines, who drank so much spicy and spicy soup that he had a hole in his stomach.

14. In China, there are many skyscrapers that have been deserted. None of them survived Even then, the construction of new buildings in the city is in full swing. China's aim is to make 20 cities every year for the next 20 years. However, there is no planning to settle those cities. This is the reason why many cities of the city are also called 'ghost city'.
15. In China, a man was sentenced to 12 years in prison because he killed and ate the last Indek-Chinese tiger. In his defense, the man said that he killed the Tiger in his defense.
16. There is a serious problem of brain drain in China. According to the figures, 7 of the 10 Chinese students who have studied in different countries never returned. Interestingly, most of them like to live in America.

must read 20 shocking things about China, china.

17. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt can never go to China because he worked in the movie 'Seven Years in Tibet'. The film's second hero, David Thulis, and the film's director Jean-Jacques Anod also banned.
18. China's longest traffic jam was till 10 days. In the August 2010 incident, the route to Beijing from Mongolia to Beijing was 60 miles.
19. In China, a man made a case for his wife only because she was ugly and she won the case too. Husband had claimed that due to the ugliness of the wife, her children became ugly. In fact, before the marriage, the man's wife had done her plastic surgery.
20. There are so many incidents of suicide in China that there may be a job of Body Fisher. The work of these people is to remove dead body from the river.Read more


March 22, 2019

The owner of Adidas Company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story. 

 Photo- Adolf Dassler, who made Adidas International brand

- Adolf Dassler, who made Adidas International brand more than 200 years ago, a man named Kristen Dasler stitched shoes at a shoe factory in Herzogenorch, a small town in Nuremberg (Germany). Wife Paolin used to run a small laundry there. The couple had two sons- Adolph and Rudolph, who were lovingly called Eddie and Rudy, both brothers were good players. Eddie was never happy with the fitting of the sports shoe made by the father.
He used to think that how can a player perform such shoes, how good a player can perform in the field.
The owner of Adidas Company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story.

 Eddie was 20 years old when in 1920 he made his own shoes from canvas. In the playground, the shoes were very convenient for Eddie, he even began to make shoes for his friends who were well liked. The first factory made in the laundry, considering the popularity of its shoes, Eddie decided to set up a sports shoes factory with brother Rudy, but there was no money. Both brothers made mother's laundry workshop. When there was no electricity, they used to produce power from the pedal power of the Stationary Bicycle.

 In this way, when Eddie and Rudi made a little money, on July 1, 1924 they formed a company called Dasler Brothers. Adidas Shu in the Olympics In 1928, the first time at the Amsterdam Olympic Games, players wear the Dasler Brothers shoes. By 1930, Eddie and Rudi had started making shoes of different designs for eleven sports. At the Summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936, athlete Jesse Owens wore a Dasler shoe and entered the ground. That's where Adidas' journey started.

Adolf Dasler, who made Adidas an international brand, had sold 28 million shoes, the record for the Dasler shoes increased if Jesse won four gold medals in this tournament that was played in Hitler's presence. Prior to World War II, Eddie and Rudi made a record of selling 28 million shoes, but the war broke out on all the hard work.

 In such a name, in 1947, Eddie and Rudy rebuilt the business with 50 artisans, but in this year, the brothers became untouchable, Eddie added the first three words of Dasler with his nickname Eddie and began to make shoes by the name of Adidas. A year later, Eddie created a trafile (triple arc or trilogy) in his three-band shape.

Sometimes the owner of the Adidas company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story in the 80's, Adidas' Dhoom, in the Saucer World Cup held in 1954, the German team entered the field by wearing screw-in-studs of adidas Adidas and defeated Hungary. . This miracle made Edie the god of sports shoes. Eddie is also the first entrepreneur to sign Star players for the promotion of the adidas brand. Several prominent athletes like Jesse Owens, Mohammad Ali, Safe Harbarger, Frog Bikenber promoted the adidas products of the world.

The owner of Adidas Company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story.

Mohammed Ali Edi, who had fallen in the ring wearing adidas shoes, also generously spent on aggressive propaganda. In 1972, two warriors of the Fight of the Century, Mohammed Ali and Joe Frasier Adidas wear the shoes only. Adidas is also the first sports brand, which also promoted non-athletes' hiphop group Run-DAC (group of music artists). This group's album "My Adidas" has struck a lot in the 80's.
Fast move in bad times In 1978, at the age of 78, Eddie died, he had more than 700 patents of sports shoes and other sports equipment.

After Eddie's death his wife Cath Dassler took over the business. He died after 6 years, son Horst Dasler became the Chief of Adidas, but died in 1987 at the age of 51 only. After this the company faced bad times, then French industrialist Bernard Tapie lifted it from the crisis. In 1989, Adidas was turned into a cooperation, which once again turned to its roots, making high quality sports shoes.
Tennis star Sania Mirza is Brand Ambassador of Adidas. Adidas and Solomon came together in 1931 in Adidas Sports Equipment, Functional Shoes and Apparel Market. In 1997, Adidas and Solomon joined hands and Adidas-Solomon was established.

