Arjun Kapoor:Exercise and Fitness TIP

Arjun Kapoor: It's not just the abs of fitnessExercise and Fitness

What type of fitness routine do you follow? Arjun Kapoor and his fitness, What is fitness for you and why is it necessary?Fitness tips for your fans ,What kind of diet do you take during workout?Fitness tips, Arjun Kapoor fitness tips, Arjun Kapoor films, Arjun Kapoor, Celebrity fitness in English,arjun-kapoor-main-fitness

Arjun Kapoor and his fitness.

Today, Arjun Kapoor still works hard to keep himself fit. Anyway, giving a six-abode to a body like laddoo is not a joke game. Arjun has taken four years to get such a physique and he has reduced his weight to 50 kg. Arjun Kapoor's Fitness Secret

What type of fitness routine do you follow?

I work out a lot of cardio workouts for weight loss I train with endurance because it is quite a lot. This training includes 20-minute high-intensity and core-conditioning workouts. Apart from this, doing weight training, circuit training, bench press, squoats, deadlifts and pull ups.

What is fitness for you and why is it necessary?

Being fit and healthy does not mean that there are abs. You only need to live a balanced life.

Fitness tips for your fans ...

Weight loss does not mean that sweating sweat every day in the gym and keep on lowering the diet. It is the combination of balance between these two.

What kind of diet do you take during workout?

If I do training in the morning then I take protein shake. Take a toast and four to six eggs in breakfast. I try not to take curbs either. Take lentils, vegetables and chicken in the lunch. I take millet bread or two flowers. I eat light dinner and take protein. I take too much black coffee. READ MORE

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