8 horror films of Hollywood who have seen only strong hearts


hollywood horror movies

There have been many horror films in Hollywood. Who write new chapters of fear We are going to tell you about such 8 films. These were such horror films that they trembled to see.
Even today, there is a great need to see these films. Many of them lived in the long series of Hollywood.

'The Extrust'

hollywood horror movies2
The Hollywood film, released in 1973, has created big-bang rugues. The film was directed by William Friedkin. The film was based on William Peter Blatty's novel written by this name.

The film was centered on such a person in which the ghost soul went home. And Priest makes a full effort to rescue him. Many scenes of the film were quite scary and violent. There were many scenes that came out to see.

'The Psycho'

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This 1960 film was not even less scary. This horror suspense movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film was based on the novel written by Robert Bloch Luzzley by the same name.

This was a bold suspense movie on a murder case. The movie, which is a woven wheel weaving around a murder incident in the hotel, produces horror in many places. It's named in Best Suspension's films. This movie was made in three series.

'The Shining'

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This British American psychological horror movie, directed in 1980, was directed by Stanley Kubrick. Which was based on Stefan King's novel. There were slight changes in the situation.

In the film, a writer named Jack, who is addicted to alcohol, has been working for the caretaker of an isolated hotel for a short time. The story begins with this.

This person's son has the ability to see ghosts and future events. Under which he is also aware of the presence of a ghost in the hotel. Later, the family is trapped in this hotel, and later on the Jack, the ghost soul dominates, causing him to try to kill his son and wife too.

The events that took place in front of the family in fear were presented in a very scary manner on screen. Those who scare you too.

Will not be easily digested 'lion'

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The 1979 horror movie based on this science fiction was directed by Ridley Scott. In the film, the technique of science creates a crystal that becomes quite synonymous with agressiff and panic.

This master kills his creators and his team in the space ship. This creates a lot of catastrophe. These incidents were presented in a very aggressive and scary way.

The killings were so heartbreaking that they could not be easily digested.

'Paranormal Activities'

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The American superhunational horror film, released in 2007, was directed by Oren Peley. This was the story of a young couple who experienced supernatural activity in their home.

Instead of leaving the house, the couple decides to confiscate their incidents with them in the camera. Everyone can be amazed at the events happening with this couple and fear can also be born in his mind.

In seven days gives death warning 'the ring'

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This American Psychological film came in 2002. This movie was based on the Japanese Noble Ringguo. In which a revolve around a mysterious video tape revolves around.

This tape takes the hands of a journalist so that he sees some strange and poorly watched views. After this the viewer comes in a phone call that the person will die within seven days. This movie raises the stance of those who watch it.

'The Nightmare'

hollywood horror movies8
This film was based on youth, in which a group of teens has found themselves dead in their dreams very strange. All the tenants have the same dream in which one person kills them.

Teenagers can not find the reason for this strange nightmare. But this is related to the past of their ancestors. Whatever happens with them scares everyone.