You all know that there are many senses in our body that operate our body; they include all eyes and ears etc. All this is very important for our body. And everyone does their own work, one of them is our ears that do the work of listening. And all of you know that our ears are very sensitive and delicate, when there is a problem in them, a person may have to face many problems. Today, there are many people who have itching in the ears that the problem is surrounded. Due to which many people today face many problems. Sometimes it starts getting very sharp itching in the ears. But many times this itching results in many ingredient effects. It also causes a lot of trouble because of itching too much itching. Friends, in this post we will tell you why it is itching in the ear? And what is the reason for that?

Some important reasons for itching.

Some important reasons for itching,Decrease in ear maintenance, Causes of injury,More use of earphone,Eczema or psoriasis,Let us now tell you Remedies for Itchy ears in english ,Soap goes away,Home remedies to prevent itching in ear,


Decrease in ear maintenance.

The first thing that happens here is that it does not clean the right way and time of the ear, due to which the ear wax and dandruff also cause a scab. Because it does not maintain properly, it also causes the itching in the ear.

Soap goes away

The friends sometimes go inside the foam ear of soap or shampoo while bathing and they are not cleansed and they are stored inside, which causes itching in the ear. Therefore, always take care of bathing while bathing soap or shampoos in our ears.

Causes of injury

If there is any injury in the ear, it also causes itching in the ear. Along with this, its hearing capacity also decreases. Therefore, we have to get treatment from old age. Otherwise it becomes a problem for us to move forward.

More use of earphone

Today all of us use the earphone for a long time to talk and listen to songs. Due to this, the problem of deafness is also occurring. Currently the use of earphone usage has increased tremendously, which is a matter of concern. Because  transmits loud sound ear drum. And if it uses it for a long time, hearing in the ears stops. And the problem in the ear is itching.

Eczema or psoriasis

Occasionally our disease causes itching due to any illness in your ear such that eczema or psoriasis is a skin condition, which causes some skin swelling and the skin starts to peel. Therefore, survive this situation.

Let us now tell you Remedies for Itchy ears in english.

Home remedies to prevent itching in ear.

Use of mustard oil- Friends, our elderly elderly people have been using mustard oil for itching in ear. For this, you must heal the mustard oil with warm oil and after that, let it cool down, when it is deserved to be inserted into the ear, then put some sticks in your ear and it will get the result in the ear and it will be relief in the itching.

Do not throw anything in the ear - friends sometimes we put many things in the ears when itching in the ear, like - the match of the pinnacle, paper clips, a pin, cotton pipe, key, pen etc. in the ears Never use them, it can increase your itching.

Check with the doctor - if you have itching problem over time. And if you are not comfortable with home remedies then you should first get treatment for ear with a good doctor, otherwise this problem can increase further.