Dancing actors are the property owners of crores today,

Hero-heroine behind the dancing actor is today the property owner of crores, 

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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has been 33 years old. Born on January 21, 1986 in Patna, Sushanta is known in Bollywood today, but she has made a lot of strokes to reach this point. By the way, the owner of crores property today, Sushant started his career as a theater artist after studying with the Delhi College of Engineering. According to Sushant, in Stringing Days he used to share a room with 6 people. During this, they got 250 rupees for a play. Apart from this, Sushant used to work as a dancer in the films behind Hero-Heroine. Today, Sushant lives in the 200 million litterouse pantheas ...

After several years of stuttle in Mumbai, Sushant got the first break on TV in 2008, in the show "Kis Desh Hain Hai Mere Dil" by the Balaji Telefilms show. However, his career got a real flight between 2009 and 2011, from the TV show 'Holy Relation'. After this, Sushant got the first film Kai Po Chei in 2013. From here, Sushant's career started slowly catching pace. Sushant, who lives in a 2 BHK apartment in Mumbai's Malad area, bought a Penthouse in Pali Hill in 2015. For this he paid Rs 20 crores. Sushant is the Traveling Room in the living room of your house. Indeed, from the paintings on the walls of the house to the antique items, the corner of the house shows both the nostalgic and the futuristic glimpses. Sushant's house has a big telescope, which is called a 'time machine'. According to him, he sees different planets and galaxies sitting at home. Let me tell you that Sushant will soon be seen in the role of an Astronaut in the film 'Chanda Mama Far Ki Kya'.

Sushant takes 5 to 7 crores of a film ...

Sushant has given hits like 'MS Dhoni' and 'Kedarnath'. Aamir Khan's 'PK' was also praised for his work. At present, Sushant charges up to Rs 5-7 crore in a film. In addition to the films, Sushant's earning is advertising and stage shows.

Sushant is the owner of luxury car and bike ...

Sushant's car collection includes luxury car like Maserati Quatroporto (price 1.5 million). Apart from this, they also have a BMW K1300R bike. The price of 170 bhp power-generating bikes is about Rs 25 lakhs.

Sushant has bought land on the moon ...

Sushant has bought land on the moon in 2018. His plot is in 'Sea of Mascoi'.They have Advance Telescope 14LX00. Sushant bought this land from the International Lunar Lands Registry. Explain that, Sushant has made the property his name on June 25, 2018. Although there are several international treaties in it, according to which it can not be legally considered a proprietary right because the world outside the Earth is the heritage of the entire human race and it can not be captured by any single country. Sushant is the first actress who has bought land on the moon. Earlier, a fan had gifted a piece of land on the moon to Shahrukh Khan.


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