Human body is the largest contributor to increase the length Growth of Hormone ie HGH

How can height increase,

HGH leaves from pituitary gland from which
Our height increases. right
Development of the body due to lack of protein and nutrition
Be stopped or reduced. And if you are
If you want to grow right then start taking full care of food
Please give it. Nowadays drinking cold drinks has become a fashion, but it
Health is not right. Burgers, noodles,
Eating pizza also does not increase the height. Milk,
Yogurt with curd, cheese, butter, pulses
increases. Protein milk, yogurt, plenty of eggs
it happens. Eat fruits for minerals, drink juice, vitamins, and green
Do not forget to eat vegetables, pulses!

          Calcium is a necessary mineral for the body. this
Builds bones strong Calcium gives us milk, cheese,
Curd and so on. Calcium too high to get tall height
Is necessary

           The mineral produces bone tissue. these
Improvement of bone growth and blood flow to the body
We do. If you want to increase your length then mineral
Use plenty of elements. This spinach, green
Beans, legumes, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, carrot,
Lentils, peanuts, bananas, grapes and peaches are found.

vitamin D-
                 Vitamins to increase the length
One of the more needs is vitamin D.
Well absorbed calcium in the bone
For the development of bone and immune
To make the system work better you get vitamins
D is needed
Fish, lentil, egg, tofu, soya milker, soya bean, mushroom
And almonds.

          Protein Rich Food not only Healthy
But rather increase your height. this
Do the body cells repair.
Amino acid content rich in body
Providing the right growth and ability to work better
We do. Some foods that contain proteins are:
Fish, milk, cheese, beans, meat,
Peanut, pulses and chicken etc.

Vitamin A-
             Work with the right kind of body parts
For this you have a diet rich in vitamin A in your daily diet
should do. This will keep bones strong and at the same time
The length will also increase. So do consume vitamin A.
Spinach, pickle, carrot, chicken, milk, tomatoes etc. among other vegetables
Eat too.

                     Also some small but thick things
You can also increase your height by adopting those,
Like - sit and walk in the right way. sometimes
Should not even bow down and walk. Walk and
Keep your waist straight while sitting. Sleep on time
Do not woke up till late night. Sleep at 10 pm and in the morning
Get up and do some exercise, it will be good.

                 After 18 years, the length has not increased at all
Regular exercise, nutritious food intake and
By following certain rules, we must
Only a few inches can increase.
Exercise if length is to increase further
Accept Healthy Diet
                 Apart from this, many people
Many ways in the market to increase the length
Drugs are also consumed by which all side effects
There are also. Let's add some Ayurvedic and domestic tips to your height even after 18 years.

May be.

1) Protein, calcium, fat and iron-
                Protein, calcium, fat, and iran included in their diet
Please. Besides, lots of vegetables and fruits too
Regularly eat.

2) When appetite should be eaten -
                        To increase the growth hormone in the body you eat 3 times a day
Apart from eating 6 times smaller meals must be eaten
Want it

3) Morning walk and sunlight -
                            Run the morning rush to increase the length, the ever sun salute
Do you pull up or tread with hanging from something

5) Black Pepper and Butter -
                Routine 2 black pepper pieces 20 grams to increase the length
Mix it in butter and swallow it. Increasing the milk of the native cow
Especially helpful.

6) Sleep should be completed -
                      Sleep well because your muscles at bedtime
And the body spreads, then sleep properly
Take it.

7) Walk and stand in the right position -
                            Always make your neck and head straight and calm
Keep it If you always keep your head inclined, then your spinal cord drub
And the whole body will look younger.

8) Control the weight -
                            Control your weight, because if your weight is low then
Not your right
Will increase.

9) Drink milk, egg, chicken, fish, and water in excess quantity -
                     Drink plenty of water and milk. Apart from egg, chicken and
Fish consumption is also mandatory.

10) Dangle -
                On a stretch of 7 feet from the ground and on it
Hang the clock as long as possible. by this
spinal cord
Will be flexible and your
Increase the length.

11) Rope Grim -
                   Jump 10 to 20 minutes rope daily
This also increases the length.

12) Stretching the thumb -
                     To prolong the height, pull the thighs in the muscles
Increase the strain, it also increases blood circulation in the body.

13) Stretching -
               Most children after 16 to 18 years of age
Cartilage occurs in the body instead of spreading, causing bones
Development stops. In such a way