Ayurvedic Remedies For Treating Jaundice [Yellow fever] - Jaundice Treatment Ayurveda Remedies In English

[Yellow fever] Home remedies to avoid jaundice
[Yellow fever] Home remedies to avoid jaundice 

Yellow fever, which we know as jaundice, is also called Jaundice in the English language. This is a common sight to be a serious disease. Regarding this disease, we will explain the jaundice of Ayurvedic remedies and easy remedies for home remedies through which you will be able to treat jaundice at home.

At the same time, we will discuss all those topics which can be done to remove this disease. The prescriptions mentioned here can also work as well as the panacea of jaundice if they are consumed regularly with their abstinence.

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This home remedy will treat jaundice of Ayurvedic treatment Jondisa Treatment

What is jaundice:

Jaundice is a disease in which the body of our body which we call liver weakens and stops working. Jaundice occurs when there is an excessive presence in the body of the body called bilirubin. By having excessive amounts of bilirubin, the effect on the liver is read, so that the ability of the liver to work is readily weak, in which bilirubin gradually spreads to the whole body, causing the person to have jaundice.

causes of jaundice :

The cause of jaundice is also our irregular lifestyles. We have many such habits that attracts many horrible diseases, and what happens due to the jaundice of jaundice before being read about the treatment and treatment of jaundice.

RBCs of the human body have a life span of 4 months in red blood cells and then they have to get out of the body. Red blood cells are converted into bilirubin after their lifetime and they have to be sent out of the body, which is mainly the function of kidney and liver. Due to the lack of proper functioning of the liver, bilirubin does not come out of the system, and in the same way it causes jaundice, besides the reasons given below.

*. Drinking dirty water

*. By eating dirty food

*. By eating too much breakfast on the market's food and hotels

*. Liver weakness

*. Drinking more alcohol

*. Jaundice can occur even after malaria and typhoid etc. It is one of the reasons for this being jaundiced.

Symptoms of jaundice:

Most people do not recognize jaundice on time, they tend to ignore jaundice, and later they learn to take great trouble. They treat the treatment of jaundice only.

When the condition worsens, but by then the body is very weak so that the patient reads to get more problems unnecessarily. All this is not to recognize the symptoms of jaundice on time, so let's get acquainted with its symptoms too.

*. Change the color of urine to darken and yellow

*. On both eyes, light yellow color climbs

*. Hand palms also become light yellowish

*. Body starts to be yellowish

*. High fever

*. Digestion system worsens

*. Complications of constipation etc. are all symptoms of jaundice, they appear in each patient of jaundice.

Easy panacea tips for treating jaundice:

Now you have learned about the symptoms and causes of jaundice. So now we will tell you home remedies for treating jaundice which will work to make panacea and do the best in Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice. After this we will tell you about what to eat in avoiding jaundice and jaundice, because dietary and eating habits in jaundice are very important.

For Banana Sage Baba treatment, add wheat granules equal to the banana peel and leave it like this for overnight and jaundice soon gets away after consuming that whole banana the next morning.

Unique treatment is the root cause of the data - take the amount of about 1-2 grams of the root of the plant, and mixing a little honey in it, jaundice is treated with root.

Take 5 grams of paneer and take 5 grams of pomegranate and take sugar candy in equal proportion. Now by mixing all these with lemon juice, jaundice is cured within a week.

Take a puff, amla, turmeric, stove, iron, and black pepper all in normal quantities and make all of these powder. Now take this powder by taking 1.5 grams of water three times a day and the old puri jaundice also ends in the week.

Use tomato in jaundice:

Tomato is a rich source of lycopene and is also very good for blood health in the body. By taking empty stomach tomatoes juice in the morning, wonderful work will bring back the health of the liver. Boil some tomatoes in water to soften them. After boiling well, take out the tomatoes bark separately and remove the material inside the tomatoes in a vessel.

Now mix it well and then drink it and drink it. This is why making tomato juice daily in the morning and drinking does not result in the lack of blood in jaundice. You can also adopt this prescription with medicines.

Use of turmeric:

Turmeric is very good in the treatment of jaundice, similarly, turmeric has high places in Ayurveda. In jaundice, you add a spoonful of turmeric to half a glass of water and drink it thrice a day; it will die of all the toxic substances present in the body, this recipe also helps in eliminating bilirubin from the body. The recipe for jaundice is very easy. This also cleanses the body's blood.

sugarcane juice :

Sugarcane juice is extremely beneficial in jaundice.

