Vitamin A deficiency can make you blind.

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Vitamin A is most essential for the functioning of our eyes and its deficiency affects our ability to see directly. Although there is a need for different work in every body of the body, but due to the lack of special vitamins, the limb which is most affected, 

due to the lack of efficiency, we have to face the problems of health and problems. And the deficiency of Vitamin A affects most of our eyes, so let's know about vitamin A deficiency and some other things about the difference from this -
vitamin a deficiency in English

Vitamin A deficiency is mainly due to our eating habits and you know that vitamin A is used to reduce body weight by coordinating many organisms such as skin, hair, nails, hair and gums of our mouth but if vitamin The lack of A is the most affected, 

so that due to our vision and its lack, you can have many types of vision disorders in which the most common is the night blindness in which the patient is unusually less visible at night Has received | Along with the lack of vitamin A, there is a lack of moisture in the eyes, 

due to which the eyelids have to face trouble too, and the cause of the wound is also complicated in the eyes because it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Is there Apart from this, vitamin A deficiency can affect the human body in the following ways -

    If there is a shortage of vitamin A in young children, then they have an impact on their development and their height can remain small.
    Since its deficiency also affects our skin, due to which the skin gets shiny and it also affects the growth of our hair. By the way, if you have a problem of hair loss, then you can stop your falling hair from the use of a home trick onion.
    The lack of vitamin A also has a bad effect on your immune system, which also increases the risk of death from malaria and diarrhea in some situations.

To meet the shortage of vitamin A, first you have to make changes to your diet and it can start with a healthy breakfast, as well as keeping your body healthy through your catering and active routine.

So this is vitamin A deficiency in
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