Home remedies to remove teeth worms and gums -  At this time, such a meal is going on in which you are certain to have problems with teeth and if you do not pay attention to your teeth, then you will wash your teeth in the early age. That is why it is very important to protect your teeth. If you do not take care of your teeth properly, then your teeth can also cause worms and gums. 

Due to not eating food properly, many people have started getting insects in the teeth. In the past, when there was an old age, the worms started to start in the teeth. But due to today's diet, worms in your teeth begin at a young age. In today's era, children have many types of chocolate, in which their teeth are worn only in childhood.

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You will also have seen many small boys and girls in the teeth of a worm. If children are worm-worm in their teeth, then with children- 2, we also have to face a lot of trouble. 

When they have pain in their teeth, they cry and I do not even see them. That is why today we will tell you in this post if you have any worm in your tooth or tooth, how to remove it. 

Ever-2 when there is pain in the teeth, we eat a pan killer and the pain stops, but today May you calm down the pain in Batoga's tooth.

Home remedies to remove teeth worms.  starglamours

 The cause of worms in tooth: -

  1.     Eating more sweet

  2.     Do not clean teeth properly.

  3.     Gutkha or drink more.

  4.     Damage to teeth by sour dakar.

  5.     Do not eat nutritious foods.

  6.     Keep the mouth dry for a long time.

Home remedies for worms in teeth: -

Home remedies for removing insects by onion: - By using onion you can remove the worms that are engaged in your teeth. For this, you can eat onion with salt or even eat in salad, it will greatly benefit your teeth.

Home remedies of clots from clove tooth: - With cloves, you can easily remove worms in your teeth. For this, keep a clove in the tooth that you are wearing. This will eliminate both the worm and its pain in the tooth. But this treatment will have to be done daily. It will take some time but the worm in your tooth gently will end.

Home remedies for removal of worm from the asafetida: - If you have a lot of pain due to worm in your teeth, then you can use asafetida. For this, first take a little quantity of asafoetida and add a little lemon or rosemary juice to it and apply the mixture to the pain in which the pain is occurring. By doing so, the pain in the tooth will be cured by one.

Home remedies for removing worm using garlic: If you have worms in your teeth and it is very painful, you should eat three garlic gourd everyday to remove it. This will greatly benefit you and the pain of your tooth will be cured.

Treatment of tooth worms using neem: - Using Neem, you can cure the pain of your teeth from one breath and you can treat the insects worn in the tooth. For this, you should kneel down every morning. Qi neem antibacterial properties are found, causing the insects in the teeth to die slowly. Doing this will greatly benefit you and the pain will be lost.

Treatment of insects worn by snow tooth: - Using ice can get rid of those who are in the tooth. For this, apply a piece of ice to the pain on which the pain is causing its toothache, and the nerves of the tooth also get cool.

Apart from this, you are going to tell you some other remedies that will not be in your teeth and your teeth will shine like a diamond. For this, take the following measures.

  1.     Do teeth cleaning daily.

  2.     Brush daily. Use fine toothpaste for teeth like colgate toothpaste.

  3.     Eating tomato strengthens the teeth.

  4.     Do not consume excessive sweet foods.

  5.     Chew freshener of mango. This will keep you from pain with toothache.

  6.     Make turmeric and roasted alum. This will keep your teeth from pain.

Doing the above measures will give you lot of relief. If you have worms in your teeth, then you can bowl every day. Or Neem. Should be donated. This will greatly benefit your teeth and the worms in the other teeth will not even take place.

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