bloating or flatulence -Occasionally there may be general causes of swelling on the stomach, including digestive problems, lack of proper diet, gas, stress, medication intake or changing environment. But if you feel swelling on your stomach every day, or if your belly stays like a goblin, 

These home remedies will give relief from bloating or flatulence.
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These home remedies will give relief from bloating or flatulence.

be careful. The bloating of the stomach always indicates these serious diseases. Know What are These 5 Critical Illnesses -
Problem of liver - Due to liver malfunction, there is also a stomach swelling which makes the stomach often bloated. It can also be the result of hepatitis, excessive alcohol consumption, medicines or liver cancer.

Many times there is a problem of flatulence or bloating due to eating more or eating sodium content. In which the stomach is bloated or swollen. The problem of flatulence is quite uncomfortable, in which the gas is filled inside the small intestine. Flatulence can be an indication that the food was not properly digested. The problem of bloating can be seen in those women, who are going to start periods. If you wish, you can get rid of stomach problems.

There are some substances that are not beneficial for your body. So in this way you need to pay attention to which food is good for your stomach. Otherwise, you may have food allergies because of this and you may have problems with swelling, pain and bloating. Make a Gate Diet: Some gaseous foods such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cauliflower, and banana bokchoy are very good for you, so add them a habit of eating slowly. Eat less salt, you have already heard this thing before. Eating salt causes swelling. 
The more salt you eat, the more salt will catch the water and the water will be collected. One spoon of salt contains 2,300 mg of sodium, but your body needs only 200mg per day. Blotting Reduction Tips: Eating anise fennel or drinking its tea leaves the stomach gas in one minute. You must put turmeric powder in your food. It can be avoided by stomach problems and also removes stomachache. Lemon water If you are having a constant stomach problem then get up every morning and drink hot water. Lemon water has natural properties of mammals.
 Which help to blot your stomach. Sometimes there is sodium in our body which causes problems of dehydration and due to drinking plenty of water, bloating is a problem. Lemon water helps extract extra water from the body. Drink green coriander tea on green coriander flora. This will improve the stomachache and the gas will also get out. Eating some leaves of basil leaf basil will give you great benefits. Apart from this, if you want to drink basil tea, you can also drink it. Yoghurt curd contains bacteria, which makes the stomach good always and the food also digested. After eating the oven food, the stomach does not fill the stomach with a small oven.