hello friends we all are suferring dry hair so today i m going  to share wonderfull ingredint which gives you soft and shiny hair
Now it is very easy to make silk, soft and dandruff-free hair

Among the various other combinations honey and Curd ranks the best combo.  Curds are a form of fermented milk. Curd has been used in Ayurveda to soften hair and give it luster. Sour Curds are also recommended as a cure for dry scalp and dandruff. Sour curd is known to be a hair conditioner. Curds are used as an agent to add softness and lustre to the hair. Curds are very good medicine that is used for dry scalp and also as a dandruff tre
atment. Curds are also known as natural hair  conditioner. It is always wise to use the homemade curd for which the result is high as it pure and free from chemicals. So curd is the best remedy for the ones those love to have a silky and dandruff free hair.

mix all ingredients well