mard ko dard nahin hota -The writer-director Vasan Bala's title, "mard ko dard nahin hota," but even when you see it, you know that it is based on a rare disease, in which director Vasan Bala Has thrown up some action, comedy, drama, thrill and romance that the film seems a bit longer in the first half, but lacks in entertainment.

Radhika Madan movie review mard ko dard nahi hota mard ko dard nahi hota review Abhimanyu Dasani
mard ko dard nahin hota

mard ko dard nahin hota. 

Story: The story is of Surya (Abhimanyu Dasani), who is suffering from congenital sensitivity by a unique disease. Because of this disease, he has no feeling of pain and pain. Due to this rare disease, Surya has suffered a lot since childhood. 
The tragedy of Surya is that after her birth, her mother (Shweta Basu), who possessed a superpower, had settled in a tragedy of stealing a chain, and after that Surya's father (Jimit Trivedi) would have been shy about this. That is how he will handle such a rare sick child. 

Surya wants to be a karate man by stealing chains in society and wiping out the goons. Supriya (Pooja Madan) is with her in this thinking. The whole story runs in the flashback from the Sun's perspective, which progresses with the events of childhood to being young. Surya's life has two bases, one of his funny and mischievous grandfather (Mahesh Manjrekar) and the second water.

Grandfather has given a lesson from his childhood that it is necessary for him to drink water in this disease, otherwise, he may die. The twist comes in the story when Surya is found in the form of a 
Supriya  Karate champion in her childhood, and she also realizes that her childhood model Karate Money (Gulshan Devaya) is a karate champion fighting 100 people. To do training is to give.

Before the Surya completes his childhood fantasy and dreams on the lines of Super Man, he realizes that Jimmy (Gulshan Devyaya), the twin brother of Karate Money, has lost her life, Jimmy is a psycho don. 
Supriya  is also forced to marry a boy due to the shortage of money, which he does not love. 

Will Surya be able to clean chains from the society? Will sheSupriya  And karate money to be able to save from the clutches of Jimmy will see the film to find out.

Offensive Trailer: mard ko dard nahin hota.
Review: Vasan Bala has done an experiment in the form of a director, which will be able to enjoy if you look beyond logic? From the Sun Surya's perspective, he beautifully depicted the children's fantasy. 

The first half is too long and boring somewhere, but in the second half, the story captures its speed. Vasan Bala has been an assistant director of Anurag Kashyap for a while, but he has made his film of style beyond Anurag's shadow. The most interesting thing about the film is that instead of presenting this rare disease with unconsciousness, it is shown in superpower and comic style. 

The hard work and story details on the characters are shown. The film's forest lacers are remembered, 'You do not need a buddy-buddy', 'There are bad decisions behind every mind-blowing story'. The film's action is tremendous. The film should have been editing Sharpe.


Radhika Madan movie review mard ko dard nahi hota mard ko dard nahi hota review Abhimanyu Dasani