Maintain this way in changing weather, skin beauty.?

With the advent of spring, the atmosphere of greenery and prosperity is enveloped around this season, this season is called Rituraj, but with the changing of the weather, many problems associated with beauty become stagnant. Due to the increase in dry air and temperature in the weather in the spring, skin irritation and other beauty problems arise. With the change in the weather, we need to change our beauty needs to suit the changing season so that our skin and hair get adequate care.

According to herbal queen Shahnaz Hussain, "We want to look beautiful in every season, but for this it has to be constantly aware of the nature of the skin, weather patterns and its nutritional needs. The skin becomes rusty and scaly after the spring season begins. Due to the lack of moisture in the skin during this season, there are also red rashes.

He said that the use of chemical soap should be stopped immediately after the rash. Instead of soap, cleaner should be used in the morning and evening. Similarly, according to domestic Ayurvedic treatment, sesame skin ,

Shahnaz said that if the skin is slick, at that point add one teaspoon unadulterated glycerine to 50 ml rose water. Put this blend in the container and blend it completely and apply this blend on the face. This will guarantee sufficient stickiness in the skin and a feeling of freshness. Apply slick skin on sleek skin as well. Nectar makes the skin delicate and delicate by giving noteworthy regular stickiness.

He said that amid the spring, amid the spring, following 15 minutes, you can take the nectar glue on face and clean it with crisp new water. By it

Home cures in spring-

1-Apply shoe glue in skin tingle, tingling and pimples. Blend a little rose water in sandalwood glue and apply it on the influenced skin and after 30 minutes wash it with crisp clean water.

2-Mix a few drop oil of Chandan in 50 ml of rose water and apply it to the influenced territory. Apple cedar vinegar ends up being exceptionally useful in skin garbage. This aides in consuming warmth and managing the issue of Russian in hair.

3-Humming one lemon on light fire in some water for lemon takes off,

Blend one spoonful Mulani earth in rose water and apply this glue on the influenced territory and following 15.20 minutes wash it. Bioaccorneate pop additionally turns out to be exceptionally successful in the skin junk. Make a pack by evacuating bioaccorneate and blending mulattani mithi and rose water. Wash it with trash, irritated spots and bubbles and following 10 minutes wash them with crisp clean water. This will give incredible alleviation to the skin.