make a natural red lips, You do not have to use lipsticks to make a natural red lip, because the substances used in it It makes your lips black. They should not use lipsticks, naturally, whose lips are red.To make a natural red lips, you have to keep in mind that whenever you use soap to wash your mouth or face wash. You do not have to use them on your lips.

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material You need ghee and salt to make a natural red lips.

How to use - Mix a pinch of salt in a spoonful of ghee and keep a bowl. Now, mix this mixture every day with a finger on your lips and apply it on the lips. In a few days [7 days] your lips will be made of natural color. Use from today.

Make these three lip balm to get soft lips from petals.

What we all like in a beauty list is that we all want to get soft and soft lips. Torn and scaly lips do not seem to look good at all and they spoil your entire look. The warm air of summer makes your skin crisp by stealing moisture from your lips. By applying nutrient oils, you can return the Moisture of your lips and make them soft and soft. And here we are telling you how to make yourself three such lip oils at home, which will make your lips moist and soft.
  1.     Lavender mint lip oil
  2.     Coconut, Amand, Lemon Lip Oil
  3.     Castor Rose Lip Oil

Lavender mint lip oil.

Lavender oil is also known to fix skin rigidity and papples. While peppermint provides relief to torn lips. By treating your lips with a mixture of these two, you will get soft-soft lips. Along with this, the smell of this oil will make you crazy. So make a Tulsidi Shiila Butter in a vessel to make it and melt it. Add some drops of lavender oil and permint oil into it. When the mixture cools down, fill it in a small container and apply it on lips twice a day.

Coconut, Amand, Lemon Lip Oil.

Coconut oil and almond oil are natural moisturizer, while lemon oil (lemon oil) is best for pigmented lips. This means that the lip oil fixes not only the lips but also pigmentation of the lips, which makes your lips appear in the natural pink color. To make this oil, take a tbspn organic coconut oil and half tbsps almond oil and lemon essential oil. Add a tsp honey and mix it well. Whenever you feel stiff lips, apply it on the lips.

Castor Rose Lip Oil.

Castor oil moves in the cracks and moisturizes torn lips. The same rose (oil) oil is the smell that provides peace. This makes your lips soft and soft. This lip oil fixes the rough lips and makes them soft and pink. Put castor oil and rose infused oil in a container. Mix well by adding a little coco butter and vanilla extract. If you want you can also get a tint. Put this oil on your lips twice daily.
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