Rose water is considered useful in every way for skin, its sweetness makes everyone's mind feel elated. 

Due to the medicinal properties that are found in it, it is widely used in handmade processing in today's time. But is it necessary that the gulabjal [ Rose water ]that is available in the market may be right for your skin, because in today's time. 


How To Make rose water at home- Beauty Tip

adulteration is possible in every known product. Regardless of fruits or vegetables, or any type of expensive product, adulteration can be seen in all. Even if the rose rose in the market is expensive and there is no reason why the brand is good, some mixing has been made in it. Even if you are taking rose water of expensive brand, trusting it completely is equivalent to damaging your skin. If you want you can make a pure rose water at your own home.

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Homemade rose water will prove to be very beneficial for your skin as well as being clean. First of all, to collect this, you must collect the rose petals. From which rose water should be prepared purely. Let's now say the easiest way to create rose water.

     To make rose water, you should use the fresh rose petals grown at home and collect it and wash it thoroughly.
     The only way to make rose water is to use only its flowers and not its leaves and leaves of plants.
     Wash rose petals thoroughly and put them in filtered water.
     Now put the rose petals in a vessel and immerse it completely in water and cover the water and light it on a light flame.
     When steam starts coming out of the water, close the gas and leave it as it is.
     After some time you will see that after the fall of the petals of the rose, the whole water will fall from the color of the rose and the petals will start swimming in the water.
     Now filter this prepared rose water and keep it in a glass or plastic bottle and keep it inside the refrigerator.  = READ MORE