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We are getting hundreds of e-mails from our readers, who are reducing the weight of 1 kg daily using this new method. At first, we did not believe and decided to look at it as if we did every trick of losing weight, but the results were very surprising, then we decided to find out and inquire about it. Many of our readers have reduced the weight by at least 28 kg within 30 days, without any workout, running, expensive operation or staying away from your favorite food! The Health Report decided that the person who invented this revolutionary remedy and find out about the story of this invention.

Famous bio-doctor Dr. Siddhartha Kumal is credited with discovering this remedy and taking a veil from the big lie hidden from the years of industry-related industries. Dr. Siddhartha Kumal discovered this revolutionary remedy when he was working in the prestigious Research Department of AIIMS New Delhi, and now the drug makers are trying to get this easy way to be restrained. Before this method falls in the court system, you can read that without any workout, avoiding, expensive and painful operation, how can you lose weight in a natural way!

Dr. Kimmel's amazing discoveries ...
Like every common day, it was also a common day on which my life changed completely. I was in the middle of teaching in my bio-engineering classes and moving around in Ames Teaching Hospital when my mother's phone came. They knew that I would be busy with work so that he would never call unless there was no important work. When I saw his name in his phone, I immediately got nervous and picked up the phone.

He told me that he broke me completely. My younger brother, Kapil, who was only 33 years old, had a huge heart attack and was being brought to the ambulance to the same hospital where I used to work.

I got out of class and ran down to the bottom. I had tears in my eyes and I started thinking that would my brother be okay? How badly did the heart attack come? Will he need surgery? I knew that I would not be able to operate my brother because I was very emotional. I had started thinking about the names of those associate doctors who could have operated in my place, but what happened next was even worse than I thought. As soon as they brought Kapil to the emergency room, I saw that he was lying on the stretcher and could not move. He was not even breathing.

How to lose weight. 

We took him to a private room and I eagerly tried for 10 minutes to revive him that seemed very long. I left it when the nurse removed me from her and said that she is no longer there.

I was completely broken. My brother died at just 33 years of age.

I did not recover from the feelings of that day. My whole world was destroyed in front of me. I was feeling like this my education is of no use. If I could not save my own brother what does it mean to be a doctor? My mother was also in shock when I told them this story. They took weeks to believe that their son is no longer literally in this world.

They also refused to talk to me. He was thinking that I could save him but I knew this thing that I could not do anything at that time.

My brother's death was a deep shock, it was no secret. The big reason for Kapil's death was his obesity. Her arteries were full, she needed just one stent, which could save her life. At first, I thought we were 8 minutes late. If he arrived 8 minutes ago, then we could save his life. But in fact, we were many years behind. If only Kapil would have taken his obesity seriously. If she only knew that she is unhealthy and ill because of her weight. After all, I have seen hundreds of patients suffer from obesity problems due to heart attack, stroke and cancer.

How to lose weight. 

After that day I could not do the surgery again, whenever I tried, my hands started trembling. Whenever I see anybody on the operation table, then I see my brother Kapil in it. I knew I was not mentally prepared to perform surgeries. Anyway, I had to do something about obesity and to find the remedy, so that the countless people who are dying due to excessive obesity can be saved.

I decided to leave my medical practice and I became a full-time professor and research student at AIIMS. I put myself to read the effects of various natural findings of the production of fat cells. My goal was to find an easy way to save the lives of obese men and women. Millions of people in the world are troubled by obesity, but for most, it is difficult to follow the way of avoiding eating and drinking. And more, most of the weight loss programs, which are transmitted from a spa-clinic, costs 40,000-50,000 rupees, And despite spending so much, the results that are very sad are very painful. They only work on a load of water in your body, so your weight goes up again within a month. This is the reason that losing weight often takes an impossible task.

After Kapil's funeral, I went straight to my laboratory in AIIMS. I promised myself that I would use special knowledge in my biology to find a remedy for obesity, and would save them from unnecessary death. Every day I arrive at the lab at 6 o'clock and before I do something, I see my brother's picture and I remember why I was there.

My experiment was particularly focused on abdominal, hips and abdominal fat. I knew that due to the increased weight of the year's digestion is slow, which makes it difficult for people to effectively reduce fat. I wanted to make a biological solution that would target this hard fat as well as increase the digestion of the body at the same time.

