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dental health and beauty The most common infection of mouth is cavity and gingivitis, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which gradually weakens the roots of the health and beauty coral ...

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Thomas Van Dickey, senior author of the Forrestith Institute, affiliated with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, said: "The main infection is very broad and it can lead to cardiovascular diseases in the future, it is very important for public health."

According to the study, inflammation plays an important role in oral infections such as periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. Researchers reviewed current medical evidence for the study, in which it came out that there was deep connection between the main infection and heart disease.

However, the researchers warned that swelling reduction drugs increase the risk of heart related illness, so it is beneficial to take an alternative medicine for this. This study has been published in the magazine 'Trends in Indochranology and Metabolism'. 

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