India Next Top Model 4 -why Tamanna Sharma has been saluted by the show's judge Malaika Arora. 
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Why Malaika Arora has saluted.
India Next Top Model 4

In an episode of TV reality show 'India Next Top Model 4', a Contemporary Tamanna Sharma has been saluted by the show's judge Malaika Arora.

The reason behind saluting this kind of Malaika was that Tamana was performing, only then her blouse hooks were broken by the dance and her dress started slipping from her body. Tamana did not panic during this period and continued to perform Parfurm. Tamanna was dancing on the song 'Kundi Khatkao Raja', a song from 'Gabbar'.

Tamanna managed to manage this accident in a very difficult manner. Malaika liked this thing of Tamanna and she saluted her while posting a video on her social networking site Instagram account.

In this video shared by Malaika, she is openly praising Tamana. Malaika says, 'You have managed yourself very well. Everyone is afraid of Sunny or mine, that whenever we go to the stage, there will be no wardrobe malfunction. You managed to do it very wellIn addition to Malaika, during the show, the show's judges, Milind Soman and Dabu Ratanani were also present. Also Sunny Leoni was present in this episode as a special guest.

It is worth mentioning that after separation from Arbaaz Khan, the neighbors from Malaika's Arjun Kapoor are now in the spotlight these days. Arjun Kapoor and Malaika are being seen together the day.

Recently, in Karan Johar's chat show Kaafi with Karan, Arjun Kapoor also broke his silence on the relationship with Malaika Arora and said that he is no longer 'single'. That is, someone who has come into their life.
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