When I experimented with experimentation, I tried to solve this mystery by dissolving, sorting, crystallization and recycling of fat cells. This work was very heavy and physically tired. I used to search the methods of weight loss methods throughout the day and kept them in the laboratory all night. My biggest love story was my brother's picture. It always reminded me of what happened at stake.

Even after two years of experimentation, I had no concrete solution and I started desperate. My colleagues started doubting my abilities, and I was worried that if I did not get the solution then millions of people would die like my brother. I checked hundreds of unusual tonic, fungal strains and herbs all over the world, although this did not help me to reach any result. I had finally left the job to check and with this I planned that I would leave this experiment and would approach any easy study area.

The last fruit that was found was a delicious African berry found in the remote area of the Congo. In medical school, I had taught about ancient medicines and I remember my professor told me how an African tribe consumes these fruits to increase their digestive power before going to the victim, so that they are more agile and energy Maintain it.

This tribe was known for its hunting ability and survived for thousands of years without threat of another tribe. I knew that they would have worked hard for the survival of any tribe for so long and they would have been better. When I mentioned this experiment, my colleagues thought that I was mad. "Do you really want to recover obesity with a magical effect?"

When this fantastic fruit came to me, I was nervous, but I knew that I have nothing to lose. I washed the fruit with the help of oven, grind it and then mixed it in the line solution. Then I put on a thick tissue grown in the solution laboratory and went home to wish for the best.

The next morning when I came to the laboratory, I was ready to be frustrated but I was stunned to see that half the fat was melted. I was not able to trust my eyes. I have never seen such research in so many years of my research and medicine that the fruit by virtue of an ordinary had really reduced the fat. The same fat which was sometimes called impossible. At the chemical level, fruit had given speed to reduce fat and increased the digestive capacity of cells in adipose tissues, due to which when tribals went hunting, they were full of energy. His fat tissue was immediately converted into energy.

I started churning with happiness. This was the only solution I was searching for. I knew if I went to university for human trials, it would take months for me to get permission but I could not wait so long, so I decided that I would try it on my own and above the Guinea pig.

I knew I had no time at all, so I started to increase my food daily and began recording the results.

A week later, I was completely amazed. My energy level had increased and I did not even have a hunger. I was not trusting in my eyes. I lost 5.7 kg weight I was impressed but was not convinced. Maybe I will only be deducting the weight of water in the body as you reduce it in the beginning of any diet. I continued to take fruit and every day I got up with more energy than ever before. I started sleeping deeper than ever before. I no longer woke up in the night because my body was now really worth the rest (I think it is the result of closing the toxins). After another week, I had reduced 6.3 kilogram and had reduced it to 12 kg in just 2 weeks, it was unbelievable.

When I found that my solution really proved to be effective, then I knew that I should bring it to the world. Over the next few months I made my biological fruit blend special and converted it into a swallowing capsule. Then, I worked closely with Peter Molnar, a scientist of MIT, So that I can always prove that my weight loss solution is really effective. We conducted clinical trials with 1200 patients from all over the world, 97% of patients reduced weight by at least 15 kilograms in 30 days. The women and men who had participated in this event were equally impressed with the result. They were healthy now, more self-confidence came and were more attractive towards opposite sex. (Some families did not even recognize them!)

I was feeling successful but I was not satisfied until my relationship with my mother was cured. It was three years since Kapil's death but we did not talk to each other till now. I called them and even after avoiding several times, I managed to call them in the laboratory. I showed them the facts of my experiment and introduced them to those patients who had become thin. They did not say anything so I thought they were angry. When I started apologizing, they embraced me in my arms. She was crying with my head on my shoulder and was hugging me hardly. When he started, he breathed a sigh of relief. "I am very proud of you" he said. "I hope no mother will lose her sons due to obesity." I too started crying He was a memorable mother of my life.

Since then, my weight loss idea has become popular and Big stars of Hollywood and Bollywood have used this formula to reduce the fat of their body. To save his life, every day people of the world used to receive me with a thankful letter. My idea was only a full-fledged, cheap way that guaranteed weight loss. It was published in many major medical journals and national publications.