body scrub -Method of making body scrub for the bride., white skin, facial curry, body scrub beautiful skin, skin care, turmeric sour Being a bride is the dream of every girl. body scrub  -And the bride always wants that she looks the most beautiful in her marriage. body scrub  To make your skin perfect, it is important to take full care of it. Work from the wedding works 2 months before you start taking care of yourself.body scrub 


Learn and teach how to make body scrub for the bride.

Take care - Eat good, drink plenty of water, do a little excretion and start putting holes daily. I am currently sharing a very easy and effective method of making body scrub. You can put this abate in your face as well as your entire body.
After regular use of it you will have skin uniform, zheien, sun tan, pimples, stains and unwanted hair will all go slowly. Your skin will blossom and you will look very beautiful. Let us now look at the method:

I am telling you the method of making a wafer for a week, you can do more work on your need.

1. Now rice - 100 grams
2. Besan - 100 gms
3. Nowadays - 100 grams
4. Lentil pulse now - 100 g
5. Almond powder and pc almonds - 50 grams
6. Red Sandal Powder - 100g
7. Musk turmeric - 2 teaspoons

Store these saree items and store it in an airtight box. And use and use them according to your needs.

Take care of some things:

1. If you have skin tanning or oily, then make a mixture of curd with it.
2. If your skin is dry or dry, then you can make a paste of raw milk with it and you can add some olive oil or almond oil to it.


Method of applying this body scrub:

Put your face and body legs in the mixture, then leave it for 5 minutes and after that slowly mash for the next 5 minutes. Then wash it with the normal water. Washing the father, apply moisturizer to your skin, whichever one suits you.

It is important for anything to be regular for good results. Therefore, use this abrasion regularly and get rid of your skin. READ MORE