Hollywood actress shot dead by police.
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Hollywood actress shot dead by police.why

Police acted Vanessa Marquez, who came to discuss the medical drama series ER, in which she died. According to media sources, it is being reported that Vanessa Marquez had shown the toy gun to the police. It is being told that the police arrived at Vanessa's homeowner to check on the phone. There was also a doctor with the police at that time.

It is being told that the landlord of Marquez had called the police and asked them to go home. After this, when the police reached the house at Pasadena, Los Angeles, in Marcage, then the mental condition of Marcus was not feeling well. Police immediately contacted the Mental Health Clinic. During this time the accident happened. Los Angeles police officer Lt. Mendoza told that the market was suffering from mental problems. It is being told that the doctor who came with the police had talked for about one and a half hours from Vanessa, after which Vanessa looked just fine, but suddenly his mental condition worsened and he lifted the gun in the hand towards the police. .

Vanessa Marquez
According to the website 'Variety.com,' Sheriff's lieutenant J. Mendoza said that about 90 minutes later, Vanessa (49) came with a BB gun (toy gun) and tampered it on officials, officials considered it as a real gun and firing Given Mendoza told reporters that Vanessa struggled with mental health and was unable to care for herself.

In October last year, Vanessa had alleged that after having complained of racial discrimination and sexual harassment, 'er' co-star George Clooney blackened her. He tweeted at that time, "When I spoke of sexual harassment in 'ER', Clooney helped me blacklist me." Clooney issued a statement at that time and said that he had no role in fixing the casting READ MORE