Eddas became Reebok International's leader in the global footwear market in January 2006. Today, Adidas also produces many other products like deodorant, perfume, after shave lotion. In many countries, the business headquarters of Adidas is in Germany, but its business is spread in many countries. Founded in 1996, Adidas India Market Pvt. Ltd. offers Adidas products in India. There are more than 100 exclusive stores in all over the country. Adidas, Leves and Reebok are dominated by the country's expensive footwear market, but this is the master brand of the market, Adidas. Tennis star Sania Mirza is the brand ambassador of the company.
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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Find out if the Garment is Branded or not.

March 21, 2019
In this way you can find out if the garment is branded or not.In this fashion fashion, everybody is in the hood of good looks and if you talk about the youth of today, they do everything possible to look good. On the other hand, we have seen that today's younger generation is very brand conscious, due to which they buy only branded clothes.
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Find out if the Garment is Branded or not.

But often it is often that we think of being branded, we bring the cloth home but later it shows that it is not branded, that is, we are cheated in the name of the brand. Fashion Experts agree that if some things are closely monitored while buying cloth, then your chances of being cheated decreased.

Check the tag correctly. 

Generally people identify branded clothing by looking at their tags. But nowadays the fraudsters have become so experts that they put a tag like a branded one. In this case, you can closely identify the tag by looking at it. Many brands tag in the linings of clothing, which is their true identity.

Which brands are chewing. 

Know about the shop before buying clothes. Actually there are many brands, which are not available in every shop, they are found only at a particular shop. Learn about both your brand and shopping location.

Wear and see. 

One way of recognizing branded clothing is to wear it and see it. Actually these clothes are made according to your body. If your size is cloth and does not fit, then this means that there is something elastic.

Check quality. 

Identify any branded fabric easily by the quality of his clothes. The fabric of any good brand is fresh and soft compared to other fabrics. If a cloth is not branded, its cloth will be slightly rigid and ruffle.

Do not trust discount. 

Many times people refer to heavy discounts, instead of branded clothes, they sell other clothes cheaply. But many such brands are not discounted. So if any international brand is selling heavily on the brand, then there is no doubt in it.

See lining. 

Whenever you take branded clothes, its linings are very good, i.e. the cloth inside the fabric is of good quality. Like cloth, inner cloth, jeans pocket cloth etc. In branded clothing it is of good quality and the tag is placed in it and its sewing is very fine and strong

Check everything right. 

Branded fabrics are equipped with good quality accessories. When buying cloth, take a look at their accessories too. Check your zip, for example.

Pay attention to sewing. 

One way of recognizing clothing is also to see its sewing. The sew is uniform in branded clothes and there are thick cloths where there is double sewing. In this way you can recognize the brand of clothing.Read more

How to make grooms makeup is like a king By starglamours.

March 21, 2019
make grooms makeup is like a king Being beautiful is not the only right of women, but if men wish they can look beautiful and stylish. Today's time has changed and now men are not ashamed to buy fairness cream at all.

Body make-up, Concealer, Makeup Ticks For Men Only, Foundation, Kajal,
How to make grooms makeup is like a king. 

Today's modern men do everything from facials to waxing. So in such a way, you do not think he can make a make-up too. Yes, just watch your film stars, they also make use of make-up in their desire to show themselves beautiful.

Today we will tell you some similar makeup tricks which you can use without hesitation.

Makeup Ticks For Men Only -

 1. Concealer - With Concealer you can hide facial scars and dark eye circles. So it is very important to have this makeup similar to yours, because the skin starts to look quite clean.

2. Foundation- It is also helpful in concealing stains like a consoler. Applying it causes the face to glow and the face starts to look photogenic.

3. Kajal- In the olden days, Raj-Maharaj did not come out of the house without wearing mascara in the eyes. Even today, some boys like to wear mascara in their eyes so that they can get four-moon in their smartness.

4 Body make-up - Men need more body make-up than women. Women are naturally curious but men need make-up to make curves. You can take the help of make-up to get heavy muscles on your side.Read more tips

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Learn Bridal makeup tips by starglamours.

March 20, 2019

Learn Bridal makeup tips by starglamours. 

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Every girl has a desire to see that she looks very beautiful in her marriage. And the beauty of the bride prompts makeup Generally, in a desire to look beautiful and most different at the wedding, a thick layer of make-up is made on the face of the bride, that the face of the bride seems to be white with makeup. So keep in mind that the bride should be made to do such a make-up, which will keep her look clean and not change her look. And this makeup should be consistent with the occasion. You should take care of certain things for the bride to be properly groomed. Let us tell you about some such tips.

