I had to end my relationship with Arbaz, I had taken tough decision after thinking enough.

In Bollywood, news about love, breakup, marriage and divorce remains the same. So far, many celebrities have also divorced after marriage. Malaika and Arbaaz are also included in such stars. Yes, both of them had decided to separate from each   after 18 years of marriage and the time of their son's age was 16 years. Arbaaz and Malaika were one of Bollywood's favorite couples. Her family members and fans were very sad to hear the news of her divorce.

why malaika had to end his relationship with Arbaz-Malaika and Arbaaz-malayka Arjun Kapoor.
Malaika and Arbaaz 

Recently, Malaika Arora reached her best friend Kareena Kapoor Khan's radio chat show 'What Women Wants'. Where he talked about a lot about himself and Arbaab's divorce. Malaika told the divorce statement that she shared with her family and friends, "First of all it was the opinion that do not vote. Everyone had to say that thinking like this decision.

Sharing the talk of a night before the divorce, Malaika said, "One day before my divorce, my whole family was sitting with me and everyone said that you are healthy?" In response, Malaika said, 'I I'm really 100% sure about my decision. These were the words that I had to listen to all and rightly. These were those people who used to worry about me, and certainly they would say that. '

During the conversation Malaika said, 'Everyone said that if this is your decision, then we are proud of you. You're a strong woman. So he strengthened me in a different way, which I needed. "Along with this Malaika also exclaimed that it was not easy for her to end 18 years of marriage in this way. Malika said about divorce,

 'It is true that for a person it is easy to proceed after divorce. But happiness is more important for the person I am. Because when a couple does not stay happy together, such an environment is very harmful for their child. '

Malaika and Arbaaz are also in the discussion about their love affairs after the divorce. Arbaaz is associated with Georgia Andreiani and Malaika's name is being associated with Arjun Kapoor.

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