KGF Chapters 1: Movie Review

After the arrival of multiplexes, the production of such kind of B-grade films stopped becoming big stars. Such films were made in eighty and nineties. Not only did the budget grow big for the humankind's enemies, men, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Change-fire, B-grade films, but also stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra were seen.

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In 2018, surprisingly, such films were reviewed. After Salman Khan's Race 3, Aamir Khan's Thugs of India, 'Kolar Gold Fields: Chapter 1' is also the same category of film. Originally it is made in the Kannada language which is dubbed in Hindi and released.

The story is from 1950 to 1981. On one side, baddies get the gold mine and Raja Krishnappa Beria aka Rocky (Yash) is born on the other hand. Mumbai's alleys rocky rises. At the age of nearly ten, her mother dies due to poverty, but before dying, she tells Rocky that you may be born in poverty but in the die, Amiri. Rocky knot binds the mother's talk and becomes a big name in the crime world.

Rocky is a storm. If the enemy is a fire then it is petrol. There is so much pressure in one punch that if someone deposits it, then it will bounce hundreds of feet. That alone is enough for twenty-five-thousandths. At the moment, he piles a corpse of dead bodies. Listening to the praise of Rocky, he is called in Bangalore and is assigned the task of killing a crook named Garuda whose mine is mine.

Rocky, in Bangalore, fails to kill him. He decides to go to Kolar and kill him in his own house. Garuda has its own history. His father's great empire in the eyes of many people.

Director Prashant Neel has written the story only. They are influenced by Bahubali and Gangs of Wasseypur. Like Bahubali, where Garuda's family creates a conspiracy to bet on a gold mine, the film's mood is similar to Gangs of Wasseypur. Kolar sees a different world where workers are oppressed and worked for them. Why this oppression is done, the answer does not get in the film.

Yash has played the lead role in this film. Yash appears in the incarnation of a heavy-duty action hero coming out of the image of his romantic hero. The first one hour of the film has been spent in creating the image of Rocky. Everywhere he keeps hitting. Smoke the cigarette smoke and the wine stops. Slow Motion has many stylish shots in it. Even if he is not on the screen, then people keep praising his praise.

Director Prashant Neel has told his story instead of telling the story directly. The story of Rocky is listening to a writer, TV journalist. The film goes to the flashback several times. The story is told in the story. Since it is the first part of the film, so many times the glimpse of the second part has been shown. It all adds up to Confusion. Perhaps Prashant has done this deliberately because he has created the whole film in such a way.

The second focus of the Pacific is on the action. The film is full of violence. Every second minute keeps on striving. People like carrot-radish have been cut. The gun and machine gun have also been used if the mind, the hammer, the chain, the knife, the rod, the sword, the shovel is not filled with blood. This overdose of action has become too heavy on the story, script, and acting.

The color scheme of the film is extremely dark. Brown and Black have been used a lot. Most shots have been shot in very little light. Most of the time the screen remains a dark shadow. Too many cuts have been installed. A shot does not last for more than three-four seconds.

Artists' getups are also such that they look dirty. Random long hair and beard Black clothes Black eyeglasses are also offered in the eyes at night. It seems that they have not been bathing for months or have they been brushed. The whole film is given by Ruff-Tuff and a different look by the Pacific. Of course, it seems a bit awkward, but the number of those who dislike it will not be less.

The film will come in two parts. The good thing is that the first part looks like a complete film and the viewer does not feel guilty that he has only seen the movie.

The movie has been shot in the best possible way and the film has been given look and texture on the editing table. The film has plenty of dialogue betting. If you think you are bad, I am your dad, take out a fish to catch the crocodile, but the crocodile does not like the fish like a blasting dialogue is heard.

Success is very much in the character of Lazarus than Life. They are stylish. The action has been fantastic and looks like a hero. There was no special scope for other artists including Srinithi Shetty.

All things like acting, action, dialogue, swag, background music are very loud in KGF. Style and presentation itself make it different.

Director: Prashant NeelArtist: Yash, Shrinidhi Shetty, Anant Nag, Mouni Roy (item number)Dub * 2 hours 36 minutes 53 secondsRating: 2/5

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