These 6 reasons, which show why we should see Rajinikanth's '2.0'

 These 6 reasons, which show why we should see Rajinikanth's '2.0'

Artist - Janakant, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar Director  -S . Shankar Movie typewriter, -action, sci-fi Duration  -2 hours 24 minutes


Artist - Janakant, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar
Director  -S . Shankar
Movie typewriter, -action, sci-fi
Duration   -2 hours 24 minutes

This land is not just a property of humans. All animals, including animals and birds, have the same rights. Today the birds attacked, then nobody can do tomorrow. Shankar, director of Film 2.0, has tried to deliver the same message through his powerful technology-based movie. The makers of the most expensive film of Indian cinema 2.0 have used 3D technology and VFX of Hollywood.

 That is why the budget of the film has crossed 600 crores. 2.0 is being described as a 'virtual succes' rather than sequel 'Robot' in 2010. That is, the story of the film is very different from the previous movie, but there are some characters in it also from the previous movie. However, the story lines of the film also join the previous film.

The story of the film is such that when a birdwoman Bharavarajan (Akshay Kumar) gets hurt by hanging on the mobile tower after being troubled by the trouble caused by the mobile radiation. After a while, in the city of Chennai suddenly people's mobile phones go out of their hands and go towards the sky. Mobile phones start killing people and a dangerous bird made of mobile phones attacks the city. The incident happened suddenly, and the rumor started.

 In this case, Doctor Vasikaran (Rajinikanth) recommends to resurrect Robot Chitti (Rajinikanth) to deal with this challenge, which was delivered to the museum in the previous film Robot. This time, along with the settling, is his assistant blue (Amy Jackson), who himself is a robot, but some people who are involved with the son of Villain Danny in the previous film, oppose them.

 But when the situation is out of control, Chitti has to be resurrected to compete with Dr. Vasikaran Crow Man. After that, the dangerous Cromman and the great Cottage 2.0, You will have to go to the cinema to know the result of this war.


2.0 Offensive Trailers

The film seems to be making tremendous efforts to tie audiences, whose first half has made the scenes of killing people from mobile phones to the best. Rally of mobiles on the streets will surprise you, even dangerous birds made from mobile phones are terrible. In the second half, Bhavarijajan's story makes you emotional. 

The battle of Crow Man and Chitby Robot will shake you in the climax of the movie filmed at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. Once upon a time, you will realize that you are watching a Hollywood movie, in which you have to keep watching the simple bus screen. There is also a surprise of 3.0 for you in the film and with this the full scope of the movie sequel has also been dropped. Shankar did not let loose his grip anywhere in the entire movie. His excellent screenplay and direction keeps you bound throughout the movie.

 Rajinikanth has done extremely well in every avatar in the film. Regardless of whether it is vasikaran, chitti ho, chitti 2.0 or chitti 3.0. At the same time, Akshay Kumar is also starring in his roll from his bird-to-crow to Crow Man, while Amy Jackson's character Blue Robot will steal your heart. VFX's work in the film is tremendous. Whether it is Crow Man or Chitti or the awesome scenes of battle between them.

These 6 reasons, which show why we should see Rajinikanth's '2.0'

If you want to take full enjoyment of this movie, then see it in 3D only. Usually there were some dance or action sequences in 3D in Bollywood's 3D movies, but the entire movie was shot in 3D, so seeing it in 3D would be a better experience for you. The film is being liked. If you want to watch a movie with a strong Hollywood type action and technology this week, do not miss this movie to see it with the whole family.

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