Diseases of the head and nervous system.

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Diseases of the head and nervous system.



Touched in the headache 450 min. Mix all the gram, 1 gram sugar candy and 10 grams of cow's ghee, taking this amount three times a day is beneficial.

 Taking 1-1 tablet of Shuldajdr juice with mithri in the morning and evening is beneficial in the headache.

Triphala powder 500 min. Mixing gram with 1 gram sugar candy before taking it at night, gives relief.

 5-5 drops of chestnut oil in the nose benefits in the old headache.

 Grappling with the roots of kutha and pineapple, it provides relief in the headache.

 In a cup of 25 grams of Trichuku, Pushkarumul, Rasra and Astangand, make a decoction in 2 cups water and get 2-2 drops in the nose, it provides relief in the headache.

 Taking 1-1 bullet of Mahalaxmi Vilas in the morning and evening is beneficial in the headache.

 Grind cinnamon into fine water and make a paste and apply it on the head is useful in the headache.

Migraines (half-headache)

Break the pair of two small leaves found between the large leaves of the peacock or the aca, before the sunrise and wrap them in jugs and swallow before sunrise. Would get benefit by this experiment if done for three days continuous.

Warning- If this experiment is not done before the sun rises, then there will be no benefit.

By taking two spoonful of pure honey at the time of regular meal, the pain of half-cess ends.

 At the time of pain, putting 1-1 drops of honey in the nostrils of the nose gets relief from it.

 After chewing ten grams of black pepper and drinking 20-25 gms of desi ghee from above, the pain of half the cucumbers is removed.

 Between the chakra, grinding in kanji and applying it on the head gives relief.

Najala, cold winter

Mixing roasted gram flour 20 grams, Malai or Rabri 20 grams, mixed with a little honey, 4 drops of Amritdhara make a real benefit to the new old nazali by eating it at night for some days.

Gulabfishha 4 grams, Mulhathi 4 grams, Unnao 5 granules, Munka 4 granules, (root) 2 grams Cook everything in a glass of water. When the water is 200 grams, add a bit of sugar and drink it at night. Abstain from acid.

a sinus headache

Treatment -11 basil leaves, 11 black pepper, 11 sugar candy pieces and 2 grams of ginger boiled in 250 grams of water. When boiling, stay half low, then filter out empty stomach in the morning. And did not took bath for two hours. Repeat this experiment for three days.

Home remedies for headache

Drink teaspoon tea-half teaspoon soda powder in 1 cup of water, this leads to immediate benefit in the headache, especially if the headache is due to the hazema disorder.

Chamomile (fruit of bubbling) and catnip tea - this brings relief to the headache caused by panic. Its effect is light and peace rendering. Both of them bring sleep and also benefit in the headache caused by allergies. Drinking three cups of tea in one day made of any of these two days brings relief to pain and nausea.

Pipermint Tea-Pipermit contains such oil that removes muscle stiffness and relieves headache, so drink a cup as soon as the headache starts.

Feverfu- It relieves blood veins, thereby providing relief in migraine (half cc) and headache caused by fever and arthritis.

Valerian and Pan Flower- This stops the tightness of the muscles and they are also somewhat sedative.

White willow (plant) - Its bark has painful power like aspirin.

Yoga tested on half a bottle

Take the leaf of the Sikhhera and the dandhi from the root of the droplets. The drop on which the pain is, the other two ears in the second ear, both sneezing and sneezing of cotton will end the pain.

If there is headache due to heat, take gourd seeds and gently soak them on the forehead.

Pipalamul powdered 1-1 hrs with half an hour of water, giving it three times with water, keeps headache.


The patient suddenly becomes unconscious. Her hands and feet shiver. Foam comes from the mouth. There is stiffness in the body and lack of balance in the brain. Eggplant 100 grams, old vinegar 100 gms honey First, add honey to akarkara after a few moments in vinegar. 5 gram medicines per day in the past. The epileptic disease will be far away.

   Roasted powders with a gram of honey every day. Feed the milk from above. Very old and severe epilepsy is also removed.

 The unconscious patient gets sensitized by garlic cracking.

 Boiling and feeding 3-5 black garlic milk daily removes epilepsy.


This is a mental disease. Screaming, shouting, rubbing, nonsense, talking to yourself, laughing or groaning, hitting or biting is a major symptom of your hair.

This disease can be caused by a variety of distortions-such as excessive pleasure, becoming debtor or bankrupt, excessive anxiety, fear, grief, passion, anger, failure in heartburn, lack of sexual desire or substance abuse Excessive intake, Therefore, using drugs should be used only after knowing the root cause of insanity.

 Powder of Kharini (white floral) three and a half tola 10 grams of Purna root powders, both of them cooked in milk by the method of Kheer-Paru and frosting with cold drink, it also destroys fierce mania.

 Filter by decanting the peepal, darlhaldi, cornerstones, mustard seeds, ceramic seeds, asafoetida, ginger, black pepper, and all these 10-10 grams. Grinding this powder in goat urine and giving it to the nose and experimenting in the eyes eliminates mania, planets, and epilepsy.