The easiest way to sharpen the eyesight.



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Do you want to get a clear vision, but do not want to use corrective lenses or surgery for it? Although it is still under investigation that whether the vision can be improved through natural means, but you can work on some tips and exercises, which will help you. Here's what should be done.
The easiest way to sharpen the eyesight.cute-young-business-woman-with-glasses

The easiest way to sharpen the eyesight.

Method 1Push-up pencils

    Take a pencil and make a mark somewhere in the middle: Make a letter, number or dot on the pencil side. In this exercise, you will move the pencil away from the eyes or eyes and focus on the dot. Pencil Push-Up, Double Vision and Crossed Eye are considered to correct, [1] but it can also be used in other issues and will not harm you. It's free, painless, and you only need to focus.

    At the distance of one hand, hold a pencil in front of your face: place the pencil so that rubber is pointing to the ceiling or floor. [2]
        If someone is with you to help with exercising and can catch a pencil, then take your hand out and determine the distance so far it should be.
    Focus your eyes on the mark made on pencil: Do not move forward for the next step, until your eyes are firmly focused.

    Slowly move your pencil towards your face, keep your focus on the mark: towards your nose, try to move it in a straight line.
        When the pencil comes closer, adjust the eyes to keep the focus at the same level.

    When you see two pencils turn off: As soon as the pencils get double, stop bringing it closer to your face.

    Look for something for a few seconds, or close your eyes: focus your attention somewhere away from the pencil for a moment without running the head or pencil. Look at anything else in your visual field, and if you take a look at pencils for at least 5 seconds, then no matter what. If you are unable to, then close your eyes.

    Back to the pencil: Once your eyes get fresh, then try to concentrate on the pencil so that you do not see double.
        If you still see two pencils, then relax your eyes for a few more seconds and try again. If you still see two pencils after your second attempt, do not be disappointed - you will be able to do it! Just move on to the next step.

    Slowly move the pencil away from your face: When the pencil comes back, keep your focus on the pencil you created on the pencil. Keep it running till the distance of the hand again.

    Repeat Exercise: When you repeatedly pencil push-ups as part of a daily routine, they will work best. Set it for five minutes a day for the first time, then try to increase it to 10.
        If you keep track of time or struggle for fun, you can listen to music while practicing. For example, a song is roughly equal to five minutes, and two songs are roughly equal to 10 minutes.

Method 2
Make lifestyle changes

    Eat foods that promote sight: Although you can not just change your attitude with diet, you can be sure to eat all the nutrients you need for your eyes. Try to include these foods in your diet: [3]
        Consumption of leafy greens (like cabbage, collard, and spinach) and carrot as much as possible.
        Take a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, almonds and so on.
        Citrus fruits and juices (like orange, lemon, and grapes) are also good for your body.
        Vegetarian protein sources (like bananas, beans, and nuts).
        A vitamin supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids, tin, zinc, vitamin C and E.

    Quit smoking: After smoking, there may be macular degeneration, as well as glaucoma. [4] [5] Find a support group that will help you to quit smoking, or Get help from a psychiatrist, who will apply medical treatment for addiction.

    Wearing sunglasses: Like smoking, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light can cause spinal degeneration and glaucoma. [6]
        Your sunglasses should be UVA and UVB resistant.
        Wrap-around glasses are ideal, they can block light from the side of your eyes and from the front.
        Whenever you go out, try wearing sunglasses.

    Reduce the stress of the eyes: Like any other muscle, if you put too much pressure on your eyes muscles, then you can start feeling tired and pain. Try these tricks to cut the fatigue of the scene:
        Practice "20-20-20" trick. If your job is to watch a screen for a longer period of time, then take a break in every 20 minutes, and focus on one point for at least 20 seconds.
        Reduce brightness. If you are looking at a computer or a TV screen then,
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The easiest way to sharpen the eyesight.