Why does a brain attack make you in detail

In this post, we are going to talk about a problem that is known by the name of brain attack or brain stroke. It is a deadly problem because many diseases occurring like this are those that affect us in different ways. No more but the brain and heart-related illnesses are scary, but if we know more about them, then we can make some changes in our lifestyles and avoid them, so let's talk about it.
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the brain-attack-in-English-brain attack in English (brain stroke)

 Let's talk a little bit - brain attack in English (brain stroke) To be seen, the kind of lifestyle that you have today can have anyone with brain attack and it happens that the supply of blood in the brain is either too low He or she comes in some kind of obstruction, due to which the face of the victim starts drying up and he starts having difficulty in speaking. His control of body muscles becomes very less. According to a report in India, more than 10 lakh cases are coming every year to attack the brain. 

Now, how accurate is this? If it comes to the medical department, then really it is a matter of concern. Brain attack in There can be two main reasons for having brain stroke, one of which occurs when any of our arteries means that the arterial block becomes due to which the flow of blood is obstructed and if the brain is bleeding If there is a problem in supplying, then the brain attack comes out as a side effect, and this type of stroke is called ischemic stroke. 

As a second reason, if any blood vessel is leaked or ruptured then this problem is also seen and it is known as hemorrhagic stroke. There are some other problems as well as having trouble following the brain stroke. What is that is - with difficulty in speaking, the power to understand becomes even weak? 

Because of muscles, the control decreases, due to which the person suffering from harm is not able to harm one another and he feels very troubled. The balance of the whole body can be bad, the brain starts to feel numb as it is not. You may also have to face difficulties in seeing.

 It also has to face problems in feeling connected. Apart from this, there is a problem like swallowing in the brain attack, headache,
 difficulty in understanding things, mental dilemma, etc., which can be seen in the person suffering from an attack.


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