vegetarian high protein sources

Protein is very important for our body, but everyone knows that no two people look unanimous on how much protein and how to be taken. Currently, about the need for protein per day (RDI) it can be said that a woman of 19-70 years must take 46 grams (Gram) and 56 grams of protein every day. Proteins break down into our body amino acids and help in repairing body cells and repairing broken bumps. Asking the main source of protein, first the name of milk (milk) is taken. For people who do not eat meat they have to work harder than a non-vegetarian diet for daily protein intake, but still it is not impossible, let's know that for a vegetarian What can be the source ...

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Do you know that in a cup Peas does the same protein as in a cup of milk? Yes, it is true that the milk we regard as the best source of protein does not satisfy our expectations in many places. If you rely on milk only for protein, then a woman will need 6 cups (Cup) and 7 cups of milk to meet the need for protein, so other things also need to focus on meeting the need for protein. The things that we can depend on are those:

Dried Nuts


Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Groundnut, etc. All Nut contains rich proteins but their quantity should be taken as the calorie content Is more. About 28 grams of nuts contain 160 calories and 5-6 grams of protein. In such a way, if you ask for a protein to eat dry fruits, then you have to take care that they take their quantity in a limit.



All types of beans contain very high amounts of protein, 1 cup (Cup) bean, 13 grams of protein. By eating beans, you also get fiber, then it is a great way to get protein and also Tasty, because the beans in India have been used differently in the form of food and its A variety of dishes can also be made.


As you mentioned earlier, in a cup of peas, the amount of protein the milk means, 8 gms in 1 cup. Use of peas can be made in the preparation of fresh peas, as a salad, in the form of a lick, or as a dry pea, or as a vegetable and with a taste, the body also gets a lot of protein.


People know this by saying, Chickpea gram or even white gram. There is approximately 15 grams of protein in 1 cup of them and fibers are also found. There will be no one in North India who has not eaten a gooseberries but I will not tell you to eat Plenty of because they are not good for your health, but cholera can definitely give you plenty of protein supplements.

Tofu -

Tofu is a paneer made from soyabean, in which too much protein is found, 30-40 grams in 1 cup. In this way, if you eat tofu, a large part of your daily protein needs can be fulfilled only, there are many variations of tofu, so it is difficult to quantify the exact protein amount, so keep in mind that the tofu is as hard as (Firm) will be the more protein in it. Tofu does not have any taste of its own if you put it in some vegetable or dish, it will give you the taste of the same dishes, the protein will increase slightly.


Soybean is used in the form of green, dried, boiled or shredded. They can also be used in making chats, making vegetables and making pasta. One cup of about 8-9 grams of protein is there, as well as fiber. By using these, you can increase the amount of protein along with the taste of food.

Leafy Vegetables


Vegetables do not contain high amounts of protein but if green vegetables are eaten in excess, our protein needs can be met. A cup of spinach contains about 1 gram and 8 grams of protein in Broccoli. Therefore use green vegetables also in your diet because they give you protein along with fiber, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals.

Seed seeds


The fruit is used in our country by the Faluda Kulfi, with one teaspoon of about 2.5 grams of protein. You can use it on salad, put it in porridge or by adding yogurt. There is a lot of fiber in them, they also become Tasty and Crunchy by absorbing many times their size.

Sesame, Poppy Seeds and Sunflower Seeds


Please include all these in some form in your diet as there are 7.3 grams of sunflower ¼ cup and 7.4 grams of rice and 5.4 grams of sesame seeds. These can be eaten by adding snacks or salads, as well as in many dishes, they can be boiled or grated.

Cheese and cheese

Cheese and cheese also have protein, but at the same time it is necessary to keep in mind that we should use low fat cheese or paneer as it can cause harm to us due to too much fat. They can be used to make raw or sunflower, or vegetable etc.

Cocoa Powder

Do you know that chocolate can also give you proteins? Please note that there should be no sugar in it and every teaspoon of cocoa powder can get 1 gram protein. It is bitter, so much sugar is added to it for its use, which reduces its health benefits.

vegetarian high protein sources,Cocoa Powder,Cheese and cheese,Sesame, Poppy Seeds and Sunflower Seeds,Seed seeds chia ,Leafy Vegetables,Soyabean,Tofu ,Chickpeas, Peas-vegetables,Beans,Dried Nuts,almond,vegetarian high protein sources CHART.
      Include the correct amount of protein sources listed above in your diet, as well as staying healthy and also helping to reduce your weight.

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