Nannymother and grandma's treatment.

Nanny mother and grandmother's home remedies and treatments -High Blood Pressure is controlled by mixing the grains together with fresh water, mixing 1gram dry ginger, 1 gram sarpagandha, 2 grams of mishri.
If the worm moves in the ear, then fill the oil in the ear with the worm. The worm will come out its own.
Add salt and black pepper to the orange juice and drink it every day and remove the weakness of the eye.
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Nanny mother and grandmother's home remedies and treatments. via
When the mosquito moves in the eye, start walking behind the foot. The mosquito will turn out
Applying juice of raw papaya on herpes, the problem of ringworm and itching will begin to recover in a few days.
Eating gulukund is beneficial in the problem of indigestion.
Putting it in the mouth with a mixture of 2 grams of roasted alum in the mouth, the tulatalat (scattering problem) starts decreasing in 3-4 months.
Take 1 leaf piece of pattarchatta and simultaneously grind 4 grain mishri and empty stomach with 1 cup water. The problem of calculus will end.
An old cough is cured by drinking turmeric in hot milk.
If the children have diarrhea, grind nutmeg in cold water and grind them in the evening.
Applying raw milk on lips removes their blackness.
After withering on the face wash the tarpin oil and wash it after some time.
By grinding the leaves of Brahmi with milk in the morning and evening, the self-defect is correct and urine also comes loose.
If something goes wrong in the nose, then the object also comes out with the sneezing of smoked tobacco.
After falling or breaking hair, add coconut oil to the lemon juice in the head and massage the head with a light hand. The hair will become soft and the problem of Dendrof will also be removed.
If the child pisses on the bed at night, then a walnut kernel and raisins feed for 10 days before sleeping or leave a dry knife in the morning.
Grind 6 grams of papaya root in 10 grams of water and filter it. By drinking this water every day, the stones will come out in cheeks for 2 days.
Mix 5 grams of the pulse of Belagiri in a glass of sweet milk and drink increases blood and the lack of blood in the body starts decreasing.
Before bedtime, black pepper grinding and clotting on the face becomes okay.
Bitter gourd should drink empty stomach in the morning. For this, first of all, remove the seeds of two to three germs and their juice is turned out. Then pour some water and drink it. For at least 2 months this juice is empty stomach in the morning.
Grind 3 grams of Kalonji and lick it in 1 gram of Mccan and remove the hiccup.
Applying honey after burning from the fire does not cause blisters.
If someone has accidentally eaten glass, then feed it boiled potatoes.
If the hiccup is not closed, then suck the mint leaves or lemon juice.
Green yellow diarrhea that takes place in small children is beneficial for garnishing nutmeg in mother's milk.
To prevent blood transfusion in bloody piles, take 10-12 grams of black sesame washed with fresh butter. Taking this also stops bleeding in piles.
Peel the yellow soil and make a paste with water and apply it on the pendule.
After having children's breath, having ribs in the pains, lightly rub the mustard oil on the leaves of the pan and bind them in the painful place.
By grinding pomegranate peel and taking it with water, the self-defect is correct.
Taking the juice of lemon juice by adding a nutmeg, diarrhea is broken.
Applying tomatoes juice on the face, facial stains of the face begin to dispel.
Ears pain is removed by putting 1-2 drops of perfume in the ear.
Applying the clove to the eye's fur, the fur is suppressed.
Make a decoction of raw mango gram and keep it. Stomach worms die by drinking 1 teaspoon for two days after having worms in the stomach.
If any kind of poison has gone in the stomach, then the poison comes out by drinking the gram of 1 gram mustard after dissolving in water.
Grinding the leaves of neem and plum, rubbing them in the head after some hair, hair is long and beautiful. .
To get rid of baldness, add 1 spoon lemon juice and 2 spoons of black gram powder in 5 spoon curd and put it on the head for 1 hour. Then wash the head after that. Make it 2 to 3 times a week.
On the pain of knees and joints, mix powdered gourd, amla, and asparagus powder and drink water every morning with water. It gives benefits in pain, the joint gets strengthened, and if it is complaining of arthritis then it also gets better.
Ginger with honey twice a day for instant rest in winter cold
By applying ginger juice and honey, fixing the toothache.
When reducing stomach fat and obesity, in the morning when the morning starts to rise empty stomach 1 glass of water, lemon juice, lemon juice and drink lemon tea once a day.
If the stomach water stored in a copper vessel dries in the morning before going to defecation, then the problem of constipation is removed and it is also beneficial in the self-defect.
It is taller than holding some thing every morning and hanging for some time. It should be done daily for at least 1 year ..
If the thorn is trapped in the throat then it should eat banana.
Grind green coriander and squeeze the water and stop drinking vomit.
