Home remedies for glowing skin. 

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips Fair and Glowing Skin In English

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips Fair and Glowing Skin In English

Continuous use of cosmetics and pollution make the face shine. The solutions are present in your kitchen. With some easy home remedies, you can return the lost skin of your skin. Although you may know about them already, but still considering the importance of them, we have brought it back for you -

To bring brightness and glow in the skin. 

1. To remove stains of Zainyan and Pimples from the face, grate the basil leaves and knead it. Constant use will eliminate stains. Basil is also very good for skin related diseases. Sesame oil cooked with basil leaves is beneficial in skin related diseases.

2. If there is a problem of dark circles, then put the plumage under the eyes, it will benefit. Plumage is also helpful in keeping the brightness of the face. Applying the pulp on the face keeps the skin branched.

3. Rubbing raw papaya pulp on face removes the nail, scum and other scars. This gives rise to skin and becomes soft and glowing.

4. Mixing of carrot juice, tomato juice, orange juice and sugar beet juice in about equal quantity daily will reduce facial scars, acne and nausea.

5. Tomato is very good for skin nutrition. Put the gram flour in the tomatoes pulp on the face. Wash it with hot water after drying. The face will glow.

6. Grind nutmeg milk in raw milk and apply it on face for a couple of hours, acne gets instant benefit.

7. Mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice in a teaspoon groundnut oil protects against blackheads and pimples by applying it on the face.

8. Fine-lines are finished by applying crude potatoes on the face.

9. Mix the sandalwood powder with rose water and place it on face as a face pack. Wash with water after drying. Daily use will be the Face Skin Glows.

10. If your skin is sensitive, grind fenugreek leaves and put it in the morning and face with warm lukewarm water. The skin tissue will also be retained and you will survive allergic reactions.

11. If there is wings on the face, mix turmeric powder in mint juice and apply it for 20-30 minutes. Clear with water after drying. After this, apply moisturizer to the face. Continuous use will benefit.

12. Rinse baked bananas and mix well with one teaspoon glycerine. Put this mixture on face and neck. When dry, remove it from the top to the bottom in the direction of the mask. By doing so, the skin will also glow along with tightness.  READ MORE