Sugarcane juice is extremely beneficial in jaundice. If only sugarcane juice is consumed three to four times a day, then it is of great benefit. Along with this, if the patient drinks sugarcane juice after eating satin, its jaundice is heated within a week, and if the wheat grains are equal white in the sugarcane juice mixed with juice, then the jaundice is removed as soon as possible.

If a patient wishes to drink sugarcane juice, he can eat sugarcane directly, but if sugarcane is better than eating, then the patient can get sugarcane juice only. These are very effective measures, you will get sugarcane easily, so this is not the solution.

Orange juice :

Correct oranges oranges that repair the digestive system, they also prove very effective in jaundice. By consuming orange juice, the amount of bilirubin content is low and the weakness of the liver is also removed. Orange juice is so famous that many people fast only on orange juice, by doing this, all the diseases of the body die. You can also fast, but fasting is not good when the body is weak, so if you are thinking of doing this then consult a doctor.

Every morning, drinking empty stomach orange juice increases digestion and benefits in jaundice also. You can consume it four to five times a day. You will feel relieved in your body during the whole week.

Golden Tip: Drink jolia should drink more and more quantity

Lemon juice:

The juice of lemon also works like orange juice, it also helps to repair the weak digestive organs and helps the toxic substances present in the body out of the body. For this, you have to make an empty stomach lemon juice daily during the morning. Squeeze one of two lemons into a glass of water and mix it with a little pinch of salt and drink it.

Almond :

Almond contains many properties that strengthen the liver, if you think that almonds just strengthen the brain then you are wrong. Here we will tell you the remedy for almonds, cardamom, dates which will strengthen the liver and improve jaundice.

Take 6-7 almonds, take 3 cardamoms and take 2-3 dots (ie Dosage) Take a vessel and fill it with water. Then put them all into a pot filled with that water. After that, you should do this before sleeping every night. After that, when you wake up in the morning, take them out of the water utensil and clean it again with good water and make paste through any of these things i.e. almonds, cardamom and dates dose Grind the granular finely.

Now add one spoon of sugar and one teaspoon honey in their paste, bake well and eat it. Junk treatment is done by adopting this prescription in the morning during the day.

Papaya leaves:

Papaya is a good source of peptone and helps to treat jaundice. These are very easy and effective measures which are not less than the exact medicine of jaundice. For this, you have to break the papaya leaves and throw them out of their juice, you have to get the juice of half or a spoonful of papaya leaves.

After this add one teaspoon of honey to this juice. Now you have prepared a panacea recipe that can be consumed. You feel relieved within a week by using it every day.

Consumption of lemon leaves:

Lime is also a good source for jaundice, it has the ability to bring urine more, which is very useful in jaundice. For this, take a glass of water and put it in a vessel and put it on the fire when it starts boiling, put little lemon leaves in it.

Now let them boil for a while for about five minutes. After that, remove the vessel from the fire and keep it aside and wait for it to cool. When you become cold, you drink it slowly, juice of lemon juice is very beneficial in jaundice. You can use this recipe twice a day.

Golden Tip: With three to four buds of garlic daily taken with milk, jaundice is treated with root.

Ginger intake:

Add half a teaspoon of ginger juice and add one spoon of lemon juice and add a little bit of mint juice. Now mix them well and mix them. If you are feeling tasteless, you can add honey to it to increase its taste. Applying this prescription regularly also results in jaundice.

Radish intake:

Radish has jaundice in jaundice, radish vegetable, radish juice, and radish salad etc., taking it in every form is beneficial in jaundice. Take radish leaves and put them in water and boil them on the fire. After boiling well, take them out of the water and crush them, ie take out the juice and drink it.

Drink radish juice twice a day, it is very beneficial; apart from this, you also consume radish in the vegetable and on the meal.

Mother's milk when jaundiced children:

It is often seen that the newborn is jaundiced, it is common because the liver is not properly developed in the body of small babies, hence the weakness of the liver causes jaundice easily. To treat jaundice in children, give him his mother's milk, the more the milk he gets, the sooner he will give up this disease.

What to eat in jaundice:

Take a light diet in jaundice which can be easily digested, eat radish vegetables, spinach vegetable, tomato-vegetable, loci vegetable and green leafy vegetables. Fruit juice too much, especially coconut water, sugarcane.