More use of mobile is such that your neck damage.

Talk about the neck of the neck, it is one of those diseases which we have given to our growing development because in reality, as technology is becoming adults, new inventions are going on every day,   


More use of mobile is such that your neck damage.
| Text neck disease and solution in English |


It has made it easy that due to which it is not possible to do anything without any gadget in life, increasing use of the internet has changed things to a new extent and some different types of diseases have arisen about which Switch to be a matter of one of these text neck then let's do it is to talk about this and know-how can be found around it |

Text neck disease and solution in English.

Text neck is a disease that is caused by the excessive use of the gadget and it happens when we start using so much more than the needs of devices like phones, tablets, and laptops that affect our routine lifestyle. If there is something, some side effects will come in front of you. 

Generally an adult man's brain is up to 5 kg, and it balances our body's very strong energy and muscular pressure, in such a way when we bend forward or bow down on any mobile device or on the laptop As you are reading this article now, you have more pressure on the muscles that handle your head than normal, due to which you have a problem of neck pain and back pain, and for a long time, Do not ignore the day to day problems increases |

Text neck disease and solution in English

Text neck solution In English - The problem is in our way of sitting and in the way of using our device. 

If you end the root cause of the problem then the problem also gets cured, then you can use it for your device. 

 You can make some changes in the way and you can do this when you use a mobile or any screen device, use it like that on your eye level and if you talk about a laptop or a computer Working If it feels the same additional pressure on your muscles should be the height of your table and chair according to the correct position of your seating so that your eye level right and you do not incline the head as tilt head |

So this is some of the measures to avoid neck pain and you can comment below for more information, by improving your lifestyle, you can avoid a lot of trouble and can lead to the active and healthy life.

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