It looked like a girl looked up: something aside but a strong love story.

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VIA The film begins with a drama. Where Sahil Mirza (Rajkumar Rao) stands on stage and says to the audience, 'Our play is not, with the mind .. I will see from the heart'. It can be felt like 'It looked like a girl' made in the direction of style Chopra Dhar. The film shows how you are not attracted to a gender, but rather attracts a person.

When a girl saw it, it was felt that the beginning of the dance is being done at the wedding, where the audience meets Sweetie Choudhary (Sonam Kapoor), who is the daughter of the richest man of Moga (Punjab). Her father Balwinder (Anil Kapoor), also known as Mukesh Ambani of Punjab, is the owner of a Garment factory. Although he always wanted to become a chef.

In Balwinder's house, gender identity is clearly visible. Where Balvinder's mother, Biji believes that the man can move only to change the cylinders in the kitchen. And it is the right thing to do a perfect marriage for girls.

Sweetie is all in the house. Since Sveti has graduated, the family members are worried about her marriage. But Sweetie does not show any interest in marriage and wants to go to London for further studies.

After that, the story of the film goes to Delhi. Sweetie is going somewhere and her brother is spying on her. In this way, Sweetie enters to hide in a theater hall. When playwriter Sahil Mirza (prince) sees sweetie for the first time. There are some doggies about true love between them, where sweetie says- in the way of true love, there is no ciao, and if not, how will it be in love story?

Affected by sweetie's words, Sahil gives heart to him and Moga comes with Caterpillar Chhatho (Juhi Chawla). The rest of the story revolves around these characters. This is the story of how each character accepts the true form of love by fighting with the inner conflict.

Style Chopra and Gajal Dhaliwal have come with a different kind of romance. With an issue about which society still speaks out of the fear of shame - in the dark. Over the years, where we have seen the joke of the LGBT community in the movies, in this movie it looks like a fresh breeze and wakes up a hope.

It is worth appreciating that the mainstream actress like Sonam Kapoor is happy for the role. Sonam Kapoor has acted in this role as an emotionally energetic character. Anil Kapoor maintains his shine in the film and roulette in Climax there.

Speaking of Rajkumar Rao, there is probably no such character that the artist can not play. In the role of Sahil Mirza, Rajkumar has shown comedy, emotions and resentment all. Juhi Chawla is perfect in her role. At the same time, Ragina Casandra, Seema Pahwa and Bijendra Kala leave their influence in less time also.

The music of the film moves along with the story and is effective. Overall, seeing a girl, it looks like putting the beauty of love into a family story. The film is about 3.5 stars READ MRE