Soften skin-Mix coconut water with cream for the skin to soften.Regular use of it removes skin dryness and protects against wrinkles Coconut milk is very good for hair. Therefore, like amla, coconut oil is the tradition of applying for hair health from the old age.


Know the right way to soften and soften the skin,

    Rubbing the lemon juice on the head leads to the heat and dryness of the head and away from the hair of the head, the oil from the holes of the hair starts to meet the well.

    Mix lemon juice with one spoon and one teaspoon tomato juice half an hour before bathing. This lotion compresses the skin pores spreading in the growing age. Mix this lotion with cream and apply it on the skin, then helps reduce the dryness of the skin and remove its wrinkles.

    Mix one spoon lemon juice, half a teaspoon honey and some drops of milk. Put it on the face 15 minutes before bathing, then take a bath. This lotion works as bleaching and reduces the skin's lubricity.

    The orange peeled oil remains extremely valuable for the skin. After drying these peels, grind and mix gram flour in it and prepare the rubbish. Use it while bathing. It does not require soap, etc. and the skin becomes completely clean and radiant.

    More cosmetics can be made from oranges. Mix one spoon of orange peel powder, two dried almonds and two spoons of milk. Mix it together on the neck and face. Wash it after an hour after applying it. Those people whose smallpox, small mothers, large spots are exposed to skin spots, they start using it immediately.

    Banana, papaya, melon, tomato and cucumber are also used as face packs.

    With eyes and feet, pieces of cucumbers and potato pieces are removed, the scars and black traces under the eyes are removed.