Bridal make-up, Hd makeup, bridal makeup images, bridal makeup kit, bridal makeup images 2018, hd makeup, how to do bridal makeup,

Bridal makeup tips

Bridal booking should be done 4 to 5 weeks in advance so that beauty experts can give you information related to your skin.
Do makeup to enhance beauty and not to suppress its reality.
If your wedding is at the time of the day then the makeup is a bit lighter and if at night then make the makeup a bit darker.
Make face treatment before make-up.

Make sure the skin's groome before makeup.
Grab a blush after watching the skin tone and dress.
While making eye makeup, place the Foundation on the eye. From this, eyes will look beautiful.
Apply lip base before applying lipstick for lip makeup. Then apply the liner to the shade. Then use shiner or lip gloss. This will make lips look special

  1. Foundation always take a tone white with skin tone.
  2. Make eyebrows makeup after complete makeup.
  3. Transparent mascara on the eyelids seems to be eye-catching.
  4. The foundation can also be installed in the hands.
  5. After the dry pulse powder foundation, apply on the whole face. From this the make-up will last for a long time.
  6. May make ice on the face before makeup. Apart from this, make-up remains constant.

Bridal make-up, Hd makeup, bridal makeup images, bridal makeup kit, bridal makeup images 2018, hd makeup, how to do bridal makeup,

When making makeup, pay attention to every part of the body. Dirty hands and feet can spoil your beauty.
Keep in mind the face texture and color.
The color and design of make-up and dress must be symmetric.
The combination of make-up and jewelry is also important.
Focus more on eye and lips make-up.
Buy lipsticks that match your dress so that later on, lipstick will be able to fix it with your lipstick.Read more top tip

| Homemade herbal medicinal herbs oil for skin disease|

March 20, 2019

| Homemade herbal medicinal herbs oil for skin disease|

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| Homemade herbal medicinal herbs oil for skin disease|

After itching on the skin, becoming a ringworm, and after cracking, it becomes irresponsible and shame comes in front of people.

If you do not want to add any cream or medication, or if you are not comfortable putting it, then make this skin disinfectant oil at home, it removes these diseases.

Method of making oil: Neem bark, Chiratya, Turmeric, Red sandal, Herald, Barahada, Anvula and Parsi leaves, all equal quantities. Spleen's oil contains the required amount. Soak all eight sources in water for 5-6 hours and grind it and make the clalk.

Take four times the volume of sesame oil and four times the amount of oil in the mixture and put it in a large kitchen. Boil it on the recession for so long that the water will dissolve only oil remains. Fill this oil in a bottle.

Wherever itching, shave it or shave this oil on the whole body. This oil has a miraculous effect. Continue this massage until the benefit, massage before bathing or during the bed and see the miracle.

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These methods are best for thickening the eyebrow,

March 20, 2019

These methods are best for thickening the eyebrow. 

These methods are best for thickening the eyebrow, thickening the eyebrow,
These methods are best for thickening the eyebrow

Eyes are the most important part of the beauty of the face. Their beauty also increases when the eyebrow is dense. With this, your look becomes untraceable even without your look. While light and thin eyebrows show face to face Some girls use eyebrows pencils to show eyebrows, but this is a temporary way. You can make eyebrows even more dense permanently. For this you will be benefitted greatly by adopting some domestic methods.

Castor oil

Castor i.e. Arandi's oil is very effective for making eyebrows fast. It starts to grow hair faster. Use of it at night gives more advantage. Put a little castor oil on cotton, put it on the eyebrows. After this, massage the eyebrow slowly with the fingers and wash it with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.

coconut oil

Vitamin E, iron and nutrients in coconut oil are very good for the growth of hair. It is also very effective for the animals. Massage the coconut oil by putting some drops on the eyebrows at night. With this, blood circulation is better, which leads to increase in hair growth. Do not keep it like this overnight. Use it for at least one month daily.

Olive oil

Vitamin E present in it makes the hair thick and strong. Mix a little honey in olive oil and massage the eyebrow with it for 2 minutes and wash it with water. Also, before sleeping, apply olive oil on the eyebrows and massage for 2 minutes.

Onion juice

Onion juice is also effective for increasing hair growth. Remove the onion juice and apply it on the eyebrow and wash it with cold water after 5 minutes. It can also be used twice a week.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek granules are also used to prevent hair loss. To make the eyebrows thick, take a little fenugreek seeds in the water at night. Grind it in the morning and make a paste and mix it with a drop of coconut oil and mix it. Put this pack on the eyebrows before sleeping at night and wash after 10 minutes. Only use this 2-3 times a week.


Milk rich in protein and nutrients also helps to make hair healthier. Put a little milk on cotton, put it on the eyebrows. Clean it with lukewarm water after drying.


Cut a small slice of lemon and rub it on the bhoomo for 2 minutes. Keep in mind that massage should be done with light hands. Wash it with lukewarm water afterwards.

Take care of Diet too

Also include Healthy Diet in the food. Vitamin A, C, E, Iron, Omega 3 and Protein-rich diet also make eyebrows thickening. Read more