Friends, Tonsil, as you all know, this disease is in the neck, mainly. We all know that if there is a shortage of iodine in our body, then there is also a disease in which there is a disease that is caused by iodine deficiency. If you have tonsil told, you get swollen throat and there is a lot of pain. Tell you tonsil is a common disease which is more in the winter season. It is very important to know how it is If there is a lump of flesh on both sides of your throat, which is called tonsil, it is attached to the back part of our tongue. It prevents the coming of the insect coming from inside.

Simple Treatment of Tonsil -

By the way, these diseases are found in children more than you would like to tell you to eat more sour foods than to drink more cold drinks and to eat such a lot of flour etc. It is also due to the contaminated environment. In the post I'm going to tell you the general treatment of tonsil, homeopathic treatment, and if you tell me the reason and symptoms of it, then let's first of all know the tonsil What is the reason |

Tonsil's home remedies

Reasons to be Tonsil -

  1.     Causes of cold winter

  2.     Due to stomach discomfort.

  3.     By eating more spicy and pungent things.

  4.     Decreased digestive system.

  5.     By eating hot and cold things.

  6.     Having more blood in the body.

  7.     Drinking contaminated water.

  8.     By eating more flour, sugar and rice.

  9.     Bacterial Infection.

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    The throat stays in the throat.
    Swelling in the throat
    Throat and pain in the ear.
    A fever
    Body pain

Simple Treatment of Tonsil -

Tonsil's home remedies

    If the friends come to sleep due to tonsil, then if you put some salt in a glass of water, then heat it. Now, if you make garrets, then the swelling will end and you will get very much relief.
    Let us tell you another way to eat curd but if possible, do not eat cold curd.
    If you are suffering from tonsil, then add one spoon of oven to one glass of water and boil it.
    Take a mixture of lemon and honey in hot water, it will be very beneficial.
    Make a powder by grinding the cinnamon with a good treatment. Now mix this powder with honey and consume it will be very beneficial.

    Make the powder of dry basil after drying it and it will also benefit you to consume it with honey.

    Mix one spoonful of turmeric powder, half spoonful of PC black pepper, one spoon of ginger roasted and then add honey in it and it will be beneficial.

Homeopathic treatment of Tonsil -

Friends, as we all know, tonsil is a disease which is good only to end it with the root. If it is not treated properly then it takes a very bikalized form. You all know that homeopathic treatment is considered very right If you use homeopathic medicine with the advice of the doctor, then I can tell you that you can benefit very soon.

    Native Ghee -

Friends, the country's cow's ghee is considered as Ramvana for our body. It is not less than any medicine. If you have tonsil problems then in such a way, if you heat the ghee and massage your throat then I can say with the claim You will be very healthy soon.
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2. Garlic -

You all know garlic is very beneficial for our body, if anybody has trouble with tonsil, then grind the garlic in it and add it to the water. Now it will be beneficial to heat it, then it can be beneficial.

3. Carrot juice -

Friends carrots are also a good way to keep our healthy right. If you regularly use carrot juice, then I can tell you that you can be cured very easily.

4. Sugarcane Rush -

Iron is found in adequate quantity of sugarcane, which is essential for our health. If someone has tonsil problems, then if sugarcane juice is used, then you can get relief very soon.

5. Turmeric -

Turmeric is also beneficial in tonsil. If turmeric and ghee are used, then tonsil can get rid of it.

6. Lime and honey -

Take both ribs and honey mixed with lemon, then tonsil can be relieved.

7. Saundh -

You can also get rid of tonsil-like problems by eating saunth in hot water.

Friends, you can finish your mergence by sitting at home like this. As you all know that tonsil is a very dangerous disease, it has to face many of the parasads and if you become inactive with it, then tell me So today I told you about a lot of Ayurvedic medicines in this post, hopefully you would have liked it very much.

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