Make hair shiny and soft by the way of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic red hair.- To make the hair shiny and soft by the way of Ayurveda, you must mix the Mehndi{henna} with water for approximately two to three hours. If you want it,, If you want it, then you can also add Gooseberry juice to it. After waiting for two to three hours, the henna is naturally calm.

 In India, women use it every week in the summer season. Its smell also looks wonderful in hair, it turns out that your child's color becomes red.

Infections in the skin and skin by applying chemical color. Ayurvedic method is beneficial.
If you put Mehndi{henna} in water in the iron pan for 10 to 11 hours And then put it in hair, it will make your hair shone in natural black. read more