By adding 50 grams of real honey and yogurt 100 grams every morning, it becomes healthier and there is obesity in the body. Do this by continuously for a year. This eliminates the weakness of the brain, the facial pimples are removed and the color of the face is clean.
Drinking boiled water of cloves repeatedly reduces thirst.
If the child does not get urine, then 6 grams of pomegranate molasses in a little water and soak a cotton in it and keep it on the child's mashana. After 5 minutes, the baby will pee.
After dengue, grind some of the giloya in 1 glass water and boil it with 5-6 leaves of basil and boil it and make a decoction.
Drink 3 teaspoons of aloe vera juice in the water everyday and there will be no disease, in this, add 3-4 juice juice of papaya and drink it 3 to 4 times in a day, the quantity of Platlets increases rapidly. This medicine works in the form of dengue, swine flu and chikungunya.
Twitching the peacock punk of the child, chewing the child's tooth stops, and the child does not fear the night.
Mix 100 grams of mangal charcoal granary grind, 10 grams of Lahori salt, 10 grams of cardamom oil and mix it all together and fill it in the vial. Once it starts on the teeth, the teeth begin to whiten.
DDT powder is dissolved in water and put into charapoyo dies and dies.
Celery, black pepper, salt, Lahori, dry gourd, cumin-white, thick cardamom, coriander, mint, nosy and black salt. Take all these 10-10 grams and take 3 grams cloves. Mix all together and finely grind them. Taking 3 grams of water every day brings stomachache right and food is properly digested.
Take 100 grams of yellow striped tobacco and put it on the pan and stir with a spoon of light on the fire. When the smoke starts getting off, remove the pan from the pan and take a lot of grinding. Mix 15 grams of Lahori salt and 5 grams of black pepper and grind it. Applying it on your teeth daily stops bleeding. Drinks every day also provides relief from the problem of pyoria.
By taking carrot juice, tomato juice and beetroot juice, take 1 glass of water every day for two months, away from the wounds, scars, acne and the face starts to look beautiful and clean.
To increase the height, never bend and do not lean. Keep your waist straight while walking and sitting. The length increases by sitting and walking in the right way.
Eat aloe vera gel daily to clean sesame and wart from the face.
If there is worm in the stomach, add celery powder in lassi and drink it, it will kill stomach worms.
To survive heart disease (heart problem), make your food in sarson oil instead of refined oil. .
To remove the pain of joint, add mustard and celery in garlic oil and cook it and massage the joints.
WheatGrass Juice, which we call the wheat fever, is a very beneficial Ayurvedic recipe in cancer prevention and treatment.
If someone has a migraine disease, then it is half a headache that goes beyond tolerance, in the migraine, the portion of the head which is more painful, is beneficial than putting the cow's pure country ghee on the nose.
To cure cough and cough, take steam of celery (steam).
Put the celery in a bowl in the neck and neck of the cervical, heat it on the pan and then compress it on the neck.
For the treatment of jaundice, remove the radish juice juice and drink it.
After eating a little food after eating a few good things many diseases are removed.
Use honey to cure throat infection or treat any throat disease.
If you feel hungry then eat cooked tomatoes raw.
If someone is suffering from paralysis, then he should immediately heat 50-100 hot sesame oil and give him to chew and garlic to chew.
To make the black lips pink, mix the saffron in the butter and apply it on the lips everyday. These home remedies are very effective for lip care.
If you want to reduce obesity, add chillies, green tea, dried fruits, turmeric to your diet.
To treat the heart's diseases from home remedies, add 20 gram of carrot juice to 40 grams of oatmeal juice. This remedy also has blood pressure control.
To stay away from the heart attack, eat lemon juice and gourd vegetable.
If you want to take measures to reduce the amount of obesity you have exercised, then consume the green coffee. This will reduce the weight of 2 to 3 kg in 1 month.
If you do not sleep at night then before sleeping, add honey to 1 glass of hot milk, it will remove the disease of insomnia.
Drink water every one hour to avoid kidney disease and remedy. By drinking water, the toxic substances present in the kidneys get out. You can also drink lemonade, so the body will also get Vitamin C.
Lick the honey in the juice of the orange juice and lick the eyes light.
When the breath comes from the mouth, clean the teeth and gums from Neem, Keekar or Babylon's teeth.

For treatment of skin disease, grate celery by making celery and forming a thick coating and putting it on a skin.

Drink lemon tea (lemon tea) can get relief from constipation, stomach gas, and obesity.
Nowadays, small children have eye-glasses on their eyes, and massage the nut around the eyes with nut oil to speed up the eyesight. Trying this recipe removes the eyesight and itching end.
Drink one teaspoon apple vinegar and 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of water every morning in the morning, drinking it weakens the liver and heat away. These measures work to strengthen the liver.
To cure boils and pimples, grind celery and add lemon juice to it.