According to a report released by the Uttar Pradesh Health Department, stomach worms in the state's 40 percent children and adolescents are a major problem. Their number is about 9.5 million.

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 According to the report, this problem has been found in about 9.5 million children of age group 1 to 19 years. According to health experts, one-third of the children who are malnourished in the state are such children, who have insects in their stomach. According to Dr. Manoj Shukla, General Manager of Kishore Health, in the National Health Mission, many research has been found in the world that the problem of malnutrition is due to stomach insects.

38% of underwetts due to insects
According to experts, in the stomach affect the body's ability to absorb round-shaped worms and proteins in the insects. According to another study, 38% of school children affected by stomach worms are underweight.

 Apart from this, 58% of the children have been found to be weak compared with other children of their age. According to the report, the problem of malnutrition is increasing every year in children. It affects children's mental development.

According to experts, eating 1 tablet twice a year can get rid of the problem of worms in the stomach.
Symptoms of worms in the stomach

  1. - Stomachache
  2. - Losing weight
  3. - Eyes to be red
  4. - Being white of the tongue
  5. Smell of mouth
  6. - Staining in the throat
  7. - swelling of the body
  8. - Giving and vomiting