Why do we lose again and again? 


Why do we lose again and again? Why do we lose in English?

What is the main reason for failure in our lives? Despite hard work we often lose, i.e., despite hard work, what is the reason for failure? What is the need for success? Why do not we often get in the right direction to develop our employment? How to be free from the situation of privatization and negativity from this depressing situation?

We try to answer these questions when we analyze the general events.

I am sharing with you an incident that happened with you, who forced me to think that why we often fail and we bash on our fate even when we have hard work, motivation, goals, goals, honesty.

I was trying to fix the chain of my bag which was spoiled just days ago. A chain rectifier often turns out to be a voice from the front of our house. Correct the voiced income chain - 'I went to the door fast and found that the chain was still moving forward faster than giving the voice. I was just watching him go there. I went to the market in the evening to fix the chain.

When we consider this topic, it shows that: -

Chain is very happy (inspired) towards his work.
He is very diligent (diligent), only then he is showing fast.
In front of the chain, there is a goal that he has to cover more territory today.
One of his goals would be to earn more money today.
Well honestly it is in the fact that only I was waiting to fix the chain.
Now you see that the person has all the qualities of motivation, hard work, purpose, sincerity, but he is also leaving behind his clients, meaning there is no improvement in his income. In the evening when he goes home, in his frustrated mind this idea arises that he is destined for my luck today. After so much hard work, nothing special was received.)

A second incident that took place with me a long time ago, I share with you, probably because of the possibility that you have ever been with you sometimes.

I eat food out of the house in the same way. Due to the delay on duty that day, he went into a small dhaba. Some other sahib was sitting in front of me in front of me. He was a police employee with personality personality. I got up after eating my meal. I stood up for payment Dhaba owner has money, so I'm very excited. I asked in detail. It was told that the vegetable did so and you took eight loaves while in fact I only took four. On my protest, he said that you were talking time on the phone, so you did not know that you took lots of loaves. With a sense of humor and a sense of anger, there was a laugh, how could one eat and drink? Well I paid and went there. I do not think he has done this, but he is giving the loaves to both of the customers. It has not been correctly calculated. Today this incident has been almost 6 years but I did not go to that dhaba again even if I was not hungry. Today whenever I get out of front of his shop, seeing the shop, I do not feel any special change in his income.

So friends can not afford to keep their clients' hard work as hard work, then can they become a good businessman? not at all. If the business is nectar,it will feel that I worked hard but did not succeed. All this is a game of fate.

So friends, seeing these two incidents, we think that why do we fail in life despite the hard work, motivation, goals, goals, honesty of most people?

We fail because we can not do the work properly. It is very necessary for us to know the proper way of working, otherwise all the soldiers remain on one side. What will eventually feel that my destiny is bad. So we got to understand that working in the right way is actually our destiny.

This line of poet Prem Bhatia ji has suddenly forgotten: -

Just seeing it came think everyone,
Do not think before, who thinks later.

Now the million rupees question arises that what is the right way to do any work?

With your decision (purpose) fixed, also decide what you, in what order, and in what order you have to do it. You can keep all this in your writing as you have written too many times and whenever you read it will remind you of the purpose, you will continue to be excited.

Analyze their growing steps towards the purpose set in time intervals. See, what is your thinking and the way the work is being done, is it going in the same direction? Need to change the way of work?

These will honestly analyze all these things and write them down. With this you will feel a lot of control in the work. You will be motivated to work voluntarily and a lot of work. Your work will be more objective, for which you will be moving faster in the direction of progress.