Know What Is ENT Infection -ent for ear infection-

Ent infection means an infection in the ear, nose and throat, and because all these three parts of our body are interconnected, due to which it happens that there is full probability that in these three parts If any one is infected then the chances of getting in the other limbs also increase. Let's know how to deal with this -
ENT Infection in English.                   VIA

ENT Infection in English.


Ear Problem - When we face negligence with Ears, this problem comes in which there may be less pain, ear irritation, less hearing, and other problems related to ear. Infections caused by water in the ear are itching or the problem of redness and this is a major problem.Otitis media which is caused by bacteria or viruses, which causes pain in the work and even a slight fever. Most of the infections that occur in the ears which are not syria are cured themselves within a few days, if some caution is taken, and if we have not had any permanent damage to the ear due to our negligence. We use matchboxes or alpin to remove the soil and dust that is stored in the work which is dangerous.

Nose problem - Things like cold cold are such that can ever catch us because it is from very sensitive parts and also remains in contact with the external environment, due to this, The immunity is weak. In this case, it is due to symptoms like cold, dry cough and toothache. The patient who is already suffering from any such disease, which affects his immune system, he may also be a victim of sinusitis. Its symptoms are like the looseness of the face and the stomach disturbances and the goblot. Ent infection in English

Throat problem - There are some common problems in the throat such as throat pain, tonsils, sore throat or changes in the voice which may be due to the weather or if there is any infection in our ears, nose too It can also happen. Due to the infections of the teeth, there may be mouth ulcers or any other infection and there are many small problems that may occur. Canker Tire is also a problem that you may have in your tongue, mouth or small holes like shit in the inside of the hout, which also causes the pain of severe pain.

These are some of the small problems that you may have due to viral infection and the point of attention is that since your ent means the ears, nose and throat are all in contact with the outside environment, hence the weather outside Things like impact, dust and smoke have to be framed, and due to this we catch the bacteria and the disease-causing factor enters around us quickly. In general, their ENT Infection is cured by itself within a week, but if not, then you still need to contact your doctor.

How to survive ENT Infection - If you take care of some small things, then you can avoid all these troubles -

    If you swim, then put cotton or dough in your ear which will prevent water from going to your ears due to pressure in deep water and you will not have to face any problem of ear.
    To avoid small fat diseases, it is very important to be better in your immunity, so give priority to the diet that you increase immunity.
    Also, do not take any kind of problem in your mouth and your nose, throat and ear, because as we mentioned above you will have problems in one of the three limbs but it can affect the other parts too. |
    If colds and coughs persist for long periods of time, then you must show a doctor because long cough and disease can be a symptom of any other disease.

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