Aamir Khan will give this surprise on 26th January.

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Aamir Khan is busy in the new project after the movie Thugs of Hindustan. But what is the new project, it has not been revealed by Aamir Khan. Although Aamir Khan has uploaded special videos on social media, he has definitely given the hint that his project is a special gift for fans on 26 January.

According to reports, this surprise of Aamir Khan is a movie. Which will hurt deeply on social issues. The name of this film is being told, the special screening of this project was held by Aamir Khan on Monday. Many big Bollywood stars arrived at this event.Aamir Khan has joined hands with Star Plus in this project. Recently, promo videos related to this were released on social media. In the video, Aamir Khan said, "Hello, 26 January, what are you doing after blowing the tricolor on our Republic Day? Because I have a plan for you ... I want to present a very special thing to you. No, this is not the new episode of Satyamev Jayate. The heart will feel the same, then the matter will be formed .. Then meet on January 26 at 11 a.m. " This program is being brought together by Aamir Khan Productions and Star Plus.

Dangle Girl Sunya Malhotra arrives at the eventPankaj Tripathi, who has been in the discussion due to his performances and memorable characters these days in Bollywood, has come to the event. In the past, Pankaj Tripathi was seen in the Aid with Aamir Khan.Aamir Khan's new project is eagerly waiting for the audience. Although the flops of his previous movie "Thugs ...", the fans were very disappointed.