Follow these tips to improve your brain power It will be more active.

Hello Friends! Have you ever noticed, some people remember small details, and some people quickly and easily remember new things fast and easily. Do you also want to learn to do this? You can also do this. For this you have to activate your brain. Follow these tips to improve your brain power.
Follow these tips to improve your brain power. It will be more active.,Exercise, Remove Stressors,Take good sleep,Write down the necessary things,Listen to music,Energy Your Brain,Understand seeing things,Teach others,Play Crossword Puzzles, Cards,brain power learn to improve your thinking skills,how can you improve your brain power,games to improve your brain power,how to improve your brain power pdf,foods to help improve your brain memory power,improve your brain power,how to improve your brain power,how to improve your brain memory power

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    1. Exercise

    2. Remove Stressors

    3. Take good sleep

    4. Write down the necessary things

    5. Listen to music

    6. Energy Your Brain

    7. Understand seeing things

    8. Teach others

    9. Play Crossword Puzzles, Cards,

1. Exercise.

Exercise not only keeps your body fit, but it also exercises your brain. By not regularizing the exercise, the arteries that supply oxygen to your brain are weakened. In these arteries the plaque gets accumulated, which does not allow oxygen to be properly supplied. To avoid this, do daily exercises and walk.
2. Remove Stressors.

Avoid such things from which you get stress that means tension or gussa comes. With too much stress you may have a problem of depression. Depression reduces your memorizing power. You can not concentrate on anything. Consult professional's (Doctors) to avoid this.
3. Take good sleep.

Take 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. This will increase your memory power. With proper sleep, your brain will work actively and you will be able to remember things easily, because when we properly sleep, it sharpens the memory. Take 10-15 mins nap in the middle of the work even when it is done, it causes brain charge.
4. Write down the necessary things.

If you want to memorize any important information, write it down, writing makes it easier for us to memorize things. Writing creates oxygenated blood flow in our body and makes the brain sharp. For this you can start writing emails, or even start a blog. This will increase your memory capacity.

5. Listen to music,

Research has shown that music is a great way to recall memory. If you remember something while listening to a song, then later you can recollect your memory by playing that music mentally.
6. Energy Your Brain.

Just as the body needs energy to work, the brain also needs energy to make memory sharp. Your brain has 50 to 60 percent weight of all fat. Fat is very helpful in increasing memory power. So by eating things that have a lot of mixed fat, you can remember things for a long time. Eat more than green leafy vegetables.
7. Understand seeing things.

Ordinarily we can not recall the things we read, we miss them. Means photos, outlines and so on. Which are in your reading material. On the off chance that you don't recall that anything, you can recollect that thing by making a picture of it as a primary concern. You can likewise make outlines or figures without anyone else's input..
8. Teach others.

It is also remembered by reading loudly what we want to remember. In the same way research has shown that when we read something to others, then that thing becomes memorized better in our brain. That means you can sharpen your own self by reading to others.
9. Play Crossword Puzzles, Cards

Studies have shown that your brain is more active than regularizing these two things. So by lifting daily newspapers, solve its crossword puzzles, quizes, and play card games.
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