Vanessa Hessler (imagined January 21, 1988) is an Italian-American model and on-screen character. A model since she was 15, Hessler has appeared in various creations all through Italy, Germany and France.

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Do you know of Hollywood's new bold actresses Vanessa Hessler,

Hessler was considered in Rome, Lazio, Italy, to John Hessler, a German-American, and Gabriella, an Italian.[2] She lived in Rome until the point that the moment that she was 8, by then moved to Washington, D.C., her father's start. She lived in Rockville, Maryland in her underlying juvenile years. In 2002 she returned to Italy. She imparts in Italian, English and French. 


Hassler did excellent work and systematic work for both on TV Donna Soto Le Stelle und Notte Mediterranea
. In 2004, she was chosen for a Korff's publicizing exertion and for Alta Roma Alta Moda, the Rome frame week. 

She lives in Rome and Washington D.C., and appeared in promotions for Baby Star, Nara Camicie and Gilli. 

Hessler in 2008 

Hessler proposed to work in TV, and in mid 2006 she expected to supplant Alessia Marcuzzi to have Le Iene, yet lost to Cristina Chiabotto. 

Hessler has appeared in publicizing for GUESS, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, L'Oréal, and Ferrero SpA. In February 2010, Vanessa walked around the Fall 2010 Prada show up in Milan, 

In March 2006, she influenced her acquaintance as a TV with exhibit have at the Festival di Sanremo with Claudia Cedro, Francesca Lancini, and Marta Cecchetto.


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Do you know of Hollywood's new bold actresses Vanessa Hessler,

Hessler was the substance of the DSL stamp "Alice" (an organization of Telefónica Europe) in both Germany and France until late October 2011. Telefónica Europe finished her understanding on account of her own relationship with, and open help for, the expelled Gaddafi family – communicating that she had "fail to isolate herself from her comments on the dispute in Libya."[3] Hessler said that she had an "incredibly brilliant sentimental story" over a four-year time period with Mutassim Gaddafi, one of the offspring of Muammar Gaddafi, 

 who was killed with his father following a U.N.- approved airstrike and protester trap on Gaddafi's escort in Libya. Hessler in like manner communicated the West had submitted a mistake in moving the radicals who completed Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year run the show. "We, France and the United Kingdom, financed the radicals yet people don't perceive what they are doing," Hessler unveiled to Italian magazine Diva e Donna, 

Hessler appeared in the 2005 film Christmas in Miami (Italian: Natale a Miami), nearby Christian De Sica, and along these lines her reputation took off. She also expect the principle female occupation in Per una notte d'amore (English: For a Night of Love), which was shot in Italy and released in 2008 as a two-area TV special,[5] in like way in Cenerentola (2011), a similar endeavor.