11 facts about women you will not know at all. 

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1 women do not like the person who constantly stares them.

2 girls are more attracted to the boys than the beautiful boys, which smells good.

3 84% of women have admitted that they are attracted to the boys who are involved in daily and exercise procedures.

4 is associated with rationality, honesty and smartness, and women are very intelligent and intelligent men.

5 By sleeping in the hands of your loved ones, women's mind gets a different peace and they feel far away from all the stress.

6 In order to rule any kingdom, women only take the average time of 47 hours and 15 minutes, that is, women can not keep any secret hidden for a long time.

7 Psychologists believe that the presence of beautiful women ever becomes a cause for stupidity in men.

8 80% of women ask only those questions whose answers they already know. So if you do not want to fight with them then it is better that they speak the truth.

9 Men dressed in blue clothes look very attractive to men and women wearing red colors look very beautiful.

More intelligent women take more time to get a better partner because they prefer to be more alone than living with an idiot.

11 women speak 20,000 words in 1 day, which is 13,000 words more than any man.

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