Shahid Kapoor's affair with one of two nine girls,Bollywood chocolate hero Shahid Kapoor has turned 38 today. On January 25, 1981, he was born in Delhi. Shahid Kapoor's career has been a very upsurge. Many of his films were super hit on the box, so some movies did not flop badly. Shahid Kapoor proved that he is the son of actor Pankaj Kapoor, with his superb acting in 'Haider' and 'Kamine'. Shahid also has a lot of discussion about his affairs. Whatever name he used to work with, his name was added to him, read his stories on his birthday ...

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Bollywood news : Shahid Kapoor's affair list.

It is known to all that Shahid and Kareena Kapoor have been in relationship for many long periods but very few people know that Shahid has already done an affair with Hrishita Bhatt before coming to the movies. Although the reason for his breakup was not known till today, when Shahid dived from Ishq Vishk in 2003, he was single.

Shahid, who came to the film industry, had a few moments, for the first time in his 2004 film Fida, he made his debut with Kareena Kapoor for his first time heroine, and started discussions about his affair. It was also revealed that Kareena and Shahid are dating each other. The special thing is that not Shahid, but Kareena did propose Shahid.

In her own interview, Kareena had revealed that she was very attracted to Shahid at the time of shooting Fida. He made several calls and messages to Shahid on a date. After all, both have come into the relationship.

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Both felt that the love of real life would be successful on the screen. That's why both of them worked in 36 Chinatown and Hiding Hides in addition to Fida. But regret that the couple did not flop their screen every time. Except for a movie Yes, that time came when both of the films hit, but by then their relationship had broken.

bobby deol kareena kapoor shahid kapoor
The film was not anyone else but when I met in 2007, I met. It was the first such film in which the duo got hit, but by then it had been broken in the real life. At first, this news was considered as a publicity stunt for the film but the news of the disclosure later was true. Who was the one behind the break-up of Shahid-Kareena, who stayed for three years?

Many people believed that Shahid and Kareena were separated from each other to pay attention to their careers, and some thought that Kareena was separated from Shahid due to the close proximity to Saif. While many people also believed that Shahid had a break up due to his relationship with Amrita Rao star.

Shahid worked with Amrita in 'Ishq Vishak', the film 'Shikhar' in 2005 and 'Marriage' in 2006. Again, their pair also hit a lot. There was a lot of discussion that Shahid had also dated Amrita. According to the reports, it was Shahid who wanted a break from Kareena while Kareena had made many attempts to save his 3-year relationship. Who can forget that leaked porn MMS of Kareena-Shahid?

Moments of Shahid and Kareena and there was a stir around them. Although both of them did not respond to this, it is also clear that MMS was not false. Becoming a vegetarian for Shahid and doing big things to marry Shahid Kareena got a love in Saif's arms after the breakup, and Shahid reached out to find love with another heroine.

There is hardly any such heroine who has worked with Shahid and his name has not been linked to him. The same happened with Vidya Balan when both of them came closer during the film Kismat connection. Although both of them were not very much liked but their affair was sure.

Vidya and Shahid also broke up after some time and the reason could not be known. Both of them made a very good distance from each other. But two years ago when Vidya Shahid's film reached the screening of Haider, it started talking that perhaps it was all right between them. After breaking up with Vidya, Shahid sang without any hesitation, came closer to the other famous personality.

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