Hairstyles like celebrity brides on your wedding day

This year we have seen many weddings: Bollywood marriages, Hollywood wedding with Hollywood, British Royal wedding and India's biggest business family wedding And what was the same thing in all these? Very beautiful brides, whose make-up and haircut were done with great salience.

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Two types of hairstyles are often seen in these weddings: Macy Bane (Become Busy) and Slick Bane (Become Unique and Flexible). We are telling you the Step by Step method to make both types of things so that you can also adopt this beautiful hairdresser.

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Macy made with frames hanging on face is very delicate and feminine hairstyle, and it looks very good with tiara (crown) and val (veil or mask). Here's how to make it ...

Take a small section of the front part of the hair and take it out from the middle and leave loose on both sides of your face.
Make a loose ponytail near the lower part of your neck by binding the remaining hair.
wrap it around the base of the ponytail and Twist the ponytail,
When reaching the last part of the ponytail, it is protected with the help of Bobby Pin.

Sleek bun.

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Slick bun also appeared in the weddings of all celebrities, because it is absolutely simple and perfect hairstyle to show its bridal jewelery. Here's how to make it ...

Remove the demand from the hair.
Gather the hair near the lower part of your neck and make ponytail.
Twist the ponytail around its base and secure it with the Bobby Pins.
Now put hairpiece in the air, so that the hairstyles look unique, and defined.
Decorate this hairstyle by putting a demanding vaccine or a crown strip. This will make this haircut look great.

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