What is protein - Protein is one of the three essential micronutrients needed for our body. The remaining two macronutrients are fat (fat) and carbohydrate. It is a macronutrient that is necessary for the mass production of muscles. Protein is very important to give strength to our body. There is very small amount of small cells in our body and every cell contains many types of proteins. Protein is made of amino acids and contains about 20 types of amino acids.

What is protein? | What is protein in english.

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What is protein? | What is protein in english


Protein is found in large amounts of carnivorous substances, but there is also some vegetarian food such as milk, yogurt, which can be used to satisfy our body's protein requirements.
Types of proteins Types of protein in english

It is of three types.

    Complete protein: Protein in which all types of amino acids are present. It is mostly found in carnivorous substances such as moss, eggs
    Incomplete protein: Proteins that contain only 1 amino acid. It is found in green vegetables such as beans etc.
    Complementary protein: 2-3 different types of food, which contain different types of amino acids, and by mixing it together, our body gets the required amount of proteins.

Essential protein intake. How much protein is necessary

How much protein should you take in one day, it depends on many things like your body weight. Expert believe that you should take 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your weight. And accordingly, the daily amount of protein should be in this way.
Normal male 56 grams
Normal female 46g

This quantity is different for younger children, pregnant women
Children 9 - 13 years old - 20 - 35 grams
Pregnant women 71 grams
Protein Benefits Benefits of protein in english.

If we take the correct amount of protein, then there is a lot of benefit in it. Not only this, our body remains healthy but our body also lacks energy. There are many other benefits that we will tell in detail.

Beneficial for muscles.

Our muscles are very beneficial and important for protein. In a way, we can say that this is the building block of our muscles. It strengthens our muscles and is very important for their mutual coordination.

Strong immune system.

Proteins strengthen our immune system The external germs of our body have the ability to fight, it also increases with the useful intake of proteins. Our body does the product of antibodies to fight external germs. This antibody is a type of protein that is capable of fighting external germs.

Strong bones.

Inside our body there is a protein named collegen which strengthens our bones. For those who often exercise or play a game, it is very important to take protein in full amounts. What happens to collegen is that the joint of our bones is also strong.

Good and healthy skin.

As mentioned above, about the protein named collegen, it does not only strengthen the bones but also repair the tissues of our skin which gets deformed.

healthy hair.

Protein keeps our hair healthy and protects it from damage. Due to these qualities of protein, it is also used in many hair care products.

Provides energy.

It is very important to take the right amount of protein every day. It keeps energy in our body and keeps our body healthy. Those who take such diets that lack deficiency often feel the lack of energy.

Protein Damage | Side effects of protein in english

Where proteins give us so many benefits, due to its deficiency or eating too much it can also cause damage to us. Let's know about this in detail.

Lack of protein.

It is very important to take a diet rich in protein and take it in the required amount. Our body does not store the protein, then it is needed only by eating daily foods. Due to its deficiency, we may have many types of diseases such as anemia.

gaining weight

Often, we are told to work with low carbohydrates and more proteins. But if we do not pay full attention to it and eating this diet in a greater quantity, the fat starts to grow inside us. This happens due to the conversion of amino acids from proteins to fatty acid.

heart disease.

Due to taking too much protein intake diets, many times our heart's health is affected. If you are taking such a diet then take care as much as you need to be careful.