Gully Boy Movie Review: Ranveer-Alia won the Valentine's Day, is a complete package of hearts, acting, music and emotions. The 'Gully Boy' also gives inspires as well as the film of Ranveer-Aliya

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Gully Boy Movie Review

Gully Boy Movie Review

Critical Rating: 4/5

Gully Boy Movie Review: 'Gully Boy' movie is about a boy who has grown up in the slums and becomes quite a rapper after getting big enough to stroke. This is the story of Real Life Raper Divine and Neji. In the trailer, Saifina, i.e. Aliya, is in the role of Ranveer's girlfriends. While in Ranbir, Ranbir played the role of an entertaining, scoundrel and darling man, while in 'Ali Boy' he appeared as a reserve, introft and calm person.

Gully Boy Movie Review Director Zoya Akhtar has created an emotionally rich and inspiring story of a budding rap musician, Murad (Ranvir Singh), who is already in a house built in crowded and tight streets in Dharavi Is struggling to live a good life. Joa has chosen an unusual and extremely interesting true story of rap artist Naaji (with Devine), who comes from Dharavi's streets, but his talent and his passion for making his dreams come true.

Murad feels oppressed at home because of poverty, where his conservative and dominated father (Vijay Raj) and his always suffering mother (Amrita Subhash) is. His only support is Saifina (Aaliya), a childhood friend. Saifina, who is going to become a surgeon, is also trapped in a conservative house, where she is not allowed to go anywhere, like the normal girls of her age. However, compared to Murad, Saifina faces the situation better. It is really interesting to see how Kapal takes away some privacy of the moment despite having so many people around him, and his love continues to grow worse. Daboo Murad's life changes when he meets rapper MC Sher (Principle Chaturvedi). MC Lion relies more on Talent's talent. He gives a new outlet to Murad's suppressed dream.

Gully Boy Movie ReviewZoya salutes for making Murad and Saifina's world so beautiful. She has been shown with so much sensitivity that you first become part of the scene. There are many great scenes in this movie. In one scene, foreigners come to see poverty in Dharavi and Murad's grandmother demands 500 rupees for a visit to her home. Zoya has been able to give an influential film with the help of a clapperable dialogue written by Vijay Maurya and a magnificent script written by Jaya and Reema Kagti. Zoya's main duo Ranvir Singh and Alia Bhatt are the winners of this film. While Ranveer keeps his heart and soul in this role, Alia has also been seen with her acceleration this time too. Principle Chaturvedi, who started from this film, has done a great deal of work. Their screen presentation is excellent. Zoya has chosen his cast well. However, Amrita Subhash, who plays Murad's mother, looks quite young for her role. At the same time, Kalki does not fit in Kochlin track and his track seems to be imposed on this fantastic story.

See whether or not: Zia can be given full marks to make a valid comment on social issues. Here he has shown the story of poverty from the rich to the rich. The music of the film is outgoing and there are some scenes where you will feel that its lyrics are great. The film is more than two and a half hours, which can be cut. Look at the movie, because it holds you in involve, enjoys and inspires.