It can be dangerous to cut mosquito, now it does not need to tell anyone. But it is not possible to get rid of this problem completely. Moskito repellents sold in the market are also dangerous for health.

6 things to get rid of hidden mosquitoes in the house.

Perhaps you do not know that home remedies can also be done to avoid this. These things can be found in the pudding closet or kitchen in your house. Today, on August 20, at the World Mosquito Day, how can you get rid of hidden mosquitoes at home
Why is World Mosquito Day celebrated?
On August 20, World Mosquito Day is celebrated. On this day, physician Sir Ronald Ras had discovered in 1896 that female mosquitoes are responsible for a mortal illness like malaria in humans.

The smell of garlic does not come with mosquitoes. Grind it, boil in water and sprinkle it in the room. The effect will look clean. If you do not have trouble with its stench, then this spray can sprinkle on your body too.

Prepare the mixture with equal amount of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil, now put it on the body. With its smelling mosquitoes will not wander around you.

Keeping the Basil plant near the window of the room, mosquitoes will run away. Basil not only flies mosquitoes but also prevents them from coming in. Apart from this, you can also plant lemon and mangrove plant. They have the same effect on mosquitoes.

Burn the camphor in the room and leave it for 15-20 minutes. When you go back to the room, mosquitoes will not be found.

Azadirachta indica
This allows mosquitoes to be broken. For this, prepare the mixture of neem and coconut oil in equal quantity and rub it on the body. Its effect lasted eight hours.

Lavender's fragrance is so sharp that the mosquito does not smell and snort it. So use the lavender freshener in the room, the mosquitoes will also not be there and the room will also be expensive.Read more