Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Volume Shampoo Review. Friends, my hair is quite thin. Every such product of hair care attracts me like a magnet on which the volume is written. Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner claim to show your hair dense temporarily. 

How to use Shampoo color and consistency.Color and fragrance.
How to use Shampoo color and consistency.Color and fragrance.
The desire to see my hair dense pulled me towards such a volumizing shampoo and I ordered it online right away. Please read further for this shampoo's performance.


Shampoo comes in a transparent plastic bottle of purple. Its cap is of golden color. All the things related to the product are written on the bottle. Its cap tight is closed and the champs are not chaun to be leak. Traveling can be easily carried away while traveling.

Color and fragrance

This shampoo is transparent, compared to the rest of the shampoo. Its fragrance is like a mixed aroma of fruit, I do not like it. After shampoo, the smell of shampoo lasts for about a day.

Shampoo color and consistency

How to use
Massage the shampoo with a soft hand in the wet hair and wash it well with water. Use the conditioner of the same range for good results.

My experience

My expectations from this shampoo were very big. It is important to use the conditioner in hair after shampooing, because it makes the hair very dry. The hair dirt and dust cleans the soil easily but does not provide hair and moisture. Hair feels a bit thicker than the roots but it is useless to expect too much volume. No more water is needed. Result is not effective after washing hair with shampoo and it has failed to impress me.

Schwarzkoph GLISS Hair Repair The Goodies of Ultimate Volume Shampoo

Packaging looks attractive to look at.
There is no fear of leakage.
Cleans the dust and dirt thoroughly.
Provides a little volume to the hair.
Schwarzkoph GLISS Hair Repair Lack of Ultimate Volume Shampoo
It is slim compared to the remaining shampoo, therefore it is difficult to remove the product according to need.

There is a sharp fragrance that many people do not like.

Frees to control Frizz.
Claims made by the company do not come true.
Not easily available everywhere.

Final judgment

There are many good options available in the market in the price of this shampoo, so buying it is to ruin your money. This shampoo has proved to be a failure for me and I will not buy it again in the future. (The first one is useless.)
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