Eat these to avoid heart diseases.

Better diet is not only necessary to prevent one's heart disease, but now it should also be kept in mind that the way things are changing and the way food is changing, in such a way, The diet plan is not good, it can be a matter of concern for your health, in such a way that there is so much pressure on everything in life and there is so much work pressure. If your diet is not good then maybe you Nbir issue a victim of such a problem, "heart disease", which is due to have the most deaths in the world, let us know by what remains of your meal we can avoid heart disease in post heart disease prevent diet -
heart disease prevention in english.


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For Healthy Heart Diet, we have to include some things in our diet which reduce the level of our colestrol, or if it does not reduce the level then at least raise it and that which is You should include your heart disease prevent diet in those low -

Mango / Gooseberry
- Amla is not only for your heart, it is also beneficial for your health, as well as vitamin C is abundant in amla and it is also a blood stain, so you can add Amla to your diet in this way It is possible that you can eat two amla at any time during the day, which also keeps blood circulation in your body.

Gram / gram
- There is abundant amount of iron and selenium in gram and you can also spray it. We talked about Sprouts's health benefits in our previous post. You can also read it as well, and it is used for folic acid. Due to being a good source, it also helps in reducing bad cholestrol. You can add it to your diet in any manner.

Fenugreek / Fenugreek - Fenugreek is also good for controlling your cholesterol and you can bring it in the food or in any of the ways in which you feel fit and easy to eat. It can also be included in the heart disease prevent diet.

The most special thing is with soybeans / soy bean-soy-bean that there is a rich amount of fiber in it as well as omega fatty acid and it has an important role in regularizing the level of your cholesterol so you also eat it Can join.

Garlic / Garlic
- This is not used for flavoring only in the vegetable because it has many other benefits as well as it also helps to increase sex power, in which time we have already talked about And it prevents the problem of accumulation of clots in your blood vessels, due to which there is no additional pressure to pump the blood on your heart.

Isabgol - It has been used in the case of diarrhea, though it has been special from the old time but rarely gives attention to it. Actually this happens because it affects the effect of oil in your stomach. Reduces your digestive system, which makes it stronger, and it also helps in reducing your cholesterol level.

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