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why does my vagina itch] here may be several causes of itching in the skin, the main reason for which is not to take care of cleanliness. And not properly baking, wearing dirty clothes, drinking not clean water, having worms in the stomach etc. are the main reasons for itching.
Apart from all this, which is the main reason why it is allergic to the body, you may be allergic to any food or appetizer, maybe you are allergic to eating any medicines or eating a vegetable or else Applying substances such as soap, body lotion etc. can be allergic. And having allergies can cause itching in your body.

So today we will know how to avoid itching and how to treat it when itching -
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First of all, take clean water and take a bath daily and wear clean clothes and keep the bed clean. Besides, you should not use chemical soap daily. After bathing, add mustard oil to the whole body, and especially oil around your private parts, because the itching is mostly around your private parts. You can also put coconut oil in the place of mustard oil but mustard oil Oil is more beneficial.

How much water should be consumed in a day and water ...
How to treat if it is slightly itchy

If you have a slight itching then you can easily treat at home only, but if you are getting more itching then you should go to the doctor. Ayurvedic does not work if any disease is high. So you can treat your itching at home only with the help of the following 5 information-

    Do you work soap and use multifameter.
    After the bath, when the water is dry, add mustard oil to the whole body.
    In the body it is also caused by a reduction of vitamin C, in such cases, the benefits of lemon juice are diminished.
    You can put peppermint or basil leaves or aloevera, itchy place.
    You can add a little water to baking soda in your body, it is considered as a common home remedy for baking soda itching.

What to do if itching is too much

If the itching is too high i.e., in some places of your body such as shingles and if there is a condition of light bleeding, then you have to follow these three things given below:

    Do not forget to place it in the place of the itching and do not even have soap. You just have to wash with clean water.
    You do not have to buy any cheap medicines by purchasing yourself or from a medical shop.
    If you are getting more itching and you are not able to go to a skin doctor immediately, then you can apply luliconazole cream or lotion with the advice of a close doctor. Or you can take medicine from the doctor by downloading the DocApp Android application or sending your photo via video call or sms.

I hope you understand how to avoid itching. To get this information out of your precious time, you are always healthy and you and your family will love you in this world for 100 years. With this dua, I meet you in the next article.

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