topmost Weird Things About Women, Though girls can crave the boys in any form, still, there are some such girls who make them crazy rather than making them crazy. For example, to make more girls' makeup, take more time to get ready, do all the shopping, do all the shopping, always eat less and always hesitate to look at your look. All these habits are not liked by men. But at the same time, girls like to make makeup, which they can not control even if they want to. In the same way, there are many other habits that women like but men dislike. Let's know about them-

boys do not like these girls talk .

boys do not like these girls talk 


1. Time to prepare:

Wearing any clothes takes more than 10-15 minutes, but girls take more than 1 hour to wear clothes. The man is waiting to be jittery and does not remain without his compliment.

2. To make excessive makeup:

Men do not like to make more make-up of women. Men look exactly the same girls who look absolutely natural. If you also like to make make-up, put a little make-up that looks absolutely natural.

3. Less food:

If the girls go to a party or date, they are too much to eat. However, most women are often on dieting. When the girl eats less then the boy will have to eat less, which creates irritability in the boy. If you do not even fill the stomach and vice versa, it seems strange.

4. Endless shopping:

Despite having a cupboard filled with clothes, they are lacking in clothing. If the shopping plan is made then they will take more than 30 minutes to shop. Apart from this, whatever things they like, they will not pick it up and pick up other things and the man's mind will spoil.

5. Mismatch lingerie wear:

Sexy lingerie stimulates a man very much. But a Mismatch Lingari can finish all her urge in a moment. Always wearing matching lingerie, which is absolutely perfect, and the men who see them crazy.

6. Feeling shy:

The girls are always shy about their looks. They try different types of hairstyles to showcase others with attractive clothes. This is one thing and it makes